The entertainment industry is always abuzz with rumours of celebrity relationships, and one of the most talked-about in recent times has been the supposed romance between Tom Holland and Zendaya. Fans of the Spider-Man franchise have been speculating about their on-screen chemistry translating into a real-life romance for years now, but the stars remained tight-lipped about their relationship status. However, in recent months, rumours have turned into reality as both actors have been spotted getting cozy with each other. So, when did Tom Holland and Zendaya start dating? Let’s take a deep dive into their love story and find out!

when did tom holland and zendaya start dating

When Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Start Dating?

Tom Holland and Zendaya have been in a relationship for nearly two years now, and their love shows no signs of slowing down.

It remains uncertain as to the exact timeline of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship. The Marvel stars were known to have dismissed rumours about their romantic involvement for quite some time before eventually becoming more open about their relationship in 2021. Despite rumours of a possible relationship between the two dating back to 2017, they appeared to have been just good friends for some time after their initial meeting sparking confusion among fans about when did tom holland and zendaya start dating?

Social media posts shared by the pair on each other’s birthdays demonstrate that they shared a strong friendship before deciding to explore a romantic relationship. In 2017, Tom wished Zendaya a happy 21st birthday on Instagram, joking about their height difference and adding a heartfelt message.

when did tom holland and zendaya start dating

For Tom’s 23rd birthday in 2019, Zendaya shared a casual photo of herself, Tom, fellow Spider-Man actor Jacob Batalon, and her assistant Darnell Appling on Instagram, expressing her appreciation for Tom’s “weirdness.” In an interview with Elle magazine later that year, Tom confirmed that he was single and refuted rumours of a romantic relationship with his co-star. Now, You must have some clue about when did tom holland and zendaya start dating, let’s see if they are still together!

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Still Together?

Yes, Tom and Zendaya are still together. Ever since Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship became public, the couple has been sharing small, intimate gestures of love with each other both in-person and through social media which ignites the curiosity if they are really together and when did tom holland and zendaya start dating?

In February 2022, the couple was seen at a New York Rangers vs Red Wings ice hockey game dressed in matching jerseys with each other’s surnames on the back. Tom wore a shirt with “Zendaya” on it, while Zendaya wore one that said “Holland”.

when did tom holland and zendaya start dating

The following year, Zendaya attended the SAG and NAACP Image awards wearing four stunning outfits within 24 hours, and Tom commented on one of her photos from the event with several heart-eye emojis. Fans were quick to gush about the sweet nature of the Hollywood power couple while some wondered when did tom holland and zendaya start dating.

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland Engaged?

Tom and Zendaya do not seem to be ready to take their relationship to the next level just yet, despite their affectionate bond over the past year, indicating that they might consider tying the knot if they desire. Nonetheless, they seem satisfied with their current status as a boyfriend and girlfriend which confirms that they are dating but when did tom holland and zendaya start dating? Recently, after winning an Emmy award for her role in Euphoria, Zendaya revealed that she and Tom have grown comfortable discussing their relationship publicly.

when did tom holland and zendaya start dating

During an interview with E! Online, she expressed her love for Tom by stating that he was the first person she contacted to celebrate her win, instead of her mother who was already present.

Zendaya and Tom Holland Movies Together:

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Zendaya and Tom Holland are two of Hollywood’s brightest young stars who have worked together on several movies, captivating audiences with their on-screen chemistry. In 2017, they starred in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” a superhero movie where Tom Holland played the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and Zendaya portrayed Michelle “MJ” Jones, one of Peter’s classmates. The duo’s natural charisma and playful banter brought a fresh and entertaining dynamic to the film which leads to the most searched part – when did tom holland and zendaya start dating, making it one of the most successful Spider-Man movies to date.

2. Smallfoot

The following year, Zendaya and Tom Holland reunited for the animated feature “Smallfoot,” which tells the story of a yeti who encounters a human for the first time. In the movie, Tom voiced the character of Migo, a young yeti, while Zendaya lent her voice to Meechee, the daughter of the yeti tribe’s leader. The film received positive reviews for its humour, heart, and chemistry between the two leads.

when did tom holland and zendaya start dating

3. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s most recent collaboration was in 2021’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the highly anticipated third instalment in the Spider-Man series. Once again, Tom Holland played the titular character, while Zendaya reprised her role as MJ. The movie has been a critical and commercial success, with fans raving about the chemistry and emotional depth of Zendaya and Tom’s performances.

Final Words:

The question on everyone’s mind remains, “When did Tom Holland and Zendaya start dating?” Despite rumours and speculation, neither of the actors has confirmed or denied their relationship status. While we may never know for sure when their love story began, what we do know is that both Holland and Zendaya are incredibly talented actors who have captured the hearts of millions with their on-screen chemistry. Whether or not they are together off-screen, their undeniable connection on camera is a testament to their impressive acting abilities.


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