We are all chocolate lovers, whether chocolate cake, fudge, or brownies. No doubt, the creamy chocolate stain on the side of our lips, its sweet taste on the tongue, and the fun of eating that long-awaited chocolate cupcake at night are something that could never skip from our memories forever. So let’s check out everything about the Substitute for Cocoa Powder article. Cocoa Powder is the secret ingredient that gives all these recipes chocolate flavour and colour. But, ever thought of trying any of the Substitute for Cocoa Powder?

Substitute for Cocoa Powder

While preparing your chocolate recipe, you might not have Cocoa Powder or can’t find it. Also, though rarely, some of us might be allergic to Cocoa Powder. However, this should not stop you from having your favourite dessert that you decided to prepare this weekend. Now let’s get to know more about this Substitute for Cocoa Powder guide from here.

So, Let’s explore “7 Best Substitute for Cocoa Powder” to constantly nourish our taste buds. 

1. Dutch – Processed Cocoa Powder

Dutch – Processed Cocoa is your best bet as a Substitute for Natural Cocoa Powder. Because it is neutral, it has a less bitter flavour and does not react with baking solution, thus dissolves easily compared to Cocoa Powder. Also called “Alkalized Cocoa Powder” or “European Cocoa Powder,” it has a darker flavour and smoother texture. One such famous Dutch Processed Cocoa item is Oreo Cookies.

When mixed with baking soda, the result would be visible against Natural Cocoa in the rise of your cake or any other recipe. However, the difference is minimal and could be easily covered by using every three tablespoons of Dutch-processed Cocoa Powder, 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar, white vinegar, or lemon juice. 

2. Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

Made purely from Cocoa Beans, Unsweetened Chocolate should be your second most favoured choice of Substitute for Cocoa Powder. If we talk about the differences between Cocoa Powder and Unsweetened Chocolate, the latter is dark and bitter, made without sugar. But it contains more fat than Cocoa Powder. 

Thus, you must avoid one tablespoon of butter/ghee/oil for every ounce you add to keep the fat balanced. 

Unsweetened Baking Chocolate should be sliced and then melted to even the sugar, or the Unsweetened Chocolate Powder should be mixed with sugar, milk, or butter to bring a strong Chocolate Flavor. 

3. Carob Powder

Substitute for Cocoa Powder - Carob

Carob Powder is a famous and common ingredient used as a Substitute for Cocoa Powder. Made from dried and roasted Carob tree pods, Carob Powder is sweet on the tongue and looks similar to Cocoa Powder. 

Carob Powder is high in sugar compared to Cocoa Powder, so you need to add it accordingly to balance the sugar level in your recipe. Though Carob Powder lacks the bitterness of Chocolate, it forms a good substitute, especially for those looking for a nutritious alternative to Natural Cocoa Powder. It is a 1:1 substitute for Cocoa Powder, meaning you could add as much Carob Powder as you used to mix Cocoa in your dish. 

4. Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix could be your next choice as a Substitute for Cocoa Powder. It is sweeter than Cocoa Powder, and people don’t use it generally. It would not provide an exact flavour, but you could go with this mix if there is no better option. Hot Cocoa combines other ingredients such as Cocoa Powder, sweetener, spices, and milk. High in sugar, it is essential to balance the recipe by reducing the usual quantity of sugar. 

5. Dark Chocolate

Substitute for Cocoa Powder - Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate has no milk or milk products. Extracted from Cocoa Beans, the essential components are cocoa beans, sugar, and flavourings. Dark Chocolate is also a nutritious alternative loaded with antioxidants; it helps blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. 

You should use 1 tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Powder/slices to replace 3 tablespoons of Cocoa Powder. The more Cocoa and less sugary type of this Chocolate would be more bitter and fit perfectly as a Substitute for Cocoa Powder. 

6. Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips are small pieces of sweetened Chocolate and are primarily used as ingredients in chocolate cakes, granola bars, muffins, cupcakes, etc. These chips come in various flavours, such as mint, peanut butter, white or milk, Chocolate, butterscotch, and many more. 

Chocolate Chips make a comparably good Substitute for Cocoa Powder, but they retain their shape after baking and do not impart the exact flavour as Cocoa. The best way is to melt them first to blend them evenly in your recipe, but in this method, it is crucial to check the overall sugar levels in your dish. 

7. Couverture Chocolate

Couverture Chocolate

Couverture Chocolate is made from Cocoa Mass and obtained by roasting and grinding Cocoa Beans. As a result, Couverture Chocolate has slightly higher Cocoa Powder than Natural Cocoa. The essential ingredients include Cocoa solids and butter, sugar, milk powder, and emulsifiers. It is also used to make pastries, truffles, and other desserts.

Higher Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter give an inflated, smooth texture and bitter chocolate flavour. It is an excellent Substitute for Cocoa Powder. But be careful about the amount of fat (butter/oil) added and the sugar for the amount of Couverture Chocolate said.


There are undoubtedly many other Substitute for Cocoa Powder, such as Black or Raw Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Syrup, Nutella, etc. So this is all about the Substitute for Cocoa Powder article guide.

Hope you like this Substitute for Cocoa Powder from here. Adjusting the sugar and fat levels while using the alternatives mentioned above. This Substitute for Cocoa Powder alternatives of Cocoa would undoubtedly assist you in coming out with delicious and lip-smacking Choco Delights. If you enjoy reading the Substitute for Cocoa Powder then please do share Substitute for Cocoa Powder with others as well also.


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