Love Nature and adventure sports? If yes, then your next November destination should be Nicaragua. So let’s check out everything about this Is Nicaragua safe guide. Nicaragua is an all-around destination with elegant architecture, a rich history, wildlife, and natural beauty connected to the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans. Nicaragua is an upcoming tourist destination in Central America with the second-largest rainforest. Being not so popular choice for travellers, there have been many concerns about whether Is Nicaragua safe. So, here we are, addressing the common myth regarding Is Nicaragua Safe.

is nicaragua safe

Nicaragua was the only country colonized by the Spanish and British during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. In 2018, Nicaragua was under protest; because of political issues, the tourism industry suffered many financial losses. Back to the concern, Is Nicaragua Safe? Well, keep scrolling to know whether Is Nicaragua safe or not!

(Revealed) Is Nicaragua Safe Right Now?


Nicaragua is safe to visit if you take some major safety measures!

The issue of “Is Nicaragua Safe?” is intriguing since, despite many indications; to the contrary, tourists still have a high level of safety. The trip may be somewhat hampered, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a blast there. Now let’s get to know more about the Is Nicaragua safe article.


Other than that, thefts like pickpocketing are high in Nicaragua. It is advisable to keep an eye on your stuff, luggage, and other valuable things when visiting Nicaragua.

Because of the recent political unrest, the number of tourists has relatively reduced in Nicaragua, but the government has taken severe measures to ensure safety and security, especially at tourist places. Following specific safety guides will make you enjoy your trouble-free trip to Nicaragua.

How to be Safe in Nicaragua? (Things You Must Know!)

  • Best Places in Nicaragua to Stay & Bad Neighborhoods to Avoid (Especially At Night)

The place has many staycations and hotels for a comfortable stay, but the concern is mainly about the safe neighbourhood. Outside of the capital Managua, Nicaragua, is rural. Though incidents of theft are rare, it is good to be careful there. Focus on avoiding talking to neighbourhoods if they behave strangely toward you, some around the capital city like El Chureca, Barrio 18, and La Modelo. Nicaragua is safe only if you are attentive and follow safety instructions strictly.

  • Common Crimes/Scams in Nicaragua

There are no such significant crimes in Nicaragua. Except for small scams and robberies like pickpocketing, theft, robbery, and other general crimes. There are also some sporadic incidents of sexual assaults on travellers. To avoid such happenings, it’s best to be attentive and strictly follow the safety advice. Keeping all these things aside, Nicaragua is a beautiful place to explore.

  • Safety Guide for Solo Travellers in Nicaragua

If you love travelling alone, as in any other place, following safety hacks and being attentive would sail you through. Always keep your eyes on your stuff, and never leave your stuff alone. Be alert and keep your phone and wallet tucked away. Always trust your guts first. 

Whenever you book a bus or cab, ask first for the price. Then if you feel the fair is ok, consider that cab or bus. This will help you to save money.

Top 11 Tips for Staying Safe in Nicaragua

1. Monitor Your Possessions:

Always be alert and use your common sense no matter where you are going. Do not try to do things that are not allowed. Keep an eye out for your valuable possessions; if possible, it’s best to leave any jewellery in your hotel room only. Don’t be too flashy with things.

2. Decide When to Travel:

Whenever you are travelling, always make a plan first, then go travelling. This will help you to explore the area in a much better way and save you time. Know the safety precautions beforehand to avoid any bad neighbourhood. Nicaragua is safe but avoid certain places at any cost.

3. Learn Some Spanish:

Learning Spanish would help you to converse easily with Nicaragua’s locals. This would help you to create your circle. So that shortly you can quickly get any help you want.

4. Don’t Appear Wealthy Even If You Are One:

Do not show off too much. This would attract the non-wanted attention of people and the chances of thefts like pickpocketing.

5. Make Use of Hotels and Hostels With a Solid Reputation:

If you are planning to stay there for an extended period, then you must consider hotels having a solid reputation so that there will be no concern in your mind regarding security.

6. Avoid Participating in Protests:

If you are not local, you do not need to participate in the public protests. The reason we are saying this is anything can happen during public demonstrations.

7. Find Out What to do in the event of a Volcanic Eruption or Earthquake:

If you are going to such a place where the chances of an earthquake or other natural calamities are high, you must know all the relevant precautions. Since the volcanic sites in Nicaragua are tourist attractions, it’s good to know what to do immediately if the volcano begins to come out.

8. Avoid Wandering Off of the Roads, Particularly in the North:

Do not wander off on the roads without any reason socially in the northern part of the country. Especially at night, do not walk alone, be with your group.

9. Only Exchange Currency At Trusted Locations:

If you want to exchange your currency, always prefer trusted sources despite getting distracted by other fraud companies.

10. Close the Windows and Lock the Automobile Doors:

If you visit someplace while your car is parked, make sure to close all the windows and doors of the car. Do not leave anything valuable in the car, especially on any seats visible from the outside. This would avoid any possible thefts.

11. Always Keep an Eye on Your Stuff:

As I mentioned above, never take your eyes off your stuff, especially if you are crowded. Do not carry too much of your valuable property. Is Nicaragua Safe? After knowing the major crimes, it might seem unsafe but follow safety guides to be safe.

Safe Places in Nicaragua –

While coming to Nicaragua, you should try to know the places and famous neighbourhoods beforehand. Here are some, therefore, we therefore, we shortlisted Nicaragua’s best and safest places to travel.



Granada is a colonial and beautiful place to explore. The place is not that big. You can cover this place even in a single day. The historical architecture of this place is worth straining your eyes on.



When travelling to Nicaragua, Leon is a must-see location. There are historical places to explore, and the nightlife is pretty unique. This beautiful colonial city is an excellent place to become stranded.

Playa Maderas:

Playa Maderas

If you are a surfing lover, this place is just for you. Most backpackers visiting Nicaragua want to try their hand at surfing, and this is one of the most significant locations to do it. Nicaragua is relatively safe and famous for its adventure sports.

Final Words:

Well, if you are still wondering, Is Nicaragua Safe? IT IS! But you must be aware throughout your stay and time in Nicaragua. Some essential tips you could easily practice are taking only official taxis and always keeping a copy of your official documents. So this is all about the Is Nicaragua safe article guide now.

Hope you like this Is Nicaragua safe from here? Also, remember to drink only bottled water in Nicaragua. Carry mosquito repellent with you and take precautions against any health problem. If you enjoy checking or reading the Is Nicaragua safe then please do share Is Nicaragua safe with others as well also?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What is the Best Season to visit Nicaragua?

The best time to visit Nicaragua is between November and May because you will get to see plenty of sunny days around the country.

2. Is Nicaragua safe to Travel Through Public Transport?

The buses in Nicaragua are inexpensive and secure, but if you’re travelling with a group, in a hurry, or want to go later in the day, you might want to take a shuttle.

3. What Should you Avoid in Nicaragua?

You should avoid going on a nighttime stroll alone in these places. Poor neighbourhoods like Rene Schick and Jorge Dimitrov are the ones that see gang violence the most frequently, including drive-by shootings, stabbings, and armed robberies. Is Nicaragua Safe? Well, it is but follow safety instructions to make your trip memorable.


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