We love watching different types of programs on our television. Some of us may like dramas, some may like cartoons, some may like contest programs, and just like these many. But to add on many of us like realistic programs which have some real content in it, some participation, and an of course at the end a winner. So, today let’s talk about the most realistic program which is known as SAS Australia. What’s more interesting would be to know about SAS Australia 2022 Cast, so, without wasting any further time let’s dive into that:

SAS Australia 2022 cast

SAS Australia also fully formed as SAS Australia: Who Dares to Win. SAS Australia is a reality quasi-military training television program based on the original British SAS: Who Dares Win which was first published on 19th October 2020. The show needs very physical and physiological commitment. In the front, all the activities are performed with an elite team of ex-Special Forces Soldiers. The show is very famous not only in Australia but in the whole world. In its very new season of 2022 let’s see SAS Australia 2022 Cast.

SAS Australia 2022 Cast:

Talking about the cast of the SAS Australia 2022. There is a total of 17 players who got selected for this SAS series. And the names are: Ellia Green, Anna Heinrich, Ebanie Bridges, Millie Boyle, Melissa Tkautz, Melissa Wu, Simone Holtznagel, Riana Crehan, Barry Hall, Locky Gilbert, Darius Boyd, Orpheus Pledger, Geoff Huegill, Michael Zerafa, Wayne Carey, Richard Buttrose, and Paul Fenech. Let’s dive into more details of the SAS Australia 2022 Cast:

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (1) Anna Heinrich

Anna Heinrich

Anna Heinrich comes to the list because of his exceptional performance in The Bachelor back in 2013.
Name Anna Heinrich
Age 32
Profession TV Personality
Instagram @annaheinrich1

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (2) Geoff Huegill

Geoff Huegill

Geoff Huegill was a formal Olympic swimmer who tugged at Australia’s heartstrings in 2000.
Name Geoff Huegill
Age 42
Profession Olympic Swimming Legend
Instagram @geoffhuegill

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (3) Ellia Tiriseyani Green

Ellia Tiriseyani Green

Ellia is a Rugby Sevens champion and one of the smartest, savviest rugby players in the world.
Name Ellia Tiriseyani Green
Age 28
Profession Rugby 7s Olympian
Instagram @elliagreen

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (4) Orpheus Pledger

Orpheus Pledger

Given that this 28-year-old actor’s most recent appearances were on Home and Away from 2016 to 2019 and House Husbands back in 2014, it is safe to say that he will venture into uncharted waters on the next Channel 7 program.
Name Orpheus Pledger
Age 28
Profession Actor
Instagram @orpheus.pledger

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (5) Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie Bridges

The Australian boxer, who also doubles as a maths teacher, will undergo the grueling process as a contender on SAS Australia. 
Name Ebanie Bridges
Age 35
Profession Professional Boxer
Instagram @ebanie_bridges

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (6) Wayne Carey

Wayne Carey

Wayne Carey, a former football player who is now an AFL commentator, will be a part of the SAS Australia team.
Name Wayne Carey
Age 50
Profession AFL Commentator
Instagram N/A

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (7) Melissa Tkautz

Melissa Tkautz

Melissa first gained notoriety as “Nikki Spencer” on the well-liked Australian serial opera E Street in the 1990s, and she will now demonstrate her strength once more in the SAS Australia season of 2022.
Name Melissa Tkautz
Age 47
Profession Singer/Actor
Instagram @melissatkautz

SAS Australia 2022 cast – (8) Richard Buttrose

Richard Buttrose

SAS Australia’s fourth season will include Richard Buttrose, a convicted cocaine dealer and the nephew of ABC head Ita Buttrose.
Name Richard Buttrose
Age 49
Profession Convicted Drug Dealer
Instagram N/A

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (9) Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu, an Australian diver who has won a silver medal at the Olympics and an award at the world championship, is a serious candidate to lead SAS Australia to victory.
Name Melissa Wu
Age 29
Profession Olympic Diver
Instagram @melissapaigewu

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (10) Michael Zerafa

Michael Zerafa

This year, the self-described “beautiful lad” will have the opportunity to compete in SAS Australia. In 2018, the Australian boxer was the super-welterweight champion of the Commonwealth.
Name Michael Zerafa
Age 29
Profession Professional Boxer
Instagram @michael_zerafa

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (11) Locky Gilbert

Locky Gilbert

Before his time on The Bachelor, Locky Gilbert competed on Australian Survivor twice, so to say that he is prepared for a fight would be an understatement.
Name Locky Gilbert
Age 32
Profession Reality TV Star
Instagram @locklangilbert

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (12) Paul Fenech

Paul Fenech

Paul Fenech joining the newcomers will, luckily, add some comic relief to this year’s group.
Name Paul Fenech
Age 51
Profession Comedian
Instagram @paulyfenech

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (13) Millie Boyle

Millie Boyle

Millie Boyle will be a recruit in the 2022 season of SAS Australia. The Australian player who plays both rugby league and union will establish himself as a strong contender for the fourth season.
Name Millie Boyle
Age 23
Profession NRLW Player
Instagram @millie_boyle

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (14) Barry Hall

Barry Hall

The legendary AFL player Barry Hall, who played for the Sydney Swans and St. Kilda Football Club, is now the proud father of two children with his wife Lauren Brant.
Name Barry Hall
Age 44
Profession AFL Great
Instagram @barryhallofficial

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (15) Riana Crehan

Riana Crehan

On the Channel 7 show, the motorsport reporter will be a recruit. Before COVID-19 struck, Crehan established herself by performing from among the crowds in the pit.
Name Riana Crehan
Age 34
Profession Motorsports Presenter
Instagram @rianacrehan

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (16) Darius Boyd

Darius Boyd

On SAS Australia, former NRL player Darius Boyd will encounter fresh difficulties. From 2017 to 2019, Boyd was a member of the Brisbane Broncos. After that, he retired and welcomed his third kid with his wife Kayla.
Name Darius Boyd
Age 34
Profession Retired NRL Star
Instagram N/A

SAS Australia 2022 Cast – (17) Simone Holtznagel

Simone Holtznagel

Fashion model Simone Holtznagel is best recognized for her participation in Australia’s Next Top Model.
Name Simone Holtznagel
Age 28
Profession Model
Instagram  @simoneholtznagel

Summing Up:

If you have read this far then you might have found out a lot of information about SAS Australia 2022 Cast. The audience is watching this show in full swing and with next-level excitement. Although there are some regular controversies about the show, however, this does not change anything. The loyal audience always watches the show and also waits for the next season. To help you more about SAS Australia 2022 cast let’s look at some trending FAQs-

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Who has been eliminated from SAS Australia 2022?

The SAS Australia recruits were forced to make the unthinkable choice of cutting another recruit’s trek short just hours before the finish line. And the 32-year-old reality TV star Locky Gilbert was “stripped of his number” and evicted. To know more about SAS Australia 2022 cast scroll up!

2. Why did Foxy and Billy leave SAS Australia?

Due to filming commitments for the UK version of the franchise, they were unable to participate in the Australian version of the show this season. With former NRL star Darius Boyd and model Simone Holtznagel, Bachelor stars Anna Heinrich and Locky Gilbert will also compete in 2022. Still confused about SAS Australia 2022 cast don’t worry just scroll above and you will get your answers.

3. Where is SAS Australia 2022 filmed?

The shooting or let’s say the filming of the show is going on in New South Wales. Lastly, I would just add up that SAS Australia is a must-watch show and if you need more information you can just go up and read SAS Australia 2022 cast in detail.


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