Is Puerto Rico Safe? Are you planning a trip there? Situated on the continent of North America, Puerto Rico lies between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Because of the exceptional beauty of this island, it attracts many travellers throughout the year. Still, after the health crises and the natural disasters back to back, people have been in a dilemma for their safety! To clear out confusion and make you fall in love with this territory again, read the complete Is Puerto Rico safe guide on “Is Puerto Rico Safe for Traveling”?

is puerto rico safeMost visitors have a safe and trouble-free experience in Puerto Rico. But, it depends upon you. Enjoying your trip requires some common sense, attentiveness, and safety tips.

Is Puerto Rico Safe?

Many visitors consider Puerto Rico a safe place to visit, except for issues like natural disasters. Though the continent is in the recovery phase after hurricanes and earthquakes, the government is dedicated to putting extra effort into restoring the country’s economy. As tourism is the locals’ primary employment source, the instability could not remain there for long.

Relatively, Puerto Rico is still a safe place, even more than some of the mainland cities in the USA. Usually, travellers have different concerns about safety while coming here. However, If you follow some safety majors, Puerto Rico will not disappoint you! Choosing the right neighbourhood place to stay is also a step toward ensuring safety. The most common crimes include pickpocketing and robbery; some serious crimes, such as murders, are also there, but that has nothing to do with travellers. These are mainly related to drug trafficking; the causality is usually some gang member.

With that said, the weather and hurricanes in Puerto Rico are subject to more worry than local crimes. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict storms or any natural calamities. Therefore, you should be careful about your insurance if you come here at high risk.

How to be Safe in Puerto Rico? (Things to Know)

As mentioned before on Is Puerto Rico safe, a little common sense and awareness are two things that would sail you safely and happily through the territory of Puerto Rico? Some crucial highlights and advice are a must-read.

  • Be Alert for your Belongings:

The crime in rate in Puerto Rico is overall very low. But there are cases of pickpocketing and robbery, affecting both locals and tourists. So it’s essential to be careful with your things, don’t be flashy with jewellery, cars, cash, or phones. Don’t leave your bags with your valuable items unattended, especially strap bags, and don’t hang bags on chairs. It’s best to leave your expensive stuff at your accommodation in a locked case if you go out at night.

Is Puerto Rico safe

  • Safest Places in Puerto Rico:

The top in the list is Luquillo, a short ride from San Juan; San Juan is facing an increase in crime rates; thus, it is skipped from the list of safe places. However, Luquillo offers affordable and beautiful accommodations, friendly vibes, and cool breezes, making it a perfect place to base yourselves. It is also a destination of the best beach on the island – Balneario de Luquillo.

Next on the list is Vieques, a slightly different place from the usual image of Puerto Rico, with farm animals roaming around the streets. Vieques are one of the territory’s safest, quiet, and most hidden places.

Dorado is another safest place in Puerto Rico, with great family-friendly attractions. Some places to avoid in Puerto Rico – are Louis Lloren Torres, Santurce, Puerta de Tierra, Pinones, Parque de la Palomas, and parts of La Perla.

  • Is Puerto Rico Safe for Women Travelers?

Puerto Rico is generally safe for female travellers. However, the same rules apply to travelling in any other place. Common safety tips include not walking alone at night in isolated locations, being aware of drinking in public places and local rules while drinking, not disclosing their place of stay to strangers, and not accompanying anyone to unknown places.

  • Necessary Health Precautions for Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico has experienced bad weather and natural calamities in the past few years. Not only that, diseases primarily related to mosquitoes are prevalent there. Hurricane season in Puerto Rico runs from June to November; it doesn’t mean that it is fixed to happen; the last hurricane occurred in 2017. Other everyday events are earthquakes and little tectonic shifts happening all year round but are primarily non-destructive.

The weather in Puerto Rico is primarily humid, so it is wise to hydrate and constantly have layers of sunscreen on the skin. In addition, there have been some incidents related to rough tides. So it is recommended to ask the locals there for the safest beaches. Also, a place like Puerto Rico is famous for its variety of beaches like family beaches, couple beaches, and beaches for solo travellers, so pick according to your taste for maximum fun.

Returning to the diseases spread by insects, Puerto Rico has a large population of mosquitoes, thanks to its weather and location (surrounded by water). Thus, a mosquito repellent cream and proper coverage are essential in a region like that.

(Top 7) Is Puerto Rico Safe for Traveling: Safety Tips

So let’s check out more about this Is Puerto Rico safe guide from here now.

  1. Be Aware of the Local Laws:

It would help if you researched the local laws on different streets of Puerto Rico; for instance, you cannot drink in San Juan at night.

2. Learn Some Spanish

You could quickly get your work done in English in tourist spots and hotels. But, it would be best to learn basic Spanish to converse freely with locals, rural people, and especially the police.

Is Puerto Rico safe

3. Don’t Walk at Night Alone

Get acquainted with some significant areas to avoid before coming to Puerto Rico, as these are a BIG NO for tourists since some gangs and drug-related people operate through these places at night.

4. Don’t Look Too Much Like a Tourist

Though, as a traveller, you can’t seem like a local trying to blend in. Do your research before coming to the island, and don’t make it noticeable, even if you get lost. Police and related authorities are pretty friendly in Puerto Rico; contact them in an emergency.

5. Lock Your Cars Before Going

Make sure you lock your cars whenever you visit any beach, park, or attraction. Also, do not keep your valuables inside the car just like that; seal them in a trunk or safe. Otherwise, it’s best to keep your belongings with you; if that is not possible, leave them inside your room.

6. Take Measures While you Swim

Always read the beach manual and instructions before signing up for any such activities, as rip tides can be dangerous; also, you might be welcomed by some poisonous sea creatures like jellyfish.

7. Bring a Good Medical Kit with you

As mentioned before many times, there is a need for mosquito repellents and other necessary items due to weather conditions, etc. Even a minor cut could become prominent in this type of environment, so make sure to take all safety measures.

Wrapping Up:

So this is all about the Is Puerto Rico safe article. Puerto Rico is one of the most favourable tourist places, full of adventures, beauty, and wildlife. Though there have been some doubts about Is Puerto Rico Safe for Traveling. Well, as it is specified before, it is safer than most of the U.S. mainland states. Hope you like this Is Puerto Rico safe article guide from here.

Therefore, if you avoid some places, use your common sense, and follow the Is Puerto Rico safe guidelines which we have given, you are all set to enjoy and savour this peaceful and diverse continent. If you enjoy reading or checking the Is Puerto Rico safe then please do share it with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What are the Dangers of Puerto Rico?

The homicide rate is relatively high, and there is a significant amount of gun violence, drug trafficking, and gang activity, similar to Mexico and some other Caribbean islands, but it doesn’t usually affect travellers.

2. Is Puerto Rico Safe Right Now?

Although San Juan is generally a safe city to visit, a travel warning is issued by the government of Canada and the United Kingdom for Puerto Rico because of COVID.

3. Can you Drink Water in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico’s food and beverage standards are on par with those of the continental United States. Since it has been filtered and treated at the source, the tap water is safe to drink. Is Puerto Rico Safe? Compared to other states, it is safer than most.


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