Croatia has so much to offer: beautiful beaches, unique medieval architecture, and a dark past. Well, there are around 1200 beaches to explore in Croatia. Located in eastern Europe, Croatia has a charming coastline with a turquoise blue sea. So let’s check out everything about this Is Croatia safe guide. The countryside of Croatia is filled with vineyards and wine cellars. Unfortunately, Croatia’s past was not good. There have been some terrorist activities two decades before, and the remains could still be seen around the place. So it’s understandable to ask if is Croatia safe before coming here. While violent crimes do not exist in Croatia, there are some things that you should be careful about.

is croatia safe

(Revealed) Is Croatia Safe Right Now?


“Croatia is relatively safe to visit.”

It is a beautiful place to explore, but after COVID-19, all the rules and regulations have become strong, especially for visitors. Now let’s get to know more about the Is Croatia safe article.

The crime levels in Croatia are relatively low, and violent crimes are rare. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you follow some safety advice. Some petty crimes exist, which are common in any other place, like pickpocketing. There are some unexploded landmines in Croatia, though there is nothing to worry about. If you see some sign of landmines, then take it seriously. Croatia is safe; follow some safety measures and be attentive.

How to be Safe in Croatia? (Things You Must Know!)

  • Best Places in Croatia to Stay & Bad Neighborhoods to Avoid

Croatia is the most beautiful place to visit, and its eye-catching old cities and towns are architecturally rich. While there is no particular bad neighbourhood or area to avoid, follow some general safety instructions, such as don’t trail too much around the unexploded landmines.

Also, never trust anyone quickly; always avoid talking to neighbours with bad or strange behaviour. Croatia is safe and has no famous bad neighbourhoods to avoid.

  • Common Crimes/Scams in Croatia

No significant crimes are happening in Croatia except common crimes like pickpocketing and robbery. And to avoid these types of crimes, all you need to do is follow some simple guides. Also, stay away from drugs, and if you accidentally come in front of any such persons, walk out. No violent crimes are making Croatia safe!

  • Safety Guide for Solo Travellers in Croatia

Croatia falls in the category of the safest country in the world. It has a meagre crime rate. If you love travelling solo, this place is perfect for you, especially for solo women travellers. Meanwhile, there are some suggestions that you have to think of.

Always take a taxi, avoid walking alone at night, keep your eyes on your stuff, etc. Keep scrolling for relevant safety hacks which would make your trip memorable.

Crime Rate & Terrorism in Croatia:

Since the Croatia War of Independence ended in 1995, the homicide rate has declined. However, just after the war, some tension remained in Croatia. Political demonstrations and crimes have been known to occur. Well, the main concern; Croatia is safe right now, and the neighbouring governments also take adequate measures to ensure its safety.


(Top 11) Best Tips for Staying Safe in Croatia

1. Stay Alert While Driving:

Keep in your mind that you should drive within your comfort zone. Roads are narrow in Croatia, and you must ride your vehicle within your speed limits.

2. Memorise the Emergency Number:

Whenever you travel to Croatia or any other place, you must know all the emergency numbers of that place. Therefore, carry a small piece of paper with you, and keep all the emergency numbers with you.

3. Stay Alert From Sea Urchins:

While you are in the Adriatic sea, be aware of the Sea Urchins. These sharp pointed objects can harm you if you get careless.

4. Keep Yourself Away from Drugs:

If you are a drug addict, keep yourself away from drugs, especially in Croatia. If you get caught with drugs in Croatia, you either go to jail or court, which could spoil your whole experience of exploring Croatia.

5. Keep a Check on the Weather:

Always keep a check on the weather because, in Croatia, the weather changes drastically.

6. Be Alert to Nightlife Scams:

During Croatia’s party season, all the clubs, music venues, and parties are highly activated. But there are a few scams to look out for. To stay safe, don’t accept drinks and food from someone you don’t know.

7. Keep in Mind to Bring your Bathing Suits:

In Croatia, most places are sea and beach based, so bring your bathing suits to enjoy Croatia. However, to be Safe In Croatia, don’t lose yourself entirely while swimming; be careful.

8. Learn Some Basics of their Language:

Try to learn some essential words and sentences of the Croatian language so that it will be easy for you to communicate with anyone, especially with rural locals.

9. Keep Yourself Away From Political Demonstrations:

If you are new in the country, you must avoid demonstrations.

10. Be Aware of Earthquakes:

Earthquakes are widespread in this country, so be aware. In addition, you must know about the basic safety rules to follow during an earthquake.

11. Consider Buying Travel Insurance:

If you are a regular traveller, you must consider having travel insurance to help you ensure your safety.

Is Croatia safe

Wrapping Up:

So, Is Croatia Safe? Well, if you have reached here, you must already know there are no violent crimes, just some petty thefts like pickpocketing. If you follow some safety advice, you are good to know and return safely! Croatia is a safe part of Europe, especially if you are a solo women traveller; you will have a blast here. So this is all about the Is Croatia safe article guide from here.

Hope you like this Is Croatia safe now? Don’t overthink now; just come and explore! Croatia is safe! There is so much to be left; be attentive!! If you enjoy checking the Is Croatia safe then please do share Is Croatia safe with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What is the Best Season to Visit Croatia?

Croatia is best visited in the summer, in general. The tourist season begins at the beginning of May and lasts through September.

2. Is Croatia safe to Travel Through Public Transport?

In Croatia, public transportation is dependable and straightforward to use. The main modes of public transportation in Croatia are the massive bus and ferry networks.

3. Are Mosquitoes a Problem in Croatia?

In Croatia, insects, like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, can carry several diseases. Unfortunately, a vaccine or medication cannot often be used to prevent many illnesses. However, you can lessen your risk by taking precautions to avoid bug bites; Now, you must be sure Croatia is safe to explore and make memories.


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