On May 11, about 80 children in the Kollam district of Kerela were reported with a case of Tomato Fever. Kerela is considered the origin state of this endemic. The case we are discussing is India’s first case of tomato fever. While the nation is just recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic, this new virus has emerged. The surveys say tomato fever is not fatal and primarily affects children below the age of “5”; however, it is contagious. Let’s dive deeper into the details of Tomato Fever Symptoms. So let’s check out everything about this Tomato Fever Symptoms article.

Tomato fever symptoms

Even though the disease is non-life threatening, state officials and management are desirable to prevent further breakouts.

What is Tomato Fever?

Based on the pre-determined report in the Hindustan Times, the cases of tomato fever are limited to Kerela, Tamil Nadu, and Orrisa. However, the state governments have already issued warnings against this disease, and an alert has been passed on all the state borders.

Tomato fever

Caused by an enterovirus, Tomato Fever is a variation of Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease (HMFD). When the districts in Kerala were experiencing the symptoms of Chickenpox caused by mosquito bites, Tomato Fever Symptoms came with a new set of signs and challenges. Though studies suggest it is a successor of Chikungunya and dengue, one thing stands apart: It affects youngsters under the age of ‘5’.

Often welcomed by a mild fever, tomato fever causes tomato-like blisters on the body. Hence the name – “Tomato Fever or Tomato Flu.”  According to WHO, this disease is not considered life-threatening but is undoubtedly contagious. Now, let’s look at some minute Tomato Fever Symptoms which you need to be careful about.

Tomato Fever Symptoms – Don’t Let Tomato Fever Take Hold

Talking about Tomato Fever Symptoms, this viral disease shares its Tomato Fever Symptoms with Chickenpox. Now let’s get to know more about the Tomato Fever Symptoms guide from here.

Tomato Fever Symptoms: Fever, Red blisters, rashes, skin irritation, dehydration, and viral illness.

Individuals who are also fatigued and facing coughing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, joint discomfort, a headache, and sore body may also be vulnerable to this viral infection.

Causes of Tomato Fever:

After knowing about Tomato Fever Symptoms, let’s know the causes of this disease. Although researchers have shown that enterovirus is the cause of the illness, they are still unable to identify which particular virus family it belongs to.

Causes of Tomato Fever

The exact cause of Tomato Fever disease is still unknown. Still, according to some health experts, it is caused by Chikungunya Mosquito, or it may be the aftereffect of Chikungunya and dengue.

Prevention of Tomato Fever:

Tomato Fever Symptoms are mainly affecting children under the age of 5. Having a contagious nature, it becomes essential for to take responsibility of parents to take care of their kids and make social distancing a strict rule as long as Tomato Fever Symptoms are there.

Condition of india in chickengunya

During this disease, adults also have to ensure their children’s hygiene. Ensuring that kids wash their hands with soap frequently, especially after using the toilet, would make a lot of difference. Not to forget to mention washing hands before eating something. Look at Tomato Fever Symptoms to know when to start practising precautions.

Even after doing all of this, if your child still gets infected. Then as a responsible citizen, you should ensure not to let your child go outside and mingle with other kids. Again, to prevent other children from getting infected, it is better to maintain distancing as much as possible. If possible, there is no need to send kids to schools and educational institutions in this situation.

Tomato Fever Precautions

  • Children already infected with the virus should drink lots of boiling water to stay hydrated.
  • Any of the aforementioned symptoms in a child should prompt parents to call for immediate medical help.
  • Even though the virus is not harmful and may be treated, a child should be sent to the doctor immediately if they exhibit any Tomato Fever Symptoms.
  • Take a warm bath or shower.
  • Uphold a clean and wholesome atmosphere.
  • To prevent the disease’s long-term repercussions, tell the child to take lots of rest.
  • It is not advisable to scratch the blisters and rashes.
  • Keep your distance from the sick person.
  • Ensure hygiene.

How to Treat Tomato Fever?

There is no specific treatment for this disease. You have to let the patient rest properly and maintain his hygiene correctly. If they don’t do so, they are pushing their health down because, at this age, children are susceptible to sickness. So as an adult, you have to take decent care of them.

Kire already infected with this disease must avoid scratching their blisters and practice good hygiene. Also, get interact with a doctor and follow their advice properly. Read the Tomato Fever Symptoms thoroughly to know if you need to prevent or treat Tomato Fever.

Wrapping Up:

So this is all about the Tomato Fever Symptoms from here. Tomato Fever is a self-limiting disease. According to surveys and studies, it is non-life threatening and has similar effects as Chikungunya or Dengue. The shape, size, and colour of blisters in this condition are that of a tomato; thus, it is called tomato fever. As discussed, for Tomato Fever Symptoms, it’s high time to get alert and preventive if you reside in any affected states and neighbouring regions.

Tomato Fever Symptoms and Precautions would assist you in knowing what to do if you feel it has entered your house. If you enjoy checking or reading this Tomato Fever Symptoms then please do share Tomato Fever Symptoms with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Can Adults get Tomato Fever?

According to experts, five children are most commonly afflicted with tomato fever. The origin of Tomato fever is currently unknown, and according to the experts, it is thought to be a rare viral infection. The illness is not lethal or life-threatening but reportedly quite contagious.

2. Can we Take a Bath During Tomato Fever?

It’s critical to practice good hygiene. To stop the flu from spreading, utensils, clothes, and other items used by infected people must be sanitized. You must bathe in lukewarm water mixed with an antibacterial substance.

3. How Can I Treat Tomato Fever at Home?

Keep your home clean both inside and outside. If the baby has a red rash on his body, don’t scratch him. Keep your healthy youngsters away from infected patients and refrain from using their objects. Don’t let your body become dehydrated during the heat. Look at Tomato Fever Symptoms to get ideas about what to do or not do.


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