Remember the childhood train journeys for which we used to patiently wait till our vacations? Well, the destination was not that important but that time spent on the train was! Now that everything has gone through a paradigm shift so has the tourism industry. After undergoing so much evolution and iterations, we have finally managed to produce some of the very comfortable, faster, and some of the finest facilities-equipped trains. Besides this, there is one of the trains in which we have all these facilities which is the Vande Bharat Train. So, let’s find out some more information about Vande Bharat Train Route.

Vande Bharat Train Route

The Vande Bharat Train is also called Train 18 which is a semi-high-speed train operated by Indian Railways. At present, this train is the second fastest train on the Indian Railways after Gatimaan Express. This train was launched in India on 15th February 2019, which is very different from other trains on Indian Railways. This train is also equipped with Airline style seating arrangements.

Vande Bharat Train Route – Full Details

Vande Bharat Train Route

The Vande Bharat Express is unquestionably one of India’s most cutting-edge train models. It is purposefully given an airplane look from the inside to fit its upmarket looks. Rotatable seats on the Vande Bharat Express allow for even more customized travel. Each vehicle has big windows, which makes sightseeing a fantastic experience.

Additionally, the Vande Bharat Train’s catering is outstanding. Automatic doors, smoke alarms, security, odor control, bio vacuum toilets, sensory taps, and other notable amenities are also available.

S.No. Train Name Version Train No. Frequency  Distance Major Halts
1 New Delhi – Varanasi Junction Vande Bharat Express 1st Generation 22435/22436 Except for Monday and Thursday 759 km (472 mi) 496 km (308 mi)
2 New Delhi – Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Vande Bharat Express 1st Generation 22439/22440 Except for Tuesday 655 km (407 mi) Ludhiana Junction and Jammu Tawi
3 Mumbai Central – Gandhinagar Capital Vande Bharat Express 2nd Generation 20901/20902 Except for Sunday 522 km (324 mi) Vapi, Surat, Vadodara Junction, and Ahmedabad Junction
4 New Delhi – Amb Andaura Vande Bharat Express 2nd Generation 22448/22447 Except for Friday 412 km (256 mi) Chandigarh Junction
5 MGR Chennai Central – Mysuru Junction Vande Bharat Express 2nd Generation 20607/20608 Except for Wednesday 496 km (308 mi) Katpadi Junction and KSR Bengaluru
6 Bilaspur – Nagpur Vande Bharat Express 2nd Generation 20825/20826 Except for Saturday 412 km (256 mi) Raipur, Durg, Rajnandgaon, and Gondia Junction
7 Howrah – New Jalpaiguri Junction – Vande Bharat Express 2nd Generation 22301/22302 Except for Wednesday 565 km (351 mi) New Farakka Junction and Malda Town

What is Special About the Vande Bharat Train?

Vande Bharat Train Route

The Vande Bharat Train is designed to attain the highest possible speed on Indian Railway. This train can run at a maximum speed of 160 Kmph. But sadly, at present, there are no tracks available that support this speed of a train. That’s why the train is operated at a maximum speed of 130 Kmph.

History of Vande Bharat Train

India was thinking of introducing a high-speed rail network in India to get together with other countries. The reason for introducing high-high speed trains is a minimum waste of time. Moreover, if high-speed railway tracks are introduced in India then it would also give Indian Railways an option to welcome more trains just like Vande Bharat Train and also allow them to run at their maximum speed without any restriction.

Some railway experts previously thought India has lagged in high-speed transit technology. This defines the reason why India needs to build a high-speed train and their required tracks. The reason why India lagged in this technology is that this technology is costly, and there are also too many safety issues with this technology.

In 2017, India finally planned to build a high-speed engine, and they found that with modern technology, besides now it is possible to facilitate an engine that would attain speed up to 160 Kmph keeping in mind the safety of everyone.

Final Words

After reading the full information on Vande Bharat Train Route I hope that your all doubts might be cleared. Furthermore, Yes! India is slowly reaching technological advancement and bringing more and more of these to comfort the travel of people. In addition not only do these kinds of trains save our time but also money. So, what’s more, stopping you? check out the Vande Bharat Train Route and find the choice for yourself, pack your bags, and have a life of luxury with speed. Again to solve more of your doubts and confusions about the Vande Bharat Train Route let’s look at some quick FAQs –

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Is food free in Vande Bharat Express?

For breakfast, a passenger taking the Vande Bharat Express will be required to pay Rs 205. Additionally, Rs 155 needs to be paid for the dinner if a reservation is made in advance. Further, the price of the evening snack has increased to Rs 50. The cost for lunch and dinner would be Rs 294 for travelers. Confused about Vande Bharat Train Route, go above and check.

2. What is so special about Vande Bharat Train?

Well, there are many special facilities provided in Vande Bharat Train which other trains that run on Indian tracks lack. Moreover, Vande Bharat Train can run up to a maximum speed of 160 kmph and has travel classes like Shatabdi Train but with better facilities. Still, have doubts about Vande Bharat Train Route then what’s more go above and read the full information provided.

3. Is Vande Bharat Train full AC?

Vande Bharat Train is a full AC train around all 16 couches having a capacity for 1128 passengers. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a plethora of edge-cutting facilities like – bio-vacuum toilets, wifi-services, completely automated doors, etc. Lastly, I would depart too by just adding that these all facilities are availed to make your journey comfortable. So, quickly scroll up and check out the Vande Bharat Train Route to go to your favorite destination with it.


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