Booking Train Tickets? Indian Railways are one of India’s most commonly used public transport. Indian Railways uses some codes for the booking status, which the general public often gets confused about. But not anymore, so let’s see what PQWL Means in Railway and other standard codes used. So let’s check out more about the PQWL Means in Railway guide.

PQWL Means in Railway

Each time you travel through Indian railways, Central Railway Information maintains a PNR number. PNR contains the ticket booking status and essential details like the arrival and departure of the train, coach, seat number, and fares paid by the passenger.

What Does PQWL Means in Railway?

You must have seen PQWL on the screen when you book tickets online. PQWL stands for Pooled Quota Waiting List. Whenever your tickets are not confirmed, this PQWL appears on your screen. So let’s check out the actual PQWL Means in Railway from here now.

PQWL is one of the types of waiting lists on Indian railways. There are many reasons why you could receive this PQWL number. So, What Does PQWL Means in Railway?

  • Whenever a passenger books tickets from originating station to the intermediate station, then PQWL appears.
  • When the passenger books tickets from an intermediate station to the final station of the train, then PQWL appears.
  • When a passenger books tickets from one intermediate station to another intermediate station then, also PQWL appears.
  • This waiting list is different from the general public.

Chances of Confirmation in PQWL

Now that we have seen what PQWL means in railway. Let’s see what the chances of confirmation in PQWL are. The PQWL ticket holders are given lower priority than GNWL. However, the government still allows you to check your ticket’s confirmation probability on the IRCTC website.

The booking process of Railway tickets in the Indian Railways starts 120 days before the Journey. After that, you can book your tickets on the official IRCTC website. If you book a railway ticket online, you must have seen a ten-digit PNR code on it. The ticket also includes information about the trip, such as the train number, date of the trip, travel class, point of origin, issue of destination, ticket status, berthing information for confirmed tickets, and passenger information.

The maximum number of passengers travelling in one ticket is 6. But if you have access, that doesn’t mean your Journey is confirmed. All of this still depends on the status of the ticket. There are still chances that your ticket status can be waiting (WL), RAC (half berth), or confirmed (full berth). Now that you know what PQWL Means in Railway, let’s see some more codes.

PQWL Means in Railway

What Do RAC, WL, RSWL, GNWL & TQWL or PQWL Means in Railway Train Tickets?


RAC stands for reservation against cancellation. If RAC is written on your train ticket, your seat is confirmed, but you will be given half heart, i.e., you must share your seat. You are allotted the full seat if the other person doesn’t come.


The traveller has a waitlisted status if the passenger status is indicated as WL followed by a number. If passengers who purchased tickets earlier for the same trip cancel them, this may be confirmed.


Remote Location Waiting List or RLWL is issued to passengers when a passenger books tickets between the originating station and terminating station and the seat is not confirmed. This generally happens when the most important towns and cities lie between the railway route.


The most popular waiting list is GNWL, and tickets are only given out when a passenger begins their Journey from the train’s originating station or nearby station.


TQWL stands for Tatkal Quota Waiting List; earlier, it was known as CKWL. It comprises the waiting list confirmed under Tatkal Quota.

Chances of Confirmation in WL, RSWL, GNWL & TQWL:


The percentage’s coloured surrounding indicates the following: Green: There is a greater than 75% likelihood that the waitlisted tickets will be confirmed. Orange: 40–75% possibility that the key on the waiting list will be verified. Red: There is a less than 40% probability that the tickets on the queue will be confirmed.


In the case of RLWL ticket holders, the confirmation is only when a destination ticket holder cancels the ticket. However, the government provided a website to check your tickets’ confirmation probability.

As we have mentioned, in Indian Railways, the booking of tickets starts 120 days before the Journey. So if you want a guaranteed ticket, then you have to make your ticket CNF confirmed. But this can only be done if your ticket is not WL (Waiting List).

PQWL Means in Railway


In GNWL, your ticket won’t be confirmed until three other passengers who had already reserved for the same trip as you decide to cancel.


TQWL tickets do not go through the RAC list and are directly given confirmation. However, GNWL is given priority over TQWL.

Final Words:

This is all about what the PQWL Means in Railway article guide. In the 160 years of Indian Railways, many changes and evolutions have come and passed. While the system tries its best so that no passenger faces any trouble, sometimes it is up to us to be careful. We hope you will now get to know everything about the PQWL Means in Railway guide.

If you want to know other means like this PQWL Means in Railway then do comment us here below. It is best to book your tickets about 120 to 80 days before the departure date to escape any waiting list, especially in the season of festivals and national holidays. However, now you know what PQWL Means in Railway and other similar codes. Have a Safe Journey!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Can I Travel with a PQWL Ticket?

You cannot travel, sorry. Even if you arrive after your destination, the PQWL (pooled quota waiting list) will not certify your arrival. Furthermore, an online ticket will be instantly cancelled if the waiting is not confirmed. So, no. No waitlisted ticket holders are permitted to board the train. Refer to what PQWL Means in Railway for more information.

2. Will PQWL Get Cancelled Automatically?

It automatically cancels upon compiling the chart, and a refund is automatically credited to your bank account within 3 to 7 days. Refer to what PQWL Means in Railway for more information.

3. Will PQWL 1 Get Confirmed in 3AC?

Yes, the train ticket you reserved for September 23rd with status PQWL 1 will be readily confirmed before the chart’s creation or if any cancellations are made during these five days. Refer to what PQWL Means in Railway for more information.


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