The drama of Love Island is heating up as the islanders face their toughest challenge yet who will stay and who will go? As the tension builds, viewers are eager to find out who will stay and who will be making their way out of the villa. With love triangles, surprise exits, and heated arguments, the stakes have never been higher. Find out who left Love Island and why!

Who Left Love Island?

Who Left Love Island in 2023?

2023 on Love Island has been full of surprising twists and turns. The drama has been nonstop, from surprise arrivals and unexpected recouplings to emotional exits and heated battles. With the stakes higher than ever, it’s no wonder viewers are hooked on the show. As the season progresses, viewers can expect even more surprises as the islanders face the toughest test of all – who will stay and who will go?

Well, Season 9 has been a tough test! Let’s see who left love island so far!

Anna-May Robey:

AnnaMay Robey‘s time on Love Island came to an abrupt end after she was unexpectedly dumped by her partner. Despite professing her love for him, AnnaMay was sent home in tears after a surprise recoupling saw her partner pick another islander.

Heartbroken and humiliated, AnnaMay left the villa with her head held high, though viewers were left wondering what the future held for the unlucky islander.

Haris Namani:

Haris Namani was a contestant on Love Island 2023, and his time on the show was unfortunately marked by heartache. After forming an intense connection with another contestant, Haris found himself abruptly dumped by her without warning or explanation. It came as a shock to viewers who had been watching their relationship blossom week after week.

Haris was deeply affected by this experience; he has since spoken out publicly about how difficult it was to be rejected in such a public way and how much he learned from the ordeal. His story serves as an important reminder of just how fragile relationships can be when under pressure and highlights the need for contestants to practice self-care during their time on reality TV shows like Love Island.

David Salako:

David Salako’s departure from Love Island 2023 was met with a mix of emotions from the show’s fans. On one hand, many were sad to see him leave this beloved reality show after three years of being a fan favourite.

David quickly became known on Love Island for his sense of humour and cheeky banter with fellow islanders—allowing him to become one of the most popular contestants in recent memory. He also managed to form some incredibly deep connections during his time on the show, such as with partner Maddie Williams who he shared an undeniable chemistry throughout their stay.

However, it wasn’t all fun times for David during his tenure at Love Island — he faced serious criticism over controversial statements about fellow islanders which ultimately resulted in him leaving early due to public backlash against those comments. His departure left many viewers saddened but can be seen as an opportunity for personal growth; David has gone on record saying that this experience “opened [his] eyes” to different perspectives not previously considered by himself before entering into the competition — proving that leaving Love Island can still lead to positive outcomes if taken advantage of appropriately

Who Left Love Island in 2022?

Summer Botwe and Billy Brown:

They garnered the fewest votes among the islanders chosen by viewers, increasing the likelihood that they would get eliminated. Due to Danica’s determination to find someone and Dami’s close relationship with Indiyah Polack, the islanders decided to save them rather than Danica and Dami.

Josh Lodge and Coco Le Grove

As a result of a popular vote, two more Love Island celebrities had been fired. Josh and Coco were eliminated because they had the fewest votes of any boy or girl still in the villa.

Jacques O’Neill 

In episode 37, Jacques O’Neill announced his decision to leave Love Island, confessing that he hadn’t felt like himself since Casa Amor.

Jay Younger and Chyna Mills

After finishing in the bottom two of the public vote alongside Dami Hope and Summer Botwe, Jay and Chyna were booted by their fellow Islanders.

Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Radnedge

After just one week in the villa during a double dumping, real estate developer Charlie and singer Antigoni were expelled by their fellow Islanders.

Amber Beckford and Ikenna Ekwonna

As the public voted for their favourite boy and girl during series eight, Ikenna and Amber were the third and fourth castaways to leave the villa. Ikenna, Jay, and Andrew received the fewest votes among the boys, while Ekin-Su, Tasha, and Amber received the most votes among the girls.

Remi Lambert

The rapper and model was the second Islander booted from the 2022 season. Alongside Jay Younger, the 22-year-old made an explosive entrance into the villa, but his stay was brief.

Afia Tonkmor

The first contestant to be booted from the villa was Afia. After bombshell Jacques O’Neill decided to date Welsh paramedic Paige Thorne, the 25-year-old was sent home.

Liam Llewellyn

The Newport-born student quit the program in the first week after admitting to his fellow Islanders that he hadn’t been providing “100% Liam.”

Wrapping Up:

The departure of the islanders from Love Island marks a bittersweet end to this season. We’ve seen love blossom, friendships strengthen and breakups tear apart relationships we were all rooting for. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster that has kept us enthralled each week, but now the time for goodbye is here. We may not know who truly won love island this year, but one thing is certain – it was an unforgettable journey! Now that the show is over, why not stay up-to-date with what your favourite Islanders are doing next? Follow them on their social media accounts to keep tabs on where they go next!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Who got Sent Home to Love Island?

Following a public vote, Antigoni was eliminated from Love Island after finishing in the bottom three girls. To save Danica Taylor and Tasha Ghouri, the boys—Luca Bish, Jacques O’Neill, and Dami Hope—decided to abandon Antigoni.

2. Are anybody from Love Island still together?

The only Love Island winners who are still together in 2022 are Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey. After getting together on the first day, the couple went on to win the second series in 2016. Early in 2017, the couple announced their breakup, and a month later, Cara revealed she was expecting.

3. Who left Love Island last night?

Last night, who left Love Island? On Sunday night’s episode of Love Island, Deji Adeniyi, Lacey Edwards, Reece Ford, and Nathalia Campos all left. When the public voted for the “Most Compatible Couple,” Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen also finished in the bottom three.


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