Michael Owen is a retired English football player and one of the most famous English football players. So let’s check out everything about the Michael Owen Net Worth guide from here. He is primarily known for his time spent with Liverpool and Manchester United. However, Owen has been in the news for a new reason lately, leaving fans with raised eyebrows. Gemma Owen, his 19-year-old daughter, is found to be a contestant in the eighth season of Love Island. Like her father, Gemma is on her way to claiming fame and achieving her dream of becoming a billionaire someday. But now, what Owen does for a living, and what is Michael Owen Net Worth? Stick along to find out!

Michael Owen Net Worth

As a football player, Michael Owen has earned so much love and support from his fans. In 2013, at 42, he retired from football because of his bodily injuries. He was one of the finest football players his country ever had before injuries clipped his potential. Now let’s get to know more about the Michael Owen net worth 2022 article.

(Revealed) What is Michael Owen Net Worth?

$68 Million (£54.4 Million)

According to Idol Net Worth, Michael Owen net worth is $68 million (£54.4 million).

Owen, his wife Louise Bonsall, and their daughter Gemma reside in a £4 million mansion in Wales where he proudly displays his trophy. Let’s check out more about how much is michael owen worth now.

Michael Owen Net Worth

Since retiring, he has been a regular commentator, pundit, and analyst on BT Sport. He shares his passion for horses with his daughter. Gemma also represents Great Britain in dressage competitions worldwide and hopes. And the reason for doing this is to become a billionaire someday.

His daughter Gemma also owns a swimwear brand, Sheis, now a familiar figure on the renowned reality television program Love Island, in which she was controversially paired with Davide Sanclimenti.

Early Life of Michael Owen:

Now that we know Michael Owen Net Worth let’s learn about his roots. Owen, the fourth child of Jeanette and Terry Owen, was born in Chester, Cheshire, on December 14, 1979. His father used to play for teams like Chester City and Everton as a professional footballer. At the age of seven, Owen was introduced to football by his father. Who quickly identified Michael as the most talented athlete in the family. Owen is an avid Everton supporter who attended Rector Drew Primary School in Hawarden.

Owen was chosen for the Deeside Area Primary School’s Under-11 team at eight. At age ten, he had broken Ian Rush’s 20-year record for the same squad by scoring 97 goals in a single season, breaking Rush’s record by 25 goals. At age nine, he was captain. Owen participated in all three of the 11-year-olds’ seasons since he was eight, breaking Gary Speed’s appearance record.

The Career of Michael Owen:

Now that we know Michael Owen Net Worth, let’s understand how he made his way to such colossal wealth. Owen signed a schoolboy contract with a club when he turned 12 and began attending secondary school. Liverpool was the first major club to notice him for Deeside. After that, Brian Kidd arrived from Manchester United, and Chelsea and Arsenal both expressed interest.

However, Owen received a personal letter from Steve Heighway, the Liverpool youth development officer. According to Terry Owen, Michael fell in love at first sight, and they said that “[Heighway] wrote us a wonderful letter, and he was impressed from day one.” Later, Owen joined the Liverpool youth squad. At 14, the club encouraged Owen to enrol at the FA’s School of Excellence in Lilleshall, Shropshire.

Michael Owen Net Worth

Final Words:

So this is all about Michael owen net worth 2022. Micheal Owen was a legendary footballer, though retired; his fans’ love and support have always been excellent. Being a top performer and an achiever, Owen is still in high regard. He has kept his passions and profession alive even after retirement. Hope you like this how much is Michael owen worth guide from here now?

So now that you know about Michael Owen Net Worth, if you haven’t watched any of his matches, make sure to watch it tonight. We bet you would be stuck to your screens until that gets over. If you enjoy reading or checking this how much is Michael owen worth Post then please do share it with others as well.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What Does Michael Owen Do for a Living Now?

Former football wunderkind and England hero MICHAEL OWEN. He retired from football and is now a pundit for BT Sport and a racing horse owner. Check out how much is michael owen worth to know more.

2. What Does Michael Owen Think of Luca?

He has watched a few episodes, and based on what he has seen, he believes that Luca and the other men on the island are pretty fine chaps. But Luca would undoubtedly want to meet him and form his opinion of the man if he hates Gemma. So make out the eighth season of love island and Michael Owen Net Worth.

3. Is Michael Owen a Millionaire?

According to Idol Net Worth,  Michael owen net worth 2022 is $68 million (£54.4 million). Owen, his wife Louise Bonsall, and their daughter Gemma reside in a £4 million mansion in Wales where he proudly displays his Ballon d’Or trophy.


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