Where is Home and Away Filmed – We all love to watch soap operas and often search about the characters’ real life, or about the dresses they are wearing in the show, and more often search about the locations where that show is filmed. So let’s talk about the most loved and watched soap opera, ‘ Home and Away’. Home and Away which was aired on Network-10 was a very massive hit due to its perfect cast and mesmerizing locations.¬† But what excites you more must be the locations where it was filmed. So, without wasting time let’s go into the details of where is Home and Away filmed.

Where is home and away filmed?

So let’s get to know more about this Where is home and away filmed? The starting and ending theme song “Home and Away” was a pleasure for the ears. Home and Away was created by Alan Bateman and it is an Australian soap opera. According to Alan, he got the idea of the show when he visited New South Whales where he noticed that locals were complaining about the construction of foster homes and were against the idea of foster children living inside the city. Waiting to know where is Home and Away filmed scroll a little down!

Where is Home and Away Filmed?

Home and away is filmed in locations like – Palm Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, and Redfern. Although Home and Away were prominently filmed at two locations – one is the studio in Redfern and the other is Sydney’s Palm Beach. Most of the Summer bay outdoor scenes are filmed at Palm Beach. Though the general public is not allowed to visit the studio in Redfern from the inside, yes outdoor sets are very accessible to visitors. So this is all about this Where is home and away filmed guide. Now get to know about more it.

Palm Beach Home and Away

Talking about the locations of houses and other things, first and foremost the houses shown in Home and Away are not real except for the ones which are in the locations like Jackaroo Ranch and North-West of Sydney. Meanwhile, the show’s famous Pier Diner is the Boat House Palm Beach. If you want to see the sets of Home and Away or want to see the other things that resemble the show such as houses, the exterior of the surf club, or the Alfs Bait’s Shop then you should visit Palm Beach and North-West Sydney.

Now I hope that your curiosity about where is Home and Away Filmed might have taken a break. But you should continue reading to know more about the show and people’s reviews.

Home and Away – When Aired, Reviews & More:

After knowing where is Home and Away filmed let see some more things about it. The filming of this show mostly occurs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The show’s first episode was aired on 17th January 1988 on Network-10. Although Home and Away started with a gorgeous cast though now only Ray Meagher is currently the only one left from the original cast. Home and Away also had many guest appearances in the show such as – John Farnham, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Paulini, etc.

Actors Home and Away Filmed

Moreover, what’s more, exciting is Home and Away is one the oldest soap operas that are being aired on television. It has been running for 37 years with over 7,945 episodes each of mostly 22 minutes. For now, it is on its Christmas break and will soon make its return on the 25th of February.¬†After June or the start of July, they normally take a break of two weeks. There is no pattern on which days filming occurs. In the year 2016, there is a very low chance of watching the filming.

Although being one of the most loved show it has seen many controversies also such as during the first year of the show it showed a rape storyline of the character Carly Morris which outraged people as it was inappropriate according them. With time the show has also seen many broadcast certificates – earlier it was broadcasted under G-certificate but now it is broadcasted under a PG certificate. Many of the sexual scenes were also censored as it was too raunchy by television. Overall, whatever happens, happens but there is no doubt that the show has one of the biggest fanbases around the front and uncountable loyal fans.

Shooting Home and Away

Wrapping Up:

If you have reached here then you must have got your answer about where is Home and Away filmed. It is a must-watch and a very delightful show. The prominent locations where it was filmed are Palm Beach and Sydney. Moreover, if you really wish to see your favourite actors in the show you must reach out to Palm Beach. To accommodate the needs of the production, the actors are moved throughout the day between the interior and outdoor sets. Therefore, it’s feasible that your favourite actor will show up. To help you more with the answer about where is Home and Away filmed let’s discuss some trending FAQs on this Where is home and away filmed article –

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Where is Summer Bay in Real Life?

Only 41 kilometres north of Sydney’s central business district, Palm Beach, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, served as the Summer Bay outdoor filming site. Still confused about where is Home and Away filmed, don’t worry just scroll up!

2. Where does they Film Home and Away Caravan park?

Scenes for the Caravan park have been shot at the Jackaroo Ranch in Kenthurst since the show began airing in 1988. Having doubts regarding where is Home and Away filmed, Just read above and get your desired answers.

3. What Disorder does Martha have at Home and Away?

According to the previous establishments Martha has Borderline Personality Disorder. It is also added that She creates hallucinations in her mind. Lastly, Home and Away is a binge-watch show and you are definitely going to love it. And if need answers about where is Home and Away filmed then don’t panic we have got your back just scroll up.


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