Fan of cars? We bring here the Toyota Innova Crysta Interior Images with complete detailing. Look at the front, side, and top views and all the pictures of this beauty. Toyota Innova is available in 7 colours on the market right now. The company is proud of this product, the new Innova Crysta’s capabilities. A league of its own, Innova Crysta Interior is worth peeking at.

Innova Crysta interior

Also, it’s the first time that this 2.4 engine comes with a six-speed automatic gearbox. So does this new engine have power for this big heavy vehicle, and is the performance adequate? Let’s find out in Innova Crysta Interior!

Toyota Innova Crysta:

The Toyota Innova Crysta has been around since 2016, and this car is the undisputed king of the MPV segment. It has a variant called the 2.4 diesel automatic; Toyota has upgraded the torque in this product.

Talking about the 5-speed manual gearbox, the 2.4 engine makes 150 horsepower and 343 newton meters of torque. However, with the automatic varient, the torque has been increased to 360-newton meters, which is identical to the 2.8-litre engine. Keep scrolling to view Innova Crysta Interior!

Innova Crysta Interior: All You Need to Know

Innova Crysta interior

BS6 Innova Crysta has plush seats and a comfortable third row. It also has a touchscreen infotainment system. However, it needs Apple car play and Android auto. For long and comfortable rides, this car also has the feature of auto climate control, which will comfort you in all types of weather.

A 7.0 front touchscreen panel helps you easily attract many internal features of the car. There is no need to always bring your key with you because this car also has keyless entry and exit. Cruise control for a better driving experience.

On the rear side, you get a webcam for a better view while reversing the car. Along with it,  you also get a highly furnished rear bumper. Not only this, we have more for Innova Crysta Interior!

Innova Crysta Interior –  BOOT SPACE

This car has 300 litres of boot space with a luggage lamp on the right side of the boot space.

Innova Crysta Boot space

You can increase the boot space by folding down the car’s back seats. You can fold down the seats with the help of the given leavers on the side of the seats.

Innova Crysta Interior – DOORS

On the doors of Innova Crysta, there is a high-quality Hazel brown colour fabric. A door-mounted handrest for better sitting comfort.

Doors of Innova Crysta

Bottle holder for long rides. This door is also equipped with a child safety lock. Talking about the door handles, there are chrome-finished door handles.

Innova Crysta Interior – SEATS

All the seats of Innova Crysta are made of high-quality Hazel brown coloured leather (This colour only comes in Z automatic varient). Adjustable seats with comfortable sitting posture.


You will also get a seat back table in the Z model of Innova Crysta. Big and spaceable back pocket seats. With all of that, you are also getting a feature of the easy slide, which is very useful nowadays.

Innova Crysta Interior – FRONT DASH SECTION

Front dash section

A utility space option on the car’s driver’s side. With its fully functional high, quality leather-wrapped starring wheel. With all its essential functions, you also get a high-quality big, touch-responsive display.

Wrapping Up:

Well, if not anything else, this car has an attractive interior! After getting all the details regarding the Innova Crysta interior, you must have decided to buy this car. It’s the leading car in the MPV segment with all the high-quality, luxurious features inside. So, why wait? Go and get your test drive bookings done. We hope you like the Innova Crysta Interior pictures from here.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Is Innova 7-Seater or 8-Seater?

All variations offer a choice between a traditional 8-seat configuration or a 7-seat configuration with captain chairs in the middle row. Comparing the Innova Crysta Interior to the previous model reveals an increase in size. Its dimensions are 4,735 mm long, 1,830 mm broad, and 1,795 mm tall, and it has a 2,750 mm wheelbase.

2. What are the Critical Features of Innova Crysta Interior?

The cost of the 7-seater MUV Toyota Innova Crysta ranges from 17.86 to 26.53 lakhs. There are 18 versions, 2393 to 2694 cc engine choices, and Manual and Automatic transmission choices (TC). The Innova Crysta’s Kerb Weight of 1730 kg and Boot space of 300 litres are two of its other essential features.

3. Which Model of Innova Crysta is Best?

The top model in the lineup of Toyota Innova Crysta is the ZX 2.4 AT 7 STR, which has a price of 26.53 Lakh. Moreover, it has a 15.6 km/l certified mileage.


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