Welcome to the world of Hotel Transylvania, where monsters and humans coexist in a hilarious and heartwarming adventure. At the heart of this animated franchise lies a talented and diverse cast of voice actors who bring these beloved characters to life. From the iconic Count Dracula, voiced by the legendary Adam Sandler, to the spunky Mavis, voiced by Selena Gomez, the Hotel Transylvania cast is a veritable who’s who of Hollywood’s finest. Let’s take a closer look at the talented performers behind some of the most memorable monsters in recent animation history. So grab a garlic necklace, cozy up to your favourite ghoul, and get ready to sink your teeth into the Hotel Transylvania Cast!

hotel transylvania cast

Hotel Transylvania Plot:

The movie revolves around the story of Dracula, who runs a hotel where all the monsters come to relax and have fun. But things take a hilarious turn when a human accidentally stumbles upon the hotel and falls in love with Dracula’s daughter, Mavis. Dracula has to use all his wit and cunning to keep the human away from the other monsters and make sure his daughter stays safe.

Hotel Transylvania cast features all-star voice, including Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, and Andy Samberg, who bring their characters to life in the most entertaining way possible. Filled with eye-popping animations, catchy music, and hilarious one-liners, Hotel Transylvania is a movie that will leave you laughing out loud and wanting more.

Rating: PG (Scary Images|Action|Some Rude Humor)
Genre: Kids & Family, Comedy, Fantasy, Animation
Original Language: English
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Producer: Michelle Murdocca
Writer: Peter Baynham, Robert Smigel
Release Date (Theaters):   Wide
Release Date (Streaming): Jan 29, 2013
Box Office (Gross USA): $167.9M
Runtime: 1h 35m
Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital, SDDS, Dataset

13 Top Hotel Transylvania Cast

1. Adam Sandler – Dracula

Hotel Transylvania is a popular animated movie that has won over the hearts of children and adults alike. Hotel Transylvania cast of actors, including Adam Sandler, who plays the lead character, Dracula. Sandler’s portrayal of Dracula is both witty and endearing, as he tries to balance his role as a father and the owner of a hotel for monsters.

hotel transylvania cast

In the movie, Dracula is a protective father who is over-protective of his daughter, Mavis, played by Selena Gomez. His character is also conflicted, as he must balance his duty to his family and his responsibility to keep the hotel running smoothly. Sandler’s voice acting brings a unique charm to the character, making him a fan favourite among audiences.

2. Kevin James – Frankenstein

Kevin James is a talented comedian and actor who has lent his voice to the character of Frankenstein in the hit animated film franchise, Hotel Transylvania. In the films, Frankenstein is portrayed as a lovable, clumsy giant with a heart of gold. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is always willing to help his friends and family and often finds himself in hilarious situations that leave audiences laughing.

hotel transylvania cast

Kevin James brings his signature comedic style to the role of Frankenstein, infusing the character with a warmth and humour that endears him to viewers of all ages. His performance perfectly captures the essence of Frankenstein’s personality, making him one of the most beloved characters in the Hotel Transylvania Cast. With Kevin James at the helm, Frankenstein is sure to continue bringing laughter and joy to audiences for years to come.

3. Andy Samberg – Jonathan

Andy Samberg is a multi-talented comedian, actor, and musician who has played the lead role of Jonathan in the Hotel Transylvania movie franchise. In the films, Jonathan is a young and carefree human who stumbles upon the hidden world of monsters and falls in love with Dracula’s daughter, Mavis.

hotel transylvania cast

Samberg brings his unique brand of humour and wit to the character of Jonathan, making him a relatable and likeable protagonist that audiences can’t help but root for. His natural comedic timing and energy give Jonathan an infectious charm that elevates the Hotel Transylvania Cast already entertaining storyline.

4. Selena Gomez – Mavis

Hotel Transylvania is an animated movie that features a star-studded Hotel Transylvania cast, including the talented Selena Gomez. In the movie, Selena Gomez voices the character of Mavis, the daughter of Count Dracula. Mavis is a young and adventurous vampire who dreams of exploring the world outside of Hotel Transylvania. Selena’s performance as Mavis is outstanding, and she captures the character’s essence perfectly.

hotel transylvania cast

In the movie, Mavis falls in love with a human named Johnny, which causes some tension between her and her father, Dracula. Selena’s portrayal of Mavis is spot-on, and she brings youthful energy and playfulness to the character. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast is palpable, and she adds a lot of heart and emotion to the story.

5. Fran Drescher – Eunice

Boasting an impressive Hotel Transylvania cast, including the iconic Fran Drescher. In the movie, Fran Drescher voices the character of Eunice, the wife of Frankenstein. Eunice is a dramatic and over-the-top character who loves to gossip and stir up trouble. Fran’s performance as Eunice is hilarious and adds a lot of comedic relief to the story.

hotel transylvania cast

Throughout the movie, Eunice and her husband Frankenstein have a rocky relationship, and Fran does an excellent job of capturing the character’s fiery personality. Her voice-acting skills are on full display, and she brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the role.

