TUI has been in the travel and tourism industry since the year 1997. Currently, the company mainly focuses on travelling essentials like luggage and bags. So let’s check out everything about the TUI Hand Luggage Size article guide. However, the luggage allowances mainly depend on the type of flight or trip you have booked and it is clearly marked on your booking tickets. So, let’s dive into knowing what are the specifications related to TUI Hand Luggage Size!

TUI Hand Luggage Size

If we talk about the average size of ordinary hand luggage in the market, that is much smaller than TUI hand luggage. Let’s get to know the exact specifications of TUI Hand Luggage Size.

What is the TUI Hand Luggage Size?


The average size that TUI allows in hand luggage is 55x40x20cm.

Because this is a government agency, all these standards are made by keeping in mind public safety. Now let’s get to know more about this TUI Hand Luggage Size guide.

In short, each passenger (not including children) is permitted to bring on one piece of hand luggage with a maximum size of 55x40x20cm and a weight limit of 10kg. Laptops, purses, and other items purchased at the airport must fit inside your single piece of carry-on luggage.

TUI Group:

TUI has been a well-known tourism company from the year 1997. In addition to five European airlines, it wholly or substantially owns several travel agencies, hotel chains, cruise lines, and retail businesses. The company owns the largest fleet of vacation aircraft in all of Europe and several European tour operators. It is traded under the name of a member of the FTSE 250 Index. TUI AG is jointly listed on the Frankfurt and London Stock Exchanges.

Benefits of Travelling with TUI

  • Select Your Own Seat: If you are travelling with TUI, you have a chance to choose your seat. Basically, you can sit wherever you want before the seat is booked.
  • On-Board Food & Drink: Another advantage is onboard food. On our short- and mid-haul flights lasting up to seven hours, you can select from a menu of small snacks, beverages, hot food, and sandwiches. Along with various hot and cold drinks, there are vegetarian and healthy options. You’ll have a light dinner as part of your package if you’re going to Lapland.
  • Seats With Extra Legroom: Additionally, you can select your seats from the aircraft’s layout, and you’ll get up to two extra inches of seat pitch. Both adults and children can use these chairs. If you’ve already booked Extra Legroom seats, you can select these as soon as your holiday is booked on the flight extras page.
  • Extra Space on the Seats: These include seats that are close to, or next to, emergency exit doors. Behind a bulkhead or behind a dividing wall, giving you extra space and often extra legroom, too. On our 787 Dreamliners, they may also be found in the first four rows of the Economy Club cabin.

TUI Hand Luggage Size

  • Other Premium Seat Upgrades: If you travelling with TUI, you can access other premium seat upgrades and travel like a VIP.
  • Much Bigger Luggage Allowance: It’s much cheaper than the charges you’ll face at the check-in desk for heavy luggage. Prices start at £18 for 5kg. Select extra luggage when you book or add it to your booking up to two days before you depart by visiting Manage My Booking or My Account.
  • Sports Equipment: You can book everything from skis and golf clubs to bikes and water sports equipment. We can also take care of musical instruments for you, too.
  • Early Check-In: If you’ve got an early flight or don’t want to lug everything around with you. You can check in a whole day early at Gatwick, Manchester, and Birmingham airports. The best bit? It’s completely free.
  • Late Check-Out: Booking late check-out will allow you to stay in a room a little longer if you have an evening flight.

Final Words:

As we have discussed TUI Hand Luggage Size, now after reading this TUI Hand Luggage Size article, we hope you don’t have any questions left in your mind related to this TUI Hand Luggage Size topic. So this is all about the TUI Hand Luggage Size article guide.

Hope you like this TUI Hand Luggage Size from here now. If you enjoy checking or reading the TUI Hand Luggage Size then please do share TUI Hand Luggage Size with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What makes TUI different?

Our team of travel professionals has carefully selected each of our hotels. We also provide hotels that we have completely designed. Hotels that cater to families, couples, authentic experiences, and luxury getaways may be found in our TUI BLUE range.

2. What are the aims of TUI for making a profit?

TUI Hand Luggage Size

TUI Wants to Regain Profits Thanks to High Prices and Abundant Demand.

3. What does TUI stand for?

Touristik Union International is known as TUI (“Tourism Union International”). Before 1997, when the company switched from mining to tourism, it was known as Preussag AG.


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