Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Called the month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, this yearly observance of Ramadan is meant to be one of the five pillars of Islam. To share and celebrate this Ramzan with your friends and family, we are bringing Ramzan Mubarak Images here!

Ramzan mubarak images

In this holy month of Ramzan, fasting is observed, and Muslims, the followers of Islam, do prayer. During this month, Muhammad received the initial disclosures of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims.

Importance of Ramzan:

Ramzan Mubarak images

Whoever is present should observe a month-long fast, and whoever is ill or travelling should keep a few additional days. Allah wants everyone to have it easy; thus, this month brings lots of self-realization, introspection, and a chance to change all wrongdoings.

How is Ramzan Mubarak Celebrated?

Ramzan Mubarak images

In most places, such as commercial places, decorations using fairy lights are done. A few senior followers of Islam play the drum around a neighbourhood to get people up and ready for the suhoor meal during Ramadan in the Middle East.

Ramzan Mubarak images

During this month of Ramzan, most Muslims continue to work as it was before in all industries and companies. But there are some countries in which working hours are shortened.

It is said that fasting yields amplified spiritual benefits during Ramzan. As a result, Muslims abstain from food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol, and other immoral activities throughout the fasting period. Instead, they focus on salat and Quran study.

 Top Best Ramzan Mubarak Images & Pictures

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak Images to share with colleagues and kin.

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak Images to share with relatives and siblings.

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak Images to share with teachers and mentors.

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak Images to share with family.

mosque in rain

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak Images to set as wallpaper.

Ramzan Mubarak images

mosque wallpaper

Ramzan Mubarak Images – May Allah give you all happiness and success and guide you in the right direction.

decorated masjid

Ramzan Mubarak images

Ramzan Mubarak Images – Wishing that this holy month brings you lots of right guidance and prosperity.

Ramzan Mubarak images

night view of masjid

Ramzan Mubarak – May all your good deeds and prayers get accepted by Allah.

Moon having masjid

Masjid with Lights

Final Words:

Some Muslims believe that Ramadan is one of the names of God; hence it is said in numerous hadiths that it is improper to refer to the month of Ramadan by its name alone and that it is required to mention the “month of Ramadan,” as stated in sources from the Sunni, Shia, and Zaydi faiths.

Ramzan is indeed a month to pray and reflect. It’s a month to forgive and come together. So with these Ramzan Mubarak Images, celebrate Ramzan with friends and family even if you are far.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What is the Difference Between Ramadan & Ramzan?

To be clear, Ramzan is a Parsi word, but Ramadan has Arab roots and derives from the word read, which means an object severely heated by the sun.

2. What can Muslims, the Followers of Islam (Who are Fasting), Not Eat?

Allah’s name must be prayed to when an animal is killed for the food to be considered halal. For instance, if a Muslim kills an animal and says a prayer, meats like lamb, cattle, goat, and chicken are halal. Eggs and fish are both halal. Alcohol and all goods derived from pork, carrion, or blood are prohibited (haram).

3. What are the 5 Important Pillars of Ramzan?

During Ramzan, the 5 most important things to be followed are:

  • Prayer, Charity & Reflecting on Quran
  • One Pillar is Fasting During Ramzan
  • The other 4 are – Faith, Prayer, Charity, and Pilgrimage to Mecca.


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