First introduced in the 1800s, Cycling is an excellent activity for various purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are cycling as a hobby or at some professional level; both ways, Cycling helps to build a great body posture and is also proven to ward off some severe diseases. To offer nonstop physical therapy for you, we bring here some of the best-picked Gear Cycle Under 10000. So keep scrolling to find your perfect companion!

Gear Cycle Under 10000

Buying bicycles is not as easy a task as it seems because many cycle brands are on the market now. And talking about the real world, people don’t know too much about cycles and their brands. So if you are buying a bike, you must be clear: why are you buying this cycle? What is the use of the cycle for you? Let’s look at some of the top Gear Cycle Under 10000.

(Top 13) Best Gear Cycle Under 10000 For You

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (1). Hercules Roadeo A50

Gear Cycle Under 10000

If you are looking for a cycle that gives you a unique, eye-catching look, then you have to take a look at this Gear Cycle Under 10000. This Hercules Roadeo A50 used a bright modern, looking.


  • The bikes have a front suspension. This is quite beneficial on rocky routes.
  • The frame is created from a thin aluminium alloy.
  • There are 21 gears on the bike. Thumb/easy fire shifters are the preferred gear type Shimano.
  • The 26-inch tires
  • While the back tire has a wire brake, the front wheel employs a disc brake.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (2). Mach City iBike

Gear Cycle Under 10000

We included this cycle in this list of best Gear Cycle Under 10000 because it gives you more than enough considering its price, which is under RS 10,000.


  • Made of lightweight steel, the frame.
  • Pedals are made with Velodrive technology to ease fatigue on challenging terrain.
  • For convenient maintenance, the front wheel and seat post include quick-release mechanisms.
  • Regular wire brakes are utilized on both wheels.
  • 26-inch tires are used.
  • Neither disc brakes nor suspensions are included—this aids in reducing the weight of this city bike.
  • It includes a thumb-shifting 21-speed Shimano gear system.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (3). Btwin Riverside 100

Btwin Riverside 100

If you are a casual bicycle rider looking for a bicycle, this must be the best Gear Cycle Under 10000 for you. If you ride on weekends, you can also carry this bicycle very easily.


  • With Revo shifters, there are 6 speeds.
  • Steel was used to create the frame.
  • V-shaped brakes
  • There are no shock absorbers on it.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (4). Hero Traveller

Hero Traveller

This is a hybrid Gear Cycle Under 10000 with 700c thin tires. If you are the one who is looking for a fast and easy commute bicycle, then this is the one for you.


  • 700c thin tires.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry a bicycle.
  • Strong metal body.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (5). Huffy Granite

Gear Cycle Under 10000

This Gear Cycle Under 10000 is mainly similar to the hearo cycle we discussed above. However, it also has a strong and good-looking metal body and is available in many beautiful colours.


  • This geared bicycle comes with 16-speed gears.
  • This bicycle has 26″ x 1.95″ rugged tires to handle a mix of terrain.
  • The wheels of this bicycle come with Lightweight alloy rims that resist corrosion 26.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (6). Hercules Roadeo Hardliner

Gear Cycle Under 10000

Whether you are a complete adult or a kid, no worries. You can ride this Gear Cycle Under 10000 easily because of its elegant design. And if you are looking for a highly colourful and futuristic-looking cycle.


  • No extras like mudguards or a side stand are included with the bicycle.
  • The bicycle has 18 gears that can be used to help you navigate a variety of terrains.
  • A frame comprised of aluminium alloy supports the Hardliner.
  • This model’s frame size is 18.5 inches.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (7). BikeARK Orb (Fixie Cycle)

Gear Cycle Under 10000

This Gear Cycle Under 10000 has a very eye-catching design, as seen in the picture. This is a fixie bike.

There are two ways to use this bike. First, it has a flip-flop hub in the back. This allows you to alter the operating mode.

Fixie mode or Fixed Gear – The only way to move the bicycle in this mode is by pedalling your feet. The bike will come to a complete stop if you stop peddling. Imagine that your back wheel and pedals are connected mechanically. Only the pedal movement causes the wheel to turn.

Freewheel mode – Freewheel mode resembles a standard bicycle. You can stop pedalling while the bike is in this mode, and it will still cruise.


  • This bike is a fixie, as the name would imply. The object lacks gears.
  • There are no suspensions in it.
  • Friendly, tidy, modern design if you enjoy riding stylish, swift bikes. You can purchase this item.
  • Despite having a steel frame, this bicycle is light compared to the others on this list.
  • Additionally, it has a handlebar bullhorn for added comfort on lengthy rides.
  • It has 26-inch tires.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (8). Kross Maximus

Gear Cycle Under 10000

This bike’s main highlight also is its look. When said looks, it doesn’t mean the performance quality is terrible. On the contrary, this is a well-built robust Gear Cycle Under 10000.


  • While the rear wheel has a conventional wired brake, the front wheel features a disc brake.
  • Includes front suspension.
  • Thumb shifters from Shimano and 21-speed gearing.
  • Stainless steel is used to construct the frame. This adds to the bike’s overall heft.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (9). Hero Ranger DTB VX

Gear