Are you a fan of Zendaya and dying to know who the talented actress and singer is dating? Well, you’re not alone! It’s the question on everyone’s mind lately, and with good reason – Zendaya is one of the most stunning and successful young stars in Hollywood. From her breakout role in Disney’s Shake It Up to her critically acclaimed performances in movies like The Greatest Showman and Euphoria, there’s no denying her talent and charm. And with rumours swirling about her romantic life, we can’t help but wonder: who is Zendaya dating? So, let’s dive deep into the mystery and explore all the juicy details. Get ready for some serious scoop!

who is zendaya dating

Who is Zendaya Dating? Zendaya’s Love Life!

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship is one of the most beloved in Hollywood.

Their journey began when they were cast as leads in Marvel’s Spider-Man back in 2016. Over time, the two developed a close and endearing friendship, which eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship. While they’ve kept their love life private, we’ve managed to gather some details about their relationship. Let’s take a look at their relationship timeline, past relationships, and what they’ve said about each other publicly.

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Relationship Timeline:

In the year 2016, Zendaya and Tom Holland were selected to play the roles of MJ and Peter Parker in the revamp of the Spider-Man franchise by Marvel.

Zendaya and Tom Holland were chosen to portray the popular comic book couple in Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise revamp. The filming for the first instalment, Spider-Man: Homecoming, commenced in June 2016 and premiered in July 2017.

who is zendaya dating

In the year 2017, Tom referred to Zendaya as his closest friend.

In an interview with People prior to the premiere of the first Spider-Man film, Holland expressed his admiration for Zendaya.

“She is amazing, and we have a really great friendship. I’m a little nervous about the fame that comes with the role, but Zendaya is already a well-known personality, and she’s experienced it all before. I frequently seek her advice on how to handle fame. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a friend like her.”

In 2017, they set off on a promotional tour for the first Spider-Man film and refuted all claims of a romantic relationship.

During the promotions for their new film, Zendaya and Holland found themselves surrounded by dating rumours, which they both denied on social media which left fans wondering who is Zendaya dating.

who is zendaya dating

When a tweet implied that the two had gone on vacation together, Zendaya responded by saying, “Hang on a minute…my favourite is when people say we go on vacation together. HA! I haven’t had a vacation in years! What about you @TomHolland1996?”

Holland responded with a tweet, saying, “Does the press tour count?”

Between 2019 and 2020, there were reports suggesting that they were involved with other people romantically.

According to reports, Zendaya started dating Jacob Elordi, her co-star from Euphoria, in 2019. They were seen displaying public affection during an outing in New York City and later went on a vacation to Greece.

who is zendaya dating

Meanwhile, in 2020, Holland introduced his relationship with British actress Nadia Parkes via Instagram. According to a source cited by the Daily Mail, the two spent time in isolation together during the pandemic’s early stages. Well, this does seems disappointing, leaving us wondering again who is Zendaya dating?

Fast Forward To 2022…

In August 2022, Tom Holland reportedly travelled over 4,000 miles to Budapest to spend time with Zendaya.

According to reports, Holland travels from New York City, where he is currently shooting The Crowded Room, to Budapest, where Zendaya is filming the sequel to Dune. He travels more than 4,000 miles to visit his girlfriend. On his commercial flight, Holland has seen knitting, and later, the couple is spotted sightseeing in Budapest, according to footage shared by a fan.

who is zendaya dating

In the video, Zendaya is seen wearing an all-black outfit consisting of a racer-back tank top, pleated trousers, and loafers, while Holland sports a navy blue T-shirt, jeans, and grey Nike sneakers. Despite the photographs and fan footage, neither Holland nor Zendaya confirms their relationship status leaving fans wondering again about who is Zendaya dating.

On September 3, 2022, Zendaya celebrated her birthday with Tom Holland

On September 3, 2022, Zendaya celebrated her birthday and Tom Holland was there to celebrate with her. While the couple remained tight-lipped about their relationship status, fans couldn’t help but speculate that the Spider-Man costars were together based on the sweet birthday message Holland posted on his Instagram.

who is zendaya dating

He shared a photo of Zendaya wearing a stunning green dress and wrote, “Happy birthday my MJ. Let’s go make some magic xx.” The post quickly went viral and fans flooded the comments section with well-wishes and heart emojis. This post does give some idea about who is Zendaya dating!

On December 1, 2022, Zendaya’s Mom Confirmed the Rumors about Zendaya’s and Tom’s Engagement

On December 1, 2022, rumours regarding Zendaya and Tom’s engagement surfaced. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Zendaya’s mom, Claire Stoermer, is asked about the speculation. She responds, “I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know anything about that at all.” Stoermer then chuckles and says, “I think [Zendaya and Tom] are just friends.” While she doesn’t confirm or deny the rumours, Stoermer’s response adds fuel to the speculation surrounding the couple’s relationship status leaving fans wondering who is Zendaya dating.

Final Words:

So, who is Zendaya dating? It seems that the Spider-Man star’s love life has been a hot topic for fans and media alike. From denying dating rumours to finally going public with her relationship with Tom Holland, Zendaya has kept everyone guessing. With their adorable PDA-filled moments and travels across the globe to be together, the couple has won the hearts of many. Whether they tie the knot or not, one thing is for sure – Zendaya is dating someone who makes her happy, and that’s all that matters. We wish them all the love and happiness in the world!


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