Previously Redmi phones are leading the budget segment of the smartphone industry. Still, if you talk about the present condition of the Xiaomi company in the Indian market – Redmi has put its step forward into the midrange series of smartphones. Of course, this is only possible because Redmi has such colossal customer support. But when was the 1st Redmi Note launched in India? Well, we’ll find out here. So let’s check out everything about the When was the 1st Redmi Note launched in India article.

When was the 1st Redmi Note launched in India?


Xiaomi is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung. Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in the year 2010. At that time, Lei Jun was 40 years old. Besides Xiaomi, Lei Jun is also the founder of Kingsoft and Redmi is a subsidiary brand of Xiaomi that generally deals in mid-range smartphones and is known for its honest prices.

(Revealed) When was the 1st Redmi Note Launched in India

So back to our previous question – When was the 1st Redmi Note Launched in India? The first Redmi phone was launched in India in 2014 with the name Xiaomi Redmi Note 1S. The main reason for the gaining popularity of Xiaomi company is they are providing all the features of that time premium smartphone in a budget category phone. Now let’s get to know more about this When was the 1st Redmi Note launched in India guide.

When was the 1st Redmi Note launched in India

This strategy of selling phones at low cost and with high features has upset the entire smartphone market. The price of this phone in India was Rs. 7,999. Considering the price, this device’s features are very advanced according to that time. This phone was released in March 2014, and the screen size of this phone is only 5.5 inches.

This smartphone has gained massive popularity in the local market in India. One of the uncommon gadgets with a real octa-core processor is the Xiaomi Redmi Note. The Redmi Note, which has a tonne of power inside, doesn’t let you down in any way. The smartphone is a strong contender thanks to its HD display, two excellent cameras, and sleek design. In addition, the┬áRedmi Note 4G, a 4G version of the device, is now readily accessible.

Xiaomi – The Best-Selling Smartphones Company

Xiaomi is a very famous Chinese electronic gadgets manufacturing company. Lei Jun, a current multi-billionaire with six senior associates, launched the company in Beijing in 2010 when he was 4d. The Xiaomi Mi1 was the company’s first phone, unveiled in August 2011. The gadget was running Android and Xiaomi’s MIUI software.

Hugo Barra, a former Google vice president of product management for the Android platform, was hired by the business in August 2013. He joined Xiaomi as vice president to help the firm grow outside of mainland China, making Xiaomi the first company that sells smartphones to hire a senior member of the Android team from Google. In February 2017, he departed the business.

In September 2013, Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone and a 47-inch 3D Android Smart TV built by Taiwanese Wistron Corporation, a manufacturer of Sony TVs.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 1S – The First Redmi Phone

Now that you know, When was the 1st Redmi Note Launched in India? First, let’s learn some specifications – This phone has a 5.5-inch HD display and is available in 5 colours: Blue, Pink, Green, white, and Black.

Redmi Note 1S

This phone also has a powerful octa-core processor to provide you best possible performance with a clock speed of 1.4Ghz. For 2014, this specification is more than enough for a smartphone user. In addition, this phone comes with Jelly Bean OS onboard Android v4.2.

Final Words:

One of the best and most smartphone-selling companies, Xiaomi is a popular choice because of its budget-friendly prices, high-end specifications, and focus on quality which gives durability. So, if someone asks you now, When was the 1st Redmi Note Launched in India? Then, you know what to tell about your favourite company. So this is all about the When was the 1st Redmi Note launched in India article guide?

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What was the Series Redmi in India?

On July 20, the Redmi K50i is scheduled to debut in India. After three years, Xiaomi is reintroducing its K series in India. In 2019, the business released the Xiaomi K20 and Xiaomi K20 Pro smartphones. The two are the first pop-up smartphones made by the firm in India.

2. Which is the 1st 5G Phone in India?

With India’s first 5G testbed opening this week, the country moved closer to 5G. Realme increased its mid-range phone series Narzo, and Vivo introduced its premium camera smartphone line.

3. Which is the 1st 5G Redmi Phone in India?

The Redmi Note 11T 5G, the first smartphone from the Note 11 series to be released by Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi, has gone on sale in India. The 5G-capable smartphone, as its name suggests, replaces the Redmi Note 10T 5G, which made its debut in the nation earlier this year.


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