Also known as the first choice of Engineers, Ultratech is an Indian cement manufacturing company that provides a broad range of products – from grey to white glue, from building materials to solutions and a selection of ready-mix concretes catering to various needs and applications. So let’s check out everything about this Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag guide. Being the No.1 Cement, Ultratech is keeping up its legacy by delivering affordable prices with no compromise in quality. So, let’s look at Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag to help you choose your next dream project.

Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag

Originating in Mumbai, this company is part of the Aditya Birla Group. It is famous for satisfying the needs of people and builders for decades while maintaining high quality throughout. Ultratech Cement company was established in 1983 and is the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. So let’s check out the actual costing of Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag now.

Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag For You

The General Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag of 50 KG is around Rs 235 ($2.89).

Cement Type Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag
Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Rs.320
Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) Rs.280
Composite cements (PCC) Rs.335
Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (SRPC) Rs.500
Blended cement Rs.350
Portland Slag Cement (PSC) Rs.310
White Portland cement Rs.420
Rapid hardening cement (RHC) Rs.360
The Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag varies according to time and other essential factors.
Ultratech has 100+ MTPA of cement manufacturing companies.
Let's check out more about on this Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag article.

Plants & Capacity of the Company:

UltraTech Cement company is the largest cement manufacturing company in India. According to a survey, Ultratech cement produces around 116.75 million tonnes of cement. 23 integrated plants, 1 clinkerization plant, 26 grinding units, and 7 bulk terminals make up UltraTech Cement. Its operations extend to Sri Lanka, Bahrain, the UAE, and India. Ultratech has one white cement unit and two wall care putty units with a capacity of over 1.5 Million Tonnes Per Annum. Ultratech goes by the brand name of Birla White in the market. As we have seen the average Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag, let’s see some of the best picks used for construction. Refer to the Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag for more information.

Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag

Some of the Best Picks:

Specifically for the Construction of Building: The OPC-53 (Ordinary Portland cement grade 53) and PPC (Portland pozzolana cement) brands of UltraTech Cement, ACC Cement, Ambuja Cement, Sagar cement, Dalmia Cement, Shri cement, Birla cement, etc. are the best slab cement used in building. These cement brands provide attractive offers.
Specifically for Residential Construction: UltraTech Cement, ACC Cement, F2R, ACC gold, Ambuja Cement, Sagar Cement, Dalmia Cement, Shri Cement, Birla Cement, etc. are some of the top cement utilized in residential home construction.

Why is UltraTech the Best Cement Company in India?

The Aditya Birla Group, one of the Fortune 500 companies, includes UltraTech Cement. With a combined grey cement capacity of 116.75 MTPA, it is the third largest cement producer outside China and the only one outside China to have 100+ MTPA cement manufacturing capacity in a single nation.

The market for UltraTech is expected to continue to be driven by the rural sector, where infrastructural development is accelerating. Refer to the Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag for more information.

UltraTech Cement Company – Facts:

  • Ultratech cement is the largest company in India that produces grey cement, white cement, and Ready mix concrete. And also the third largest company in this category in the whole world.
  • The company has 22 integrated manufacturing plants. One white cement plant, One clinkerization plant, 26 grinding units, and over 100 ready-mix concrete plants. Its operations are presented in India, UAE, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, etc.
  • This company also has a record of increasing its dividend payout over the last five years. This company offered the final cash dividend of Rs 9.50 in July 2016, Rs 10 in July 2017, Rs 10.50 in July 2018, Rs 11.50 in July 2019, and Rs 13 in July 2020.
  • Many people don’t know, but UltraTech cement is also the founding member of GCCA (Global Cement and Concrete Association), the trusted and authoritative platform for cement and Concrete companies worldwide.
  • In the starting phase of this company, they started a company called UBS (UltraTech Building Solutions), a retail chain that is a one-stop solution for individual home builders. This initiative provides you with great-quality construction products, services, and assistance to complete the project in the best possible way.
  • This company is also the manufacturer of India’s first eco-friendly Concrete having a Green Pro certification from the Indian Green building council.
  • UltraTech is also the first company to adopt concrete recycling technology. This company recycles over 50% of its raw materials from new Concrete to make fresh Concrete.

Final Words:

So this is all about the Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag guide. Ultatech is India’s No.1 home-building partner, providing quality building materials and assisting throughout the construction of your dream home. Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag would help you make an intelligent choice in your dream house journey.

Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Is UltraTech Super Waterproof?

The waterproofing materials offered by UltraTech include: It contains premium polymer additives and is perfect for terraces, roofs, water tanks, and balconies. In addition, it works well in spaces smaller than 10,000 square feet. Refer to the Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag for prices.

2. How Much Concrete Do I Need for a 1200 Sq Ft House?

Cement has a total density of 1440 kg/cum; since a bag contains 50 kg of cement, 1440/50 equals 28.80 bags/cum. As a result, the anticipated number of cement bags needed is 95 (11.37 x 8.35).

3. Which Type of UltraTech Cement is Best?

The newest ground-breaking product from UltraTech is UltraTech Premium. It gives your home durability, strength, and protection with the right proportion of high-reactive silica and slag. Refer to the Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag for more information.


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