Planning to buy Mahindra XUV 500? Well, the reviews disclose that it’s a great car with excellent performance and the most remarkable feature list. Advanced Intellipark, Electronic Steering Lock and Projector Headlamps are some of the Key Features which would push you for its purchase. So, let’s look at some of the premium views of the XUV 500 Interior with specifications.


XUV 500

XUV 500  is a perfect combination of luxury and performance. This car also has a powerful diesel engine that provides a performance-centric ride. With its premium interior, this car has a bold and futuristic look.

XUV 500 Interior with Key Features

XUV 500 Interior (1). Doors

XUV 500

The doors are completely made of premium soft-touch material with door openings being also very spacious. Talking about the features, this car has a power window with a one-touch control facility. The door opening handles are completely made of brushed-out aluminium.

XUV 500 Interior (2). Driver Side

XUV 500

You get a high-quality all-leather interior in this car. The driver seat control of this car is completely electric which allows you to slide the driver seat front or back, and adjust the height of the driver seat. The padding of the seats is also very good and high quality, making it perfect for long rides.

XUV 500 Interior (3). Basic Interior Features

XUV 500

All the peddles of this car are metallic. On the handle wheel, you are getting all the basic controls of your vehicle. The complete MID of this car is very futuristic and elegant in terms of look. Considering its price, this car gives you much more than that, whether it’s about the interior piano black finish or its useful electronic features.

XUV 500 Interior (4). Dashboard

XUV 500

You are getting 7 inches touch screen panel with a GPS navigation system. With that, it also has a Bluetooth pair connectivity option to connect to your smartphone. And after pairing, you will see all your contact and call logs on the dashboard screen.

XUV 500 Interior (5). Boot Space

XUV 500

Talking about the boot space of this car, you will get an exceptionally spacious boot space in this car because the space can be increased by flatting the back and middle seats of the car.

XUV 500 Interior (6). Electronic Sunroof

XUV 500

In this car, one of the most demanding features is the sunroof. In Mahindra XUV 500, you are getting a fully-functional electronic sunroof. You can control the whole sunroof with the click of a button.

XUV 500 Interior (7). Music System

XUV 500

This car has a multi-audio system to give you the best sound output you could ever have. The multi-audio system is a part of the overall infotainment system of the car.

XUV 500 Interior (8). Safety

XUV 500

XUV 500 has 7 airbags around you that will protect you from accidental damage. The Mahindra XUV500 passed the ANCAP crash test successfully, earning four stars for safety and 26 out of a possible 37 points. In the frontal crash test, it scored 10 out of 16, while in the side impact test, it received a score of 16 out of 16.

XUV 500 Interior (9). Seats

XUV 500

The sitting arrangements of the XUV 500 are not the same as the other cars on the market. The XUV 500 has very spacious and high-quality seats. All the seats of XUV 500 are ventilated and highly durable.

Final Words:

Till now, you must have understood XUV 500 is a beautiful car with so many premium features making it automatic and long-lasting. As for now XUV 500 is available in 6 variants of colour making it one of the most purchased cars in the luxury segment. XUV 500 Interior is one of its kind having all the exceptional attributes you could ask for!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Does XUV 500 have a Fridge?

The Nappa leather material has replaced the original upholstery. This XUV500’s interior contains a smart TV, a compact refrigerator, 12V and USB charging connections, a roofline modelled after a Rolls-Royce, a PlayStation 4 live streaming system, and WiFi. Take a peak at XUV 500 Images to know more!

2. Which model of XUV 500 is Best?

The highest variant in the XUV500 series is the Mahindra XUV500 W11 Opt AT, which costs 20.11 Lakh. It has a 15.1 km/l certified mileage. With exceptional XUV 500 Interior, it is available in 6 colour variations.

3. Is XUV 500 stopped?

No. The XUV 500 has not stopped. The XUV500 has been discontinued following the launch of its spiritual successor, the XUV700. Mahindra launched the SUV in 2011, giving it two significant mid-cycle updates along the way. Take a look at XUV 500 Interior to know more!


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