A place full of cultural and musical heritage, New Orleans is famous for its festivals, colours, and magic! A preferred destination of tourists, New Orleans’s primary attraction is Mardi Das, which attracts many people worldwide. But, whether you are a solo traveller or coming here with family, safety is essential. So let’s check out everything about on this Is New Orleans Safe guide from here. While New Orleans is generally considered a safe yearly trip, there are some factors that you must be careful about when you are here. So, taking you through Is New Orleans Safe? and what steps to take to ensure safety and fun in New Orleans.

Is new orleans safe

Not to scare you, but some illegal activities are practised in New Orleans. Theft, Robbery, etc., are issues to be attentive to. However there is no doubt that this place is lovely to explore, but there are still some essential things you need to clear.

(Revealed) Is New Orleans Safe Right Now?

“In one word – YES, New Orleans is relatively safe to visit.” 

While going to New Orleans, there are some things that you should know beforehand. The crime rate in New Orleans is a little higher, but you don’t need to worry. If you follow the safety Is New Orleans Safe guides, you can have a trouble-free experience exploring this magical city. Now let’s check out more about on the Is New Orleans Safe article.

How to Be Safe in New Orleans? (Things You Must Know!)

  • Best Places in New Orleans to Base & Bad Neighborhoods to Avoid

French Quarter is one of the safest staying places in New Orleans, followed by Bourbon Street. Whenever people think of going to New Orleans, the first place that comes to mind is the French Quarter. If you plan to stay in New Orleans, you must know which neighbours you should avoid and which type you should stay with. Talking about the nighttime, you should travel with your group, do not travel alone at night.

  • Common Crimes/Scams in New Orleans

According to data research, the crime rate in New Orleans is much higher than the other national average crime rate, including property crime rates. These are some reasons New Orleans is not considered entirely safe like other cities for travelling.

While all of this happens, there is still no official warning for travellers in New Orleans. Murder rates are also decreased in recent years.

  • Safety Guide for Solo Travellers in New Orleans

If you are a solo traveller or explorer and love to travel alone, you must consider some safety Is New Orleans Safe guides. Always use your common sense efficiently so it will be straightforward for you to travel there. Always try to carry fewer things with you. Just take what you need.

Another tip for the solo traveller is if you don’t want to drink, don’t drink, especially in an unknown place.

Top 11 Tips for Staying Safe in New Orleans

1. Avoid Spending Much Time on Bourbon Street:

Bourbon street is a great place to visit, and if you are new to New Orleans, it’s a must-visit at least once. First, be careful and attentive to the crowd around you.

Is new orleans safe

2. Don’t Forget to Bring Your Walking Shoes:

New Orleans is one of the most famous walkable cities at present. You can access most of the city barefoot, and there is no need for you to book a cab.

3. Avoid Carrying Glass Bottles Outside of Bars:

If you are consuming alcohol on the streets, you must use plastic cups. To allow patrons to wander and sip at their own pace, many NOLA pubs offer plastic to-go cups. Even walk-up windows are available in some restaurants for quick and simple refills.

4. Don’t Forget to Check Out One of the Most-Visited Tomb Sites in the USA:

If you are new to this place, you must visit cemeteries. These Cemeteries are also popular places to explore in New Orleans.

5. Avoid Staying Much Longer in the French Quarter:

French Quarter is a very vibrant place to explore, but there are so many things in New Orleans except that, so don’t forget to visit the other sites.

6. Avoid Eating in Fraud Restaurants:

If you don’t want to waste your money eating useless and expensive things, then the first advice we give is to avoid eating on Bourbon Street. Undoubtedly, the food here is delicious, but the prices are also very high.

7. No Need to Pick Up the Beads from the Ground:

If you visit there during Mardi Gras, do not pick up the bread from the ground. This can be very dangerous for you to do so because the environment is filthy at that time.

8. A LOT Better than Bourbon Street is Frenchmen Street:

If you ask us about the best thing you can do in New Orleans, we will say to listen to the beautiful cultural music of this place.

9. Keep in Mind to Explore the Swamps:

If you want to enjoy the whole experience of exploring New Orleans, we highly recommend you do a swap tour.

10. Avoid Exploring the City on Monday:

We are saying this because on Monday the main and the most beautiful things are not open, like; the aquarium and the zoo. Many people have gone through this experience and spoiled their experience.

11. Check Out the Free Places First:

If you plan to explore the free places at first, you can save your money for your next sighting.

Things to Explore in New Orleans –

This place grabs your eye with its magnificent and colourful buildings. In addition, its legendary art effects will give you a brief about the beautiful history of New Orleans.

Talking about the speciality of this place, this place is full of legendary tales of old musicians. That’s why music also plays a vital role in New Orleans. However, there is also another speciality of New Orleans, and that is food.

Is New Orleans Safe

Final Words –

So this is all about the Is New Orleans Safe article. If you travel to New Orleans and follow all the safety measures, you will have a safe and trouble-free journey. If French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, and jazz clubs don’t pull you to them, then you miss the fun. Hope you like this Is New Orleans Safe article guide from here now.

New Orleans is a must-visit at least once. Is New Orleans Safe? Well, it depends on you; if you follow the above-mentioned things, you will undoubtedly have one of the most memorable trips of your life. If you enjoy reading or checking the Is New Orleans Safe then please do share Is New Orleans Safe with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What is the Best Season to Visit New Orleans?

February to May is the best season to visit New Orleans because in this season weather is comfortably cool, and the celebrations are in full swing.

2. Is New Orleans Safe to Travel Through Public Transport?

Yes, Is New Orleans Safe is really safe to travel. However, it would help if you remembered easy things like don’t be around drunk, don’t crush everywhere, and stay alert.

3. Is New Orleans Cursed?

Yes, there are a lot of other well-known hauntings and ghost stories. For example, there is the home of Madame LaLaurie, the cruel enslaver who inspired an American Horror Story.


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