What did Tex Walker actually say – While there is no doubt that we all are very big football fans. Any news related to football is a must-know for us. Not only do we like to know the personal and professional lives of footballers but also are very keen to know the ongoing controversies and news.  So, let’s today discuss the most celebrated player in football Tex Walker full name is Taylor Walker, and know What did Tex Walker actually say-

What did Tex Walker actually say
Tex Walker

Tex Walker – A Complete Detail:

Tex Walker is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League. He is a former NSW player with the club and was drafted with the pick of 75 in the 2007 national draft. Alker previously captained Adelaide from 2015 to 2019. In September 2020, he kicked his 441st goal to become Adelaide’s leading goalkicker. However, on 17th July 2021, Tex Walker got himself into one of the biggest controversies of his life by commenting on Crows player about North Adelaide player Robbie Young. So, let’s dive into the details of what did Tex Walker actually say

What did Tex Walker Actually Say?

Robbie Young

Tex Walker has a very huge fan base, and because of that, many people don’t actually want to believe that he said that. They still believe that this is because of some kind of communication gap.

But is that true? What did Tex Walker actually say to Robbie Young is still unknown. It looks like none of the sources haven’t reached the depth of this news. They still don’t have any appropriate information to tell the general public. According to Reddit, all the authorities know that Tex Walker uses inappropriate and racial words, but what exactly they are, nobody knows. Many social media users poured out their views on this situation and wrote down many negative things about Tex Walker. Social media users said that Tex used these types of abusive words on Twitter also.

After this incident, Tex Walker got banned from AFL for six games. Moreover, he also donated $20,000 to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program in South Australia and undertake an education program. Tex also issued a public written apology which said:

Tex Walker’s Apology Statement – 

“There is no excuse or justification for the words I said. They are unacceptable and I take full accountability for that. I am deeply ashamed. I did not intend to cause harm, but I know and understand that I have caused deep hurt to the official who reported the matter and to Robbie Young, to both of their families, and the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. I apologize to all of them and the Adelaide and North Adelaide Football Clubs.

“I ask that you respect the wish of the official who reported this matter not to be identified.

“Today’s process has led to a deeper understanding of the hurt that I have caused, and I am embarrassed, ashamed, and remorseful.

“The official who reported this showed courage and leadership in calling out what I said, and I am determined to do what I can to emulate his actions.

“I want to be an active participant in addressing racism in our game and the wider community. This starts by educating myself so I can influence others and make a positive difference moving forward.

“I know I need to back up my apology with action, and this is my commitment.”

Tex Walker and Robbie Young

Unexpected Reaction of the Reddit Media Community:

After reading what did Tex Walker actually say let’s read some viewpoints of media and people. Some people still think that Tex Walker didn’t comment anything wrong about anyone, one of the reasons for thinking this is because there is no clear content that has been publicized on Reddit regarding this topic. Several people and hardcore fans of Tex came out to support him just after he issues an apology letter. Numerable started to take a stand against such types of racial behavior in society.

After all of this, still, no one knows what exactly Tex Walker said to Robbie Young. It was believed that Reddit knew the complete truth about what are the exact words of Tex Walker, but they didn’t want to share it with the general public.

Summing Up:

After reading what did Tex Walker actually say I hope your doubt might be cleared about it. It’s quite unclear till now what exactly Tex said about Robbie Young but the good part is he had asked for an official apology for his deed. What’s to be noticed is even though Tex Walker is a world internationally recognized and loved player but insulting some other player is something that this society will not accept in any case. To give you a more clear view of what did Tex Walker actually say let’s look at some trending FAQs –

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What did Robbie Young do?

During a halftime huddle at a SANFL game, Adelaide Crows veteran Taylor Walker made a racial remark that was later linked to Young, causing outrage in the neighborhood. Still confused about what did Tex Walker actually say, go up and check yourself.

2. Who does Tex Walker play for in AFL?

Walker has been nominated for the All-Australian team three times and has twice been Adelaide’s top goal scorer. During Adelaide’s 2017 Premiership run, he scored 54 goals. Walker spearheaded Adelaide’s offensive attack in 2019 with a club-high 43 goals. Didn’t particularly understand what did Tex Walker actually say, no problem, just scroll up and find you’re every answer about it

3. How long is Taylor Walker banned?

Walker’s racial remark to a teammate at a state league game resulted in a six-game suspension from the AFL. It took the 31-year-old some time to decide to complete his contract last year in 2022. Lastly, I would just say that it’s quite unclear for everyone what did Tex Walker actually say but I am sure you will find the answers above this. So, why waste more time quickly scroll up and find out yourself.


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