Pete Davidson, the popular comedian and actor, has recently disappeared from Instagram, leaving his millions of followers baffled and concerned. Known for his witty posts and hilarious memes, Davidson’s sudden absence from the social media platform has sparked rumours and speculation among his fans. While some speculate that he might have taken a break to focus on his career or personal life, others wonder if there is something more sinister behind his abrupt disappearance. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is for sure – Pete Davidson deleted Instagram account has left his fans longing for more of his signature humour and candid personality.

pete davidson deleted instagram

Why Did Pete Davidson Deleted Instagram Account?

After being back on social media for just a week, Pete Davidson has made headlines for deleting his Instagram account. Although some speculated that this might be related to his recent beef with Kanye West, according to a source who spoke with Page Six, this is not the case. The source explained that the real reason for Davidson’s decision to delete his account was due to a flood of both positive and negative messages he received shortly after posting his first photo. The source went on to clarify that “Kanye didn’t drive Pete off social media.”

It seems that Davidson is currently focused on his work and has some big projects in the pipeline. According to the insider, the Saturday Night Live star wants to concentrate on the positive aspects of his life, and social media can often come with its own set of negativity. Therefore, it appears that Davidson has chosen to step away from the platform once again.

During the short time that Davidson was on Instagram, he did not share any posts related to West. However, after deleting his account, West was seen boasting about having driven the comedian off the platform through his posts. In a recent post trolling Davidson, West wrote, “Ran Skete off the gram.”

After Pete Davidson made his comeback to social media, Kanye West followed his account and began posting attacks about him. One of West’s posts read, “HI SKETE YOU GOT ANYMORE MENTAL HEALTH JOKES FOR ME?” Despite this, neither Davidson nor Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce from West a year ago, have publicly responded to West’s comments.

Meanwhile, Kardashian has reportedly urged a US court to speed up the divorce proceedings, believing it will help her soon-to-be ex-husband come to terms with the end of their relationship.

Wrapping Up:

As fans eagerly await Pete Davidson’s return to social media, his recent departure from Instagram has left many wondering what the future holds for the comedian. Whether it’s to focus on his personal life, his work, or simply to take a break from the often-toxic world of social media, one thing is for sure – Pete Davidson is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off-screen. While pete davidson deleted  Instagram account may have come as a surprise to many, it’s a reminder that even the biggest celebrities need to take a step back and prioritize their mental health. We wish Pete all the best in his future endeavours, and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!


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