Godzilla Vs Kong is an American action monster movie directed by Adam Wingard, an American filmmaker. This movie is the sequel to the film – Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla (2019). So let’s check out the Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures from here. This is the fourth film of the legendary Monsterverse, a multimedia franchise. Before watching the movie, let’s get a little deep about it along with Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures.

Godzilla vs kong pictures

This movie project was announced in 2015. When Legendary Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures decided to merge both the cinematic universe of Godzilla Vs Kong. In 2017 Wingard was announced as the film’s director, and that film has received lots of positive reviews from its audience.

About the Movie

This movie is an action movie based on the storyline of two fictional creatures, Godzilla and Kong. Kong was transported out from its containment zone because Godzilla had come and created mayhem.


Godzilla is a fictional monster character that originated from a Japanese series. This character first appeared in 1954 in the movie Godzilla.

Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures

Godzilla is an enormous destructive sea monster who gets empowered by nuclear radiation. The more atomic radiation he takes, the more he becomes powerful and indestructible. Unfortunately, the nuclear disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still kept in the minds of the Japanese. Therefore, Godzilla is conceived as an amateur for nuclear weapons.

In some stories, Godzilla is also shown as an antihero or a lesser threat who defends humanity.


Kong is again a fictional monster character that resembles a gorilla. Kong first appeared in 1933. Soon this character became very popular among the world’s most famous icons.


After taking inspiration from this character, many filmmakers have used this character in their films. King Kong also crossed with other franchises, such as planet of apes.

(Comparison) Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures

Kong looks like a giant gorilla with either light black or brown fur. Kong comes from an Island called Faroe Island.

Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures: Height

Godzilla vs kong pictures

Godzilla’s height is much more than Kong’s. Godzilla is 120 m in size, and Kong is only 102 m in height.

Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures: Weight

Their weight of Godzilla is much higher than Kong’s. Godzilla’s weight is 90,000 tons, whereas Kong’s is 50,000 tons.

Godzilla vs kong weight

Godzilla VS Kong Pictures: Strength

Kong is much more powerful than Godzilla and has better strength than Godzilla. Because Kong has more significant and influential hands and legs, Kong can easily take down Godzilla on land.

GK Strength

Departing Words:

So this is all about the Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures. This is the much-awaited fourth part if you are a fan of the Legendary Metaverse series. Released on March 31, 2021, this saga offers a legendary adventurous face-off between two epic characters. Hope you like this Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures guide from here.

We have discussed all the strengths and weaknesses of Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures. Both characters are the most famous fictional characters in the world with the Godzilla Vs Kong Pictures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Who Won in Godzilla Vs Kong?

Godzilla, who prevailed in both confrontations in Godzilla vs. Kong, left Kong alone when the primate king dropped the axe and helped him defeat Mechagodzilla. When Kong accomplished that, Godzilla realized Kong was no longer a danger, and the two appeared to get along.

2. Why are Godzilla & Kong Enemies?

Godzilla hunted Kong because both creatures have their ancient rivalry, dating back to their ancestors.

3. Is Godzilla Vs Kong the ‘Last Movie’?

The official Godzilla vs. Kong sequel will begin filming later this year. It will be the fifth instalment of the MonsterVerse, following two Godzilla standalone films, Kong: Skull Island and last year’s neon-lit fight of the titans.


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