Puerto Vallarta has much to offer: spectacular beaches, fabulous resorts with multi-cuisine, and very rich marine life. With all this in hand, Puerto Vallarta has also been through a suffering dark past. Known as the Mexican resort city, situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahia De Banderas in the state of Jalisco. Unfortunately, Puerto Vallarta’s history was not good. Past criminal activities aid Puerto to completely lose its sanity. Moreover, its remains are still visible. So it’s pretty understandable to ask Is Puerto Vallarta Safe? After the passage of time, major criminal activities do not exist anymore but there are some things that you should be careful about. So let’s check out everything about the Is Puerto Vallarta Safe article.

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe

(Revealed) Is Puerto Vallarta Safe Right Now?


“Puerto Vallarta is relatively safe to visit.”

It is a very gorgeous place to explore, and in addition to that, it has awe-inspiring marine life and resorts. It has splendid natural beauty and morning time is too refreshing. But after the major Covid-19 scenario, the rules and regulations in Puerto Vallarta have become strong, especially for outside visitors. Now let’s get to know more about this Is Puerto Vallarta Safe guide.

Crime levels in Puerto Vallarta are low and violent crimes are rare to happen. Therefore, you need not worry if you are cautious enough and follow all the safety rules and instructions. Some petty crimes still exist, but they are all common in any place, like pickpocketing. One thing that concerns the visit to Puerto is its weather condition but the area is surrounded by the mountains of Sierra which helps in protecting from solid weather conditions. On top of all these sunsets are the major events of Puerto Vallarta, so if you follow all the safety rules properly then there is no stopping you from getting a perfect sunset view and a picture.

How to be Safe in Puerto Vallarta (Things You Must Know)

  • Best Places in Puerto Vallarta to Stay & Bad Neighborhoods to Avoid

Puerto is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Its eye-catching beaches & resorts and breathtaking sunset are delights to watch. Moreover, Puerto’s water sports activities, blue sky, & predictable weather are bliss to explore, which always grab the attention of visitors. While there is no particular neighbourhood to avoid. Yes! there are some places that need to be avoided such as – Los Cabos, Cancun, Mazatlan, and Acapulco, which are considered to be dangerous especially if you are a solo traveler. Following proper safety guides and instructions will always help you to stay safe and away from petty crimes.

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe

There are some things which you should be considerate about such as never trusting anyone quickly and avoiding strangers as much as possible. Taking proper care of your belongings.  Puerto Vallarta is safe and has no famous neighbourhoods to avoid.

  • Common Crimes/Scams In Puerto Vallarta

No significant crime activities take place there to be worried about. But there are always some small incidences of pickpocketing or robbery. To avoid these all you need is to follow the simple safety rules. Also, keep yourself away from any involvement of drugs or doubtful situations. Moreover, if you come across any of these just simply walk out. Puerto is safe from violent crimes.

As mentioned above that the crime rate in Puerto Vallarta is comparatively lower than in other places. The crime rate in Puerto is 37.01. One notable fact that should be always kept in mind is never to go to deserted places, and to keep a strong watch on all your valuables.

  • Safety Guide for Solo Travelers in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta falls in the category of one of the safest places in Mexico. It has a meagre crime rate. It is a paradise for solo travellers, especially for women travellers. Its crystal clear beach water & marvellous architecture resorts with splendid multi-cuisine are some of the best add-ons. The neighbourhood of Puerto has also many remarkable places to visit. In addition to all this Puerto has some outstanding romantic places to visit such as Couple Zones, Marina Vallarta, & The Downtown.

These are some of the perfect places, especially for couples. The reason why romantic zones are famous in Puerto Vallarta is because of their vibrant culture. There are several different types of art galleries there. Boutique hotels and cobblestone streets are also the reason for the rich culture of the Romantic zone. 

Meanwhile, there are some major safety facts that solo travellers should be considerate of such as always taking a taxi, not going to any deserted places, not engaging with strangers, and keeping a cautious eye on valuables.

Marina Vallarta 

Top 7 Tips for Staying Safe in Puerto Vallarta

  • It’s better to pair up with other tourists if you are a solo traveller.
  • Learn normal Spanish words as this will help you in conversing with locals.
  • Avoid carrying too much cash and keeping all of it in one place.
  • Buy a local sim upon arrival.
  • Be sure to make copies of all the important documents and keep very safe the original ones.
  • Take only registered taxis and avoid going to any deserted places.
  • It’s better to carry some local currency (pesos) with you, although the shops and resorts accept US dollars.

Wrapping Up:

After briefly discussing Is Puerto Vallarta Safe with you I hope your doubt about Is Puerto Vallarta Safe might have gone. While petty crimes are always there in every place. Taking proper safety measures and completely following all the instructions will always help you. So this is all about the Is Puerto Vallarta Safe article guide. So don’t overthink now just plan your trip, pack your bags and explore the beauty of Puerto Vallarta. I am very sure you are going to have a blast there. To help you more with your Is Puerto Vallarta Safe doubts let’s have a quick look at some other questions.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Is it safe to leave the resort in Puerto Vallarta?

When you’re in the city, it is very safe to venture outside of the hotels. If you take precautions and use common sense, you may easily prevent the majority of crimes that take place in cities. Check out safety hacks in is Puerto Vallarta safe.

2. Is Cancun or Puerto Vallarta safe?

But if you know when to go, you may save money in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Both offer a generally secure environment for travellers, and the costs are comparable.

3. Is the water in Puerto Vallarta warm?

The pleasant temperature of the water is ideal for diving, snorkelling, and swimming. It’s never too cold to get soaked in the water while you’re on vacation in Puerto Vallarta during the summer. Check out is Puerto Vallarta safe right now, to plan your next trip here.


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