Train chart preparation time, General rules of railways charting – Traveling is one the most exciting activities to do for anyone of any age. Moreover traveling by train is another bliss. If you ask about one of the main things in Indian railways, most of them reply that it is your Train Chart. The Preparation of the Train Chart is essential for the passengers because it gives the overall idea of the seats of the passengers. But, many of you might be confused and may have many doubts and questions about Train chart preparation time, general rules of railways charting. So, don’t worry just scroll down, and look into Train chart preparation time, General rules of railway charting. 

Train Chart Preparation Time

The charting process involves transferring open seats from various quotas to the general/tatkal quota. The preparation time for the train chart is one of the most crucial factors for the passengers because they need to learn about their respective reserved seats as soon as possible. For the passengers waiting for the train, the train chart helps them check on their seats on the train.

What is the Train Chart Preparation Time, General rules of railways charting?

The train chart is mainly prepared just 4 hours before the departure of the train from the originating station. Talking about the early mornings. In the early mornings, the train chart is prepared the night before.

All the travelers waiting for the train can be seen crosschecking their PNR status so they can know about their current status. Following that, every passenger gets to the train’s entrance door to recheck their status by consulting the Chart taped to the train’s outside wall.

There is no doubt that whenever the passengers look at the Chart and find his/her seat reserved and mentioned, there is a smile on their faces with huge relief.

Train Chart - Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting

What happens if the Final chart is not prepared?

After booking, every traveler gets his PNR number, which is given to them to ensure that their journey details and ticket status are correct. A traveler may see the notice “Chart is Not Prepared Yet” if they enter a PNR number in the web portal. This indicates that no final chart has been generated after considering all the variables, such as quota seat placement, RAC adjustment, tatkal seat confirmation, etc.

The final chart, which is finalized four hours before the departure of the train, comprises the complete list of passengers scheduled to board a specific train. The train number, coach number, berth number for confirmation, and RAC tickets will be shown on the screen after the final chart is generated. This notice won’t appear to passengers after their tickets are confirmed.


Can we Travel With a Waitlist Ticket After the Cart Preparation?

The short answer to your query is NO. After the compilation of the chart, if the status still reads “WL” or “waitlist,” the concerned passenger is not permitted to board the train under any circumstances. Canceling the ticket and receiving a refund, less any associated fees, is recommended. Before approaching the counter, make sure you know the return policies. Purchasing your ticket online will be automatically canceled, and your account will receive the refund within seven business days. Remember! Never get on the train. You’ll face severe punishment.

Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting

How is the Morning Train Chart Prepared?

Many trains are planned to depart from midnight at 12:00 AM to dawn at 11:00 AM. In this instance, the final charting is finished by 8:00 PM the day before. This deviates from the norm. It is done so that the passengers know the status of their reservations and tickets. Passengers may now easily estimate their ticket confirmation and decide whether or not to continue their travel, thanks to IRCTC’s recently launched “PNR Confirmation Probability” tool.

TOP 6 New Changes Made by Indian Railways

  1. Thirty minutes before the scheduled departure of the trains from the stations, the second reservation chart will be ready. Before Covid, this was typical. However, the second reservation chart was produced two hours before the scheduled departure when the Indian Railways began operating special passenger trains amid the pandemic.
  2. Until the second reservation chart is created, train tickets can still be purchased. Beginning tomorrow, these charts will be generated 30 to 5 minutes before the scheduled departure, when tickets can be purchased.
  3. At least four hours before the train’s scheduled departure, the first chart is prepared. Up until the creation of the second chart, seats that become vacant due to cancellation can be reserved through PRS counters and online.
  4. According to the terms of the refund policies, tickets may also be canceled during this time.
  5. Since tickets were initially exclusively accessible online, the times were adjusted during the pandemic. The goal of the Railways was to prevent crowding at the stations and to persuade people not to travel unless it was essential.
  6. Instead of locking down, the Centre has been concentrating more on reopening. The Railways have also begun running several new trains. The Railways have already shown 39 pairs of new special trains for the upcoming holiday season. Although a specific date for these special trains has not yet been revealed, they will run from October 15 to November 30.

Indian Railways - Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting

Summing Up:

If you have scrolled this down then I am sure you might have read about Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting. So overall train charts are usually prepared 4 hours before the scheduled train time. Don’t forget to check your reserved seat before boarding the seat. Furthermore, never board a train if your name is not on the train chart list as it might cause severe punishment for you. For clearing all your doubts about Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting let’s look into some trending FAQs –

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Will the ticket get confirmed after chart preparation?

Your ticket has been confirmed, as indicated in the current status section. When the chart is prepared, typically done a few hours before train departure time, you will be given information about your berth. to more about Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting just scroll up and check yourself.

2. Can I travel with a WL ticket?

When purchasing a ticket, individuals who receive a “confirmed” or “RAC” (Reservation Against Cancellation) status can travel on the scheduled day, while those who receive a “WL” status are unable to do so because they will not be assigned a seat or berth in the train. If you are still confused check out Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting above.

3. Can I book a train ticket for 1 hour?

Reservations are accepted until the first chart is created, typically 4 hours before the train is scheduled to depart. Some trains permit current reservations, allowing you to reserve open seats following the initial compilation of the chart.

At last, I will like to depart too by saying that traveling by train is the most exciting journey and if you have any confusion about trains charts or something scroll up and look into Train Chart Preparation Time, General Rules of Railways Charting. So, what’s more, quickly book your tickets and enjoy your journey but with safety.


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