6. Steve Buscemi – Wayne

Steve Buscemi plays the character of Wayne, a werewolf who is one of the regular guests at the hotel and is one of the most liked Hotel Transylvania Cast. Wayne is portrayed as a family man who is always looking out for the safety and well-being of his wife and kids.

hotel transylvania cast

In the movie, Wayne is one of the closest friends of Dracula and is often seen helping him out of tricky situations. Steve Buscemi’s voice acting skills bring out the character’s loyalty, humour, and protectiveness towards his family, making him a fan favourite. His witty one-liners and hilarious banter with the other characters add to the movie’s overall entertainment value.

7. Molly Shannon – Wanda

Molly Shannon is an American actress and comedian who voices the character of Wanda in Hotel Transylvania. Wanda is a goofy, overenthusiastic and slightly clumsy monster who is a close friend of Dracula‘s daughter Mavis and is always eager to help her out. Wanda is a great addition to the Hotel Transylvania cast, as her bubbly personality and infectious laugh bring a lot of energy to the movie.

hotel transylvania cast

Molly Shannon‘s spoton comedic timing and timing make Wanda a lovable and endearing character. Her character is always trying her best to do the right thing and her heart is always in the right place. She is always there to help Mavis, no matter what the situation, and is never afraid to stand up for her friends. She is also a bit of a daredevil and loves to try new things and explore the world with Mavis.

8. David Spade – Griffin

David Spade plays the role of Griffin the Invisible Man in Hotel Transylvania. Griffin is a mischievous character who has the ability to turn invisible and loves to pull pranks on the other monsters. He is a bit of a loner and usually keeps to himself, but eventually befriends Mavis and the rest of the Hotel Transylvania cast.

hotel transylvania cast

David Spade brings his signature dry wit to the role of Griffin and adds a unique flavour to the movie. His character is often the source of much of the movies humour and his sarcastic remarks are always sure to get a laugh. Spade also gives Griffin a lot of heart and shows that hes not just a prankster, but someone who is looking for true friendship and connection.

9. CeeLo Green – Murray

CeeLo Green voices the character of Murray the Mummy in Hotel Transylvania. Murray is a jovial and friendly monster who is always looking for a good time. He is the life of the party and loves to crack jokes, dance, and make everyone laugh. Murray is a great addition to the Hotel Transylvania cast, as his cheerful and upbeat attitude is sure to bring a smile to everyones face.

hotel transylvania cast

CeeLo Greens charming and charismatic performance as Murray is a delight to watch. His character is always looking to have a good time and his largerthanlife personality makes him a joy to be around. He is also a great friend to Mavis and the other monsters, always looking out for them and helping them in any way he can.

10. Jon Lovitz – Quasimodo

Jon Lovitz voices the character of Quasimodo, the hunchbacked bellringer, in Hotel Transylvania. Quasimodo is a shy and timid monster who is always looking to make friends. He is a lovable and endearing character who is always eager to please and is often the butt of jokes from the other monsters.

Hotel Transylvania Cast

Jon Lovitz brings his unique comedic style to the role of Quasimodo and creates a Hotel Transylvania cast that is both funny and endearing. His character is always looking for someone to accept him and his heartwarming moments are sure to leave viewers smiling. His character also adds a lot of heart to the movie and helps to bring the message of acceptance and friendship to life.

11. Brian George – Vlad

Brian George voices the character of Vlad, the father of Mavis, in Hotel Transylvania. Vlad is a wise and caring vampire who is always looking out for his daughter and the other monsters in the Hotel Transylvania cast. He is a strong and supportive father figure and often gives Mavis and the other monsters sage advice.

hotel transylvania cast

Brian George brings a lot of warmth and depth to the character of Vlad. His performance is full of heart and humour and he brings a lot of emotion to the role. His character is always looking out for his daughter and his unconditional love for Mavis is evident throughout the movie.

12. Luenell – Loretta

Luenell voices the character of Loretta, the chef of the Hotel Transylvania, in the movie. Loretta is a sassy and wisecracking monster who is always ready with a oneliner. She is the backbone of the hotel and is always looking out for the other monsters.

hotel transylvania cast

Luenell brings a lot of energy and humour to the role of Loretta. Her character is always ready with a joke and her comedic timing is spoton. Her character in Hotel Transylvania Cast is also a source of wisdom and her sage advice is often the source of much of the movies humour.

13. Brian Stack – Frank

Brian Stack voices the character of Frank, a Frankensteinlike monster, in Hotel Transylvania. Frank is a clumsy, yet lovable, monster who is always looking for a friend. He is a bit of an outsider and often feels left out by the other monsters, but eventually, he finds a place amongst the Hotel Transylvania cast.

hotel transylvania cast

Brian Stacks performance as Frank is both funny and endearing. His character is always looking for someone to accept him and his heartfelt moments are sure to leave viewers smiling. His character also adds a lot of heart to the movie and helps to bring the message of acceptance and friendship to life.

Wrapping Up:

The Hotel Transylvania Cast is full of lovable monsters that bring a lot of energy and humour to the movie. From Dracualla to Wanda, Murray to Griffin, and Loretta to Frank, each character brings something unique to the table and adds to the movie‘s message of acceptance and friendship. With the help of these lovable characters, Hotel Transylvania is sure to leave viewers laughing and feeling uplifted.


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