We always love music-reality shows and are keen to know who won them and with how much prizes money. So, let’s look at who won the Voice 2022. One of the most famous music reality shows, ‘The Voice’, got its ultimate Winner on Tuesday after a long and splendid competition. The Voice was first aired in 2011 and this is the world’s oldest-running reality show. One of the most-loved delights of all citizens from all places of the world, whose evening gets perfect with the voice of contestants on the show. Well, this year, the show concluded with a tight competition; let’s look at the Winner and finale of The Voice 2022 and know who won the Voice 2022.

Judges The Voice 2022

Talking about the judges in the show, there was Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend. The Voice 2022 is the 22nd season of this American reality tv series. Only Blake Shelton and John Legend remain of the four coaches from the previous season; Shelton is back for his 22nd season, and Legend is back for his 7th. With Gwen Stefani returning for her sixth season and Camila Cabello entering as a first-time coach, the panel lost Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson. During the previous season, Cabello worked as Team Legend’s fight advisor. For his 22nd season as host, Carson Daly will be back.

Who won the Voice 2022 – The Winner

Bryce Leatherwood Won with a Cash Prize of $100,000 Grand Prize. 

Bryce Leatherwood is 22 years old and belongs to Woodstock, Georgia, US. It’s not Bryce’s first time singing he had been singing since he was very young. He also auditioned for American Idol but didn’t get selected. He took the trophy along with the prize money of $100,000 along with the Universal Music Record Deal. There were a total of 56 contestants selected on the first day out of which Bryce was also one. But on the day of the finale, there were 5 contestants in the front. 

Top 5 The Voice 2022

After Bryce Leatherwood, the first runner-up of this show is Bodie, while the second runner-up was Morgan Myles.

Bryce, the Voice 2022 Winner, went to his Instagram account after winning the show and posted a note thanking his fans. He displayed a fantastic piece of singing on this show and won the hearts of the show’s audience with his marvellous voice.

In an interview, he also revealed in a show that just after the winner’s announcement, he sobbed uncontrollably as his last song was mainly dedicated to his parents and family. He went to his parents and hugged them. Then he went on this beautiful musical journey with his band named The Bryce Leatherwood and with other members of his band. Now let’s take a good look at Bryce Leatherwood’s life and career who won the Voice 2022.

Bryce Leatherwood – Life & Career:

Bryce Leatherwood is a country singer who had auditioned for American Idol earlier but didn’t get selected. During The Voice blind audition, the Voice 2022 winner sang the song “Goodbye Time”, and got 3 chairs turned out of which he selected Blake’s team to go further with the competition.

Bryce also has a girlfriend to stand by his side and support him named – Lexie Houston, who is a nursing graduate. His parents Hope Leatherwood (Mother) and Cliff Leatherwood (Father) were very happy about their son’s win and also accompanied him to his blind auditions. Currently, Bryce is busy with his adorable music projects. Moreover, he is also a Vocalist and Acoustic in his band named ‘The Bryce Leatherwood’.

Bryce Leatherwood The Voice 2022

Grand Finale of The Voice 2022:

There were a total of 5 participants in the finale and 3 were the winners out of which Bryce Leatherwood emerged as the final winner of the show. On the finale night, many also graced the stage of The Voice which were – Kelly Clarkson, Kane Brown, Maluma, OneRepublic, Adam lambert, Breland, and season 21 winners, The Trio Girl Named Tom. He said that performing on that night in all of their presence will be the most memorable moment for him.

Summing Up:

If you have read this far then you might have gotten your answer about who won the Voice 2022. After the end of that extraordinarily beautiful season of The Voice 2022, we have finally received a new singer as a priceless gift, Bryce Leatherwood. After so many adorable voices and all best in themselves, Bryce has finally declared a show winner. He was unquestionably in the lead right away. In the blind audition performance also managed to amuse the judges and got 3 chairs turned. Now I hope your doubt about who won the Voice 2022 might have been erased, to help you more let’s look at trending FAQs on who won the Voice 2022.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Who was the runner-up of The Voice 2022?

Bodie was the runner-up of The Voice 2022, who also belonged to Team Blake. Still doubtful about who won the Voice 2022, scroll up and check.

2. Who chooses the winner of The Voice?

There will only be five players left on each side after the elimination phase. Viewers will vote on who advances to the final round of competition. Who is eliminated, and who will win the grand prize along with the recording deal with universal music? Still didn’t get the answer on who won the Voice 2022, go above and check yourself.

3. Do you get paid to be on The Voice?

In addition to the $100,000 cash prize at the end of it all, The Voice competitors do receive compensation from the program. However, they are not compensated in the same manner as the show’s crew or coaches. They do receive a stipend, not a paycheck, claims Newsweek. However, the exact amount of the stipend remains unknown. So, let’s wait together for the 23rd season of The Voice 2023 but before that check out who won the Voice 2022.


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