Well, sometimes we all think about uncommon things happening in our surroundings. One weird question which is revolving around right now is What Do Terrorists Wear on Their Head? You might probably have never thought about anything like that, but just for once while reading any news about terrorism, you might notice that most terrorists wear the same cloth on their heads. Let’s find out what is its name and which terrorist organizations usually wear it. So let’s check out everything about the What do terrorists wear on their head article.

What do terrorists wear on their head

Terrorists Wear Palestinian Keffiyeh On Their Faces To Hide Their Identity!

Keffiyehs are made up of soft textured cloth with black and white checks on them. It is headgear for terrorists and is generally heard around the neck.

What is Palestinian Keffiyeh?

Now that you know what do terrorists wear on their head let’s learn about its history! Keffiyeh is worn as a sign of solidarity. It was a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. In 1960, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat shows the general public the importance of Keffiyeh. Now let’s get to know more about this What do terrorists wear on their head guide?

In the year 1938, the ritual of wearing Keffiyeh was at its peak in all the urban classes of Palestinians who started replacing their traditional tarboosh and hats with the Keffiyeh. Leila Khaled, a female member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s armed branch, is another Palestinian icon connected with the keffiyeh.

After the hijackings of TWA Flight 840 and Dawson’s Field. Khaled’s image appeared in several publications in Western media. Khaled can be seen wearing a keffiyeh, a Muslim woman’s head- and shoulder-wrapped scarf in numerous of these photos. This was uncommon because the keffiyeh represents Arab masculinity, and many people think Khaled was making a fashion statement by wearing one, signifying her equality with males in the military campaign for Palestinian independence.

Why Do Terrorists Wear Keffiyeh on Their Heads & Why Is It Trending?

What do terrorists wear on their head

There was a user on Google who searched for “what do terrorists wear on their head,” and in answer to this question, google started showing Muslim girls wearing Hizb. Soon, this controversy started grabbing the attention of the general public. People started slamming Google on social media by saying that Google should not connect their local wear Keffiyeh with terrorism.

Following the loss of the Turkish empire’s Near Eastern possessions during World War One and the revolt of Arab against British colonial rule in 1936, Palestinian nationalists used the keffiyeh to conceal their identities and avoid capture, prompting unsuccessful calls for the British to outlaw the headscarf.

Final Words:

So this is all about the What do terrorists wear on their head article guide. Keffiyeh is not only for the sake of hiding identity but it is also a symbol of national importance reflecting Palestinian solidarity and pride. Now that you know what do terrorists wear on their head, make sure to go through its history to learn about its importance.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Who started Wearing Keffiyeh?

Originally worn by Palestinian farmers. All Palestinian men adopted the keffiyeh. During the 1930s, Arab revolt came to represent Palestinian nationalism.

2. What does a Keffiyeh Symbolize?

The keffiyeh is still a representation of independence, self-expression, existence, and revolution. According to Dr Al-Agha, it is the shared language of the Palestinian people both at home and abroad and a representation of uprising and resistance.

What Do Terrorists Wear on Their Head

3. Do Arabs wear Keffiyeh?

Most Arab males wear the keffiyeh, also known as the shemagh, nowadays. For the keffiyeh, various tribes, nations, and even localities have their traditional colours.


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