Every Child’s first love is Tomato Paste. Undoubtedly, Tomato Paste is an essential item in our pantry staple. An easy-going ingredient that adds a tangy flavour to every dish. If we are to define Tomato Paste, it’s super-concentrated Tomato Sauce. Tomato Paste is a perfect way of becoming nostalgic and remembering how we dirtied our first white t-shirt with a big red spot. While some of us might be a little allergic to Tomato Paste or do not like Tomato Paste, why not find a Tomato Paste Substitute? Perhaps it could increase our taste even more! So let’s check out everything about this Tomato Paste Substitute.


On top of all this, there are numerous benefits of Tomato Paste; for instance, if you want to increase the taste of slow-cooked recipes, you can add some Tomato Paste, and the person eating will be lost in the incredible taste of that dish.

Here is a list of7 Best Tomato Paste Substitute that can relish your taste buds and make you go ‘WOW.’

1. Tomato Puree or Sauce:

The first Tomato Paste Substitute on our list would be Tomato Puree or Sauce, something on which you can always put your bet without a second consideration. These sauces, compared to Tomato Paste, are not as thick; furthermore, they also do not have that sweet taste that Tomato Paste contains.

Tomato Paste Substitute

As for the recipe, you can use this substitution ratio: For every 1 tablespoon of Tomato Paste, use around 2 tablespoons of Tomato Puree or Sauce mixed with ¼ tablespoon of sugar, and also remove 1 tablespoon of any other liquid that is mixed in the recipe.

2. Tomato Ketchup:

Tomato Puree or Sauce is one of the most popular Tomato Paste Substitute, but if you don’t want them, the second Tomato Paste Substitute is Tomato Ketchup. Although Tomato Ketchup is more or less like Tomato Paste, it’s a little saltier, tangier, and sweeter in comparison. Usually, recipes that use Tomato Paste use it in small quantities, so if you are substituting it with Tomato Ketchup, then you can always use the 1:1 ratio, which will not affect the uniqueness of the recipe.

Tomato Ketchup

**PRO TIP: If the recipe you are cooking uses a large amount of Tomato Paste,
first check a small portion with Tomato Ketchup;
if it is not affecting the original recipe, then only use it;
otherwise, do not use Tomato Ketchup as a Tomato Paste Substitute.

3. Canned Tomatoes:

If you want tomato flavour with a touch of thickening power, then a Can of Diced Tomatoes is another best Tomato Paste Substitute. But here is the catch: if you want to use these Canned Tomatoes, drain out the water as they are packed with a lot of liquid. But, after draining out the liquid part, you can use the solid part as an ingredient in your recipe.

Canned Tomatoes

Moreover, it would be best to remember that these Canned Tomatoes are not as concentrated as the Tomato Paste, so every time you use Them, you will need to double the amount to get the correct flavour.

Recipe-wise, for every tablespoon of Tomato Paste, uses 2 tablespoons of Canned Tomatoes to get the best flavour of the dish.

4. Fresh Tomatoes:

Substituting Tomato Paste with Fresh Tomatoes is a good choice but a bit problematic too. As we know, Tomato Paste is concentrated, and even Canned Tomato products also have their skin and seeds removed.

Fresh Tomatoes

So, if you want to Tomato Paste Substitute with Fresh Tomatoes, you will need to do some work – First, you need to peel the Tomato entirely & Second, you need to remove all the seeds of the Tomato. When these two steps are correctly done, boil the tomatoes to eliminate the excess liquid they contain.

As for the recipe, use one sizeable Fresh Tomato to get the taste right for every tablespoon of Tomato Paste.

5. Tomato Soup:

Many of us do not particularly like Tomato Paste Substitute, especially Tomato Soup. However, there is no doubt that Tomato Soup is still a good Tomato Paste Substitute. Although Tomato Soup has the same flavour as that Tomato Paste, it is significantly sweeter and contains more water.

Tomato Paste Substitutes

If you have no option other than to Tomato Paste Substitute with Tomato Soup, you will need to lower the quantity of all the other liquid ingredients you use. Recipe-wise, after removing all the other liquid ingredients by ¼ to ½ cups, you can add 28 grams of Tomato Soup to your recipe.

6. Diced Tomatoes:

You can easily use diced tomatoes as a Tomato Paste substitute.

Diced Tomatoes

How to Use: First, remove the excess liquid from the can of Diced Tomatoes and cook until they are reduced to half their original size. For Recipe: For every 1 tablespoon of Tomato Paste, use at least 3 tablespoons of Diced Tomato to get the same exotic taste.

7. Green Salsa:

Most of the time, it’s not very important that your dish has Red Tomato; if we want the taste of tomatoes but the colour doesn’t matter, Green Salsa is a viable option.

Tomato Paste Substitute

Using Green Salsa, you can get the same flavour as tomatoes from the tomatillos (Green Tomatoes). As for the Recipe: Green Salsa is usually thinner, so it’s better to adjust the liquids to reduce it.

Final Thoughts:

Although no one can replace Tomato Paste, none of the Tomato Paste Substitute could give the exact feel and delight that a recipe engraved with Tomato Paste. But the Tomato Paste Substitute listed above is the best match for Tomato Paste. Moreover, when feeding your growling stomach, there should be nothing that should stop you from having a taste of your delicious food. It so doesn’t matter if you have tomato paste; try out the Tomato Paste Substitute. So don’t wait; dive into the delicious taste of your dishes with the Tomato Paste Substitute.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What Should I Use instead of Tomato Paste to Thicken?

Tomato Paste is a better thickening agent, but if you are short of that, then don’t worry; you can use Cornstarch as it is also great for thickening hot liquid, which is more beneficial as you do not have to dissolve it before witWith, just with more care, sprinkle the Cornstarch, so it does not clump.

2. What Should I Use instead of Tomato Paste in Beef Stew?

There are mainly three options that fit perfectly if you are not willing to use Tomato Paste or if you are short of that,

  • The first one is to use Ketchup
  • The second is to use Soy Sauce
  • The third option is using Worcestershire Sauce, which contains the same flavour as Tomato Paste but is slightly different.

3. What are the Best Tomato Paste Substitute that is Non-Tomato?

  • Extra Seasoning
  • Soy Sauce
  • Olive Tapenade
  • Marinara Sauce

4. Is Tomato Paste Sweeter than Tomato Sauce?

Tomato Sauce comes in different brands, which are way different from each other. But most brands taste sweeter and saltier than the plain, diluted Tomato Paste. So Tomato Sauce is sweeter than Tomato Paste.

5. Is Tomato Paste Good for You?

Tomato Paste has similar nutrition as a Fresh tomato; it is just an essence of tomatoes in concentrated form. A tablespoon of Tomato Paste is an ancient source of antioxidants with iron, potassium, and vitamins. So, don’t wait and try all the Tomato Paste Substitute them one by one!


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