Portland Oregon has a lot to offer: The best nightlife, the most strip clubs than any country, the best restaurants and cuisine, dance, music, drama, and much more than anyone could imagine. Portland is also known for its well-managed museums and recreation. Moreover, free speech and public nudity also go hand in hand in Portland. Known as the port city in the Pacific Northwest and the largest city of US Oregon, located at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Portland is known as the ‘city of roses’ for over a century. Unfortunately, Portland’s past was not good. There have been many criminal activities and its scars could be seen till now. So, it’s understandable to ask if is Portland Oregon safe before coming here. While violent crimes do not exist in Portland but there are some things you should be careful about.¬† Is Portland Oregon safe

Is Portland Oregon Safe Right Now?


“Portland Oregon is relatively very safe right now.”

It is a very large and the most beautiful place to visit. But, after the pandemic of covid-19, the rules and restrictions are strictly implemented especially for outside visitors.

The crime levels in Portland are very low, and violent crimes are rare. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you follow all the safety tips and precautions. Some petty crimes exist which are common in other places also, like pickpocketing or petty theft. Even more, if you see some criminal activities going on around you, you should report it to the authorities immediately. Overall, Portland Oregon is a safe place, just follow all the rules and regulations.

Is Portland Oregon safe

How to be Safe in Portland Oregon? (Things you must know!)

  • Best Places in Portland Oregon, to stay & bad neighborhoods to avoid

Portland Oregon is the best place to visit. Its old and new architecture are bliss to watch and are marvelous. Although, there are no bad neighborhoods to avoid, Yes there are some places that you should particularly avoid such as – Kenton, Mill Park, Centennial, Powellhust, Sunderland, Parkrose, and St. Johns. These are some of the neighborhoods that you should completely avoid and even not take accommodations near these places.

Some of the places which are considered very safe and best to live in Portland are – Sabin, Homestead, Grant park, Downtown, Hawthorne, Central Eastside, Marshall Park, Nob Hill, South West Hills, Healey Heights, Arlington Heights, and East Moreland. Furthermore, never trust anyone quickly, and always avoid talking to any stranger whose behavior doesn’t seem right. Is Portland Oregon safe – Yes!

  • Common Crimes/Scams in Portland Oregon

Although, there are no significant crimes that take place in Portland. But, there are three kinds of criminal activities that usually happen in Portland which are – larceny, vandalism, and motor vehicle theft. Apart from all these three, there are regular reports of pickpocketing and petty thefts. To avoid all these follow all the simple rules which are listed down. Also, stay away from any drugs, and if you accidentally meet any such person just simply walk out.

It does not mean that you cannot enjoy that place. You just have to follow all the safety guides properly.

  • Safety Guide for Solo Travellers in Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon now falls in the category of one of the safest places to visit. It has a meager crime rate, especially when compared to other places. If you love solo traveling, then Portland is one of the most perfect places for you. Though there are some suggestions that solo travelers should always be careful about.

Always take a taxi, avoid walking on a deserted road, keep constant keep on your stuff and do not carry any valuables, etc. Keep scrolling for more safety hacks and erase your confusion about is portland Oregon safe.

Crime Rate & Terrorism in Portland Oregon:

Although because of the major steps taken by the government and the locals both homicide rates in Portland Oregon have declined tremendously. But, Yes! there are incidences of homicide that are prevailed in it.

Skyline Portland Oregon

In addition to all this do not enter any place where there are any signs of protesters or political demonstrations. We humbly recommend you especially avoid all the places that we have mentioned before to avoid. Well, the main concern; Portland is safe right now. The government & the locals both take care of the safety of visitors and their people so need not worry very much.

Best Tips for Staying Safe in Portland Oregon

Is Portland Oregon Safe – (Top 10) Safety tips to follow as a Group or Couple:

  1. Do not carry any kind of weapon as carrying it might cause an act of attack upon you.
  2. Always travel with a free travel insurance quote from safetyWing to get complete compensation if some complications happen on your journey.
  3. Never sample drinks from any outsider or even if given by your friend.
  4. Do not carry a large amount of cash with you and it’s better to leave your valuables at a safe place rather than carrying them with you.
  5. Always carry a properly working cell phone with you.
  6. Make sure to book your safe accommodations beforehand and also check for the areas of protest and demonstration before leaving your native place.
  7. Avoid any strange situations and any deserted areas to stroll.
  8. Even if you are attacked then be alert, stay calm & patient, as most likely the attacker with just bluff an attack to scare you to get your cash and valuables. As soon as you get even a second-time call for help to police or locals immediately.
  9. If you have kids with you then take proper care of them and do not let them stroll alone especially if they are girls.
  10. Before leaving your resort or hotel take all the necessary phone numbers such as of resort department, police, ambulance, etc to ask for help in times of need.

Is Portland Oregon Safe – (Top 10) Safety Tips to Follow on a Solo Trip:

  1. Dress as if you are not a visitor but a resident. This will always help you to avoid any unavoidable situations.
  2. Stay in populated areas and do not stroll in deserted areas.
  3. keep your valuables with you and do not leave them out of sight.
  4. Use your common sense.
  5. Always take registered taxis.
  6. Stay hydrated and carry your water bottle.
  7. Do not use ATMs in deserted places and take care of your cards.
  8. Get a photocopy of all the important documents, especially of your passport, and carry them very safely.
  9. Always carry a properly working cell phone with you.
  10. Even if you are attacked then be alert, stay calm & patient, as most likely the attacker with just bluff an attack to scare you to get your cash and valuables. As soon as you get even a second-time call for help to police or locals immediately.

Portland Millpark

Summing Up:

So Is Portland Oregon safe? Well, if you have reached this far then you must have found out your answer. There are only some petty thefts and pickpocketing but nothing to worry you much. If you follow all the safety tips your going and returning journey will be comfortable without any complications. Portland is a safe place, further, it is relatively safe for solo travelers. You will have a blast here. So, don’t overthink much, book your tickets, board your flights and enjoy your journey. To help you more with your confusion about is Portland Oregon safe let’s see some trending FAQs –¬†

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Is it safe to walk around Portland Oregon, especially at night?

Yes! Portland is safe to be strolled even at night also. Just keep in mind all the safety tips and be cautious. Rest enjoy your walking in portland. Doubtful about is Portland Oregon safe or not, scroll up and check.

2. Is traveling through public transport in Portland Oregon safe?

Yes, traveling with public transport in Portland is very safe. Furthermore, the government and concerned authorities are working more every year to make it as safe as possible. Just remember to take registered transport only rather than private taxis or transport. Still confused is Portland Oregon safe or not, check above to know.

3. Where should I stay in Portland Oregon?

Downtown and Pearl District are the two top safest places to stay in Portland Oregon. They are best for both – couples or group travelers and solo travelers. Lastly, I would just end by saying that there is not much need to worry regarding is Portland Oregon safe or not. Every city in the whole world has its plus and minus, it just depends on how you take it. So, pack up and live your life once in Portland Oregon.


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