Have you ever opened your hotel room drawer and found a Bible tucked away there, prompting the question, “Why do hotels have Bibles?” In order to understand the origins of this pervasive hotel trend, you are about to embark on a divine journey. This fascinating investigation is sure to pique the interest of and enlighten any reader who is a curious traveller, a hospitality aficionado, or just a seeker of intriguing tales.

why do hotels have bibles

Bibles have always been available in hotels, from the most lavish suites to the most modest motels. But the real question is: Why do hotels have Bibles? Is it based on faith, some oddity of the past, or a top-secret method of advertising? Stay with us as we unravel the mysterious history of hotels and their Bibles, as well as the connection between religion and hospitality.

The Bibles in Hotels Seem Odd. Actually, it’s the Truth!

You might wonder, “Why do hotels have Bibles?” The answer can be found in a fascinating tale from the turn of the twentieth century. The Gideons, a group of itinerant Christians dedicated to spreading the Bible’s message, had the original idea. By strategically placing Bibles in hotel rooms, they hoped to reach millions of lonely travellers and offer them spiritual guidance and comfort while they were far from home. Over two billion Bibles have been distributed by the Gideons since 1908, making their evangelistic effort one of the largest and longest-lasting in human history.

The hotel business, however, has evolved along with the times. Bibles in hotel rooms, once taken for granted, have come under scrutiny as our global community becomes more diverse and secular. Some hotels no longer include the Bible in guest rooms, opting instead to stock a library of books on religion, philosophy, and even local history. Some hotels have even gone fully digital, providing guests with a library of e-books and spirituality-focused apps.

why do hotels have bibles

As the popularity of Airbnb and boutique hotels has grown, so too has the trend of not keeping Bibles in guest rooms. These businesses often reflect the owners’ values and beliefs and may buck the norm of placing Bibles in each room. In addition, hotels now place a greater emphasis on guest opinions and suggestions when developing new services, resulting in a more individualised and varied selection.

Nevertheless, despite these changes, it is still common practice for hotels to provide Bibles upon request. Many innkeepers still understand the therapeutic value of the holy book for visitors in search of solace from anxiety or loneliness. Additionally, some people view a Bible as a symbol of hospitality and care, representing the spirit of warmth and welcome that hotels aim to provide.

Closing Remarks:

By investigating the mystery of “Why do hotels have Bibles?” we learn about the interweaving threads of religion, culture, and the development of the hotel business. The Bibles found in hotel rooms are a window into a rich and evolving story that spans borders and cultures, from the selfless work of the Gideons to the evolving tastes of today’s guests. When you check into your hotel room on your next trip, keep in mind that each Bible there represents a history of people praying for and reaching out to guests from all walks of life.

If you ever find yourself wondering, “Why do hotels have Bibles?” consider the complex history of charity, religious outreach, and the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry. Whether you find comfort in the words of the holy book or simply enjoy its presence as a sign of hospitality, know that you are part of a rich tradition that has endured for over a century. The Bibles in hotel rooms are a reminder of the commonality of the human experience and the binding power of faith as we travel through life.


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