We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children! Did it resonate with you? World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June worldwide. First celebrated in 1974, World Environment Day is considered the platform for raising awareness in society regarding environmental issues such as overpopulation, global warming, sustainable development, and wildlife crime. There are numerous ways to spread such realization among people, one being Posters. So here we bring some of the best-chosen World Environment Day Poster you could use on this day to make an impact!

World environment day poster

Annually over 143 countries participate in this World Environment Day global platform. This program has been conducted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) every year on the 5th of June since the year 1973. 

Importance of World Environment Day:

World environment day poster

Each year, some theme has to be set by the hosting country of this event. Accordingly, World Environment Day is to be celebrated in the hosting country. All the official events take place in the hosting region only.

Day by day, month by month, and year by year, we are coming close to the dead end. The significance of this day has to be realized at an individual level. Depleting resources and the need for sustainability is essential. Global warming is also a big reason for increasing the imbalance in nature. To save a soul and prevent it from running out, we have to take some easy and simple steps. 

Intensity at Which our Environment is Being Harmed:

World environment day poster

Well, there are many things to consider if we do not take serious steps to save mother earth now.

  • The increase in air pollution by almost 50%, and the quantity of plastic waste flowing into the water will increase by nearly triple the amount.
  • Floods are also one of the most significant drawbacks of global warming. The most common and deadly natural disaster in the United States is Floods. According to a study, over 40 million Americans risk flooding from rivers. Average-size floodwater can make you up for the cost of over $27000.
  • Other allergies and health risks in warmer weather lengthen the pollen season and degrade the air quality, increasing the frequency of allergy and asthma attacks.
  • The leading cause of smog, ground-level ozone, which rises with the temperature, can also worsen asthma and other chronic lung disorders by impairing lung function and causing coughing, chest pain, and tightness.
  • Many more severe effects could harm us indirectly or directly. So it’s the need of the hour to get up and take strict measures at the individual level.

Best Ways to Save Mother Earth with World Environment Day Poster:

  • World Environment Day Poster 1 – Motivate the consumers to buy easy recyclable products that will not harm the environment. All consumers should buy environment-friendly products.

World Environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 2 – Always consume your product according to quantity. If you consume more than that, it will deteriorate your environment and body.

World environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 3 – Plant one tree each birthday to enhance the oxygen and other natural cycles.

World Environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 4 – Always choose reusable products over single-use products.

World environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 5 – Properly recycle all your used products, and ensure that no waste remains outside.

World Environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 6 – Always try to avoid using a petrol vehicle. You can use electric cars in place of a petrol vehicle.

World environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 7 – Do not throw litter or garbage in any water body. It kills the water beings and harms the quality of water.

World environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 8 – Save water as much as possible. Water is a limited resource and is essential for our existence.

stop pollution

  • World Environment Day Poster 9 – Be careful not to let chemicals and toxins into the rivers.

save tomorrow

  • World Environment Day Poster 10 – The forest area should be increased, plant more trees and herb plants.

World Environment day poster

  • World Environment Day Poster 11- Spread awareness about saving mother earth through street shows.

World Environment Day Poster (High Quality)

World environment day poster

World Environment day poster

World environment day poster

World Environment day poster

mother earth

connecting people

girl with earth

World environment day poster

save trees

plant a tree

Wrapping Up:

Well, Mother Earth has given us so many privileges. Now, it’s time to pay back. It’s high time; we need to save our planet; otherwise, the day is not far away when there will be violence for resources. Taking small steps on our daily individual level would undoubtedly significantly impact. Some urban areas don’t bother about environmental problems, so spreading awareness is also a crucial step, and that is where World Environment Day Poster would help you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What is the Message of World Environment Day?

The slogan for World Environment Day in 2022, “Only One Earth,” is a straightforward fact. Our only hope is in this world. Therefore, we must protect the Earth’s atmosphere, variety and abundance of life, ecosystems, and limited resources, which could be displayed with the World Environment Day Poster.

2. Why Do We Celebrate 5 June as World Environment Day?

Since it was first conducted in 1973, it has served as a forum for bringing attention to environmental issues such as wildlife crime, overpopulation, global warming, and marine pollution. More than 143 countries participate yearly in World Environment Day, an international forum for public outreach.

3. How Do We Celebrate World Environment Day?

Join Earth Action Numbers, list your environmental accomplishments and activities on the interactive globe map, and distribute your customized social media cards on your channels. Keep up with local happenings by tuning in to live updates, and on June 5, watch the live broadcast from Sweden and Nairobi.


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