Ultrasounds are one of the most awaited breakthroughs of your pregnancy period. After wrapping up various hiccups and challenges that take a toll on your body and lifestyle, you have finally reached your third semester. So let’s check out everything about the When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done article. As the delivery time and anticipation of having your baby in your arms come closer, you should know all about “When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done?”

When is the Third Trimester Ultrasound Done?

Let’s explore more about what you could expect and When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done?

What is the Third Trimester Ultrasound?

Also known as “Growth Ultrasound,” this Ultrasound is usually done to ensure the proper development and growth of the baby at 34 Weeks and 36 Weeks. There are no official recommendations on how many ultrasounds a mother should get during pregnancy. Your doctor may schedule you for Third Trimester Ultrasound, which entirely depends on your pregnancy. Now let’s get to know more about this When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done guide?

When should you Go for the Third Trimester Ultrasound?

Some conditions for When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done and times when your doctor might ask you for the Ultrasound, and the critical observations that it reveals are:

When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done

Amniotic Fluid Volume: To examine the amniotic fluid around your baby, matching the volume with the standard in the last weeks of pregnancy. Your midwife could find out if there is any less or more amniotic fluid around your baby just by feeling or measuring the size of the bump; if she feels uneasy about it, she would recommend an Ultrasound.

Observing Size: If your baby feels too small or large for gestation clinically, the baby’s head, abdominal muscles, and legs are examined by the doctor against the standards.

Observing Position: The baby should be in the proper position for easy delivery. In addition, a doctor needs to ensure that the bump’s positioning and the babies are appropriate, as the baby tends to change its place a lot inside the womb. 

Tracking Overall Well-being: The doctor examines the baby’s movement, breathing, and tone and estimates weight through the baby’s biophysical profile score (BPS or BPP). These measures are then compared with the standards (Manning’s score) for ensuring total growth. 

Preventing Complications: If you might have complications during your first pregnancy or any medical issues like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, or liver problems. Sometimes, you might also experience some unnecessary bleeding or pain; in both cases, it is suggested to go for an Ultrasound.

Collective Set: For finding how many babies there are – Twins or Triplets.

Assessing Placenta: The blood flow between your baby and the placenta should be standard. The placenta’s positioning and maturity are important for the baby’s growth.

Monitoring Umbilical Cord: To ensure the correct position of the umbilical cord. In addition, the Doppler’s Scan is done to ensure the blood flow between the umbilical cord and the baby’s brain is properly functioning, which is a placenta function. 

Watching Heartbeat: To track the heartbeat and rhythm of the baby, also done through Doppler’s Scan. The average heartbeat should be around 120-180 per minute. 

What to Expect?

Based on these observations and insights, your doctor might form decisions that could be about:-

When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done

The time of the delivery: If there are problems with the amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, or blood circulation, then the scan would help your doctor to rethink the time of delivery.

The nature of delivery: Babies tend to move frequently, and the position is essential these last weeks. Upon observing, if the baby is in a breech position (head up, bottom down), then the scan would be helpful for the doctor to decide the nature of delivery. 

More than one baby: If from Ultrasound, it is found that you are having twins or triplets, then the development is slowed down, which again pushes the doctor to think about the delivery time. 

What does the Third Trimester Ultrasound not ensure?

Well, the Ultrasound gives beneficial insights. There are some things that it does not tell with utmost certainty, and they are:

Due Date  – It would not make sure that the date decided is correct or not. The doctor’s examinations could determine it through this ultrasound. 

Source of Bleeding: It may be vaginal bleeding or deep inside the womb. The Ultrasound does not explicitly make sure, and it tells how the baby is affected by bleeding. 

Baby’s Weight: The Ultrasound may tell the baby’s approximate weight. During the last weeks, the fetus grows to its full size. Therefore, the weight and size are examined in parts which is harder to accurate.

Last Thoughts –

The Third Trimester Ultrasound is not so common, and sometimes, when the doctor mentions it, some mothers get worried. But securing your and your baby’s holistic happiness and comfort should be your utmost priority. So this is all about the When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done article guide.

Knowing everything about When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done is important. The doctor might disclose something through the Ultrasound that you would not expect. Hope you like this When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done from here now? Taking the logical steps ahead would be a wonderful welcoming gift for your baby. If you enjoy checking or reading the When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done then please do share When is Third Trimester Ultrasound Done with others as well also.


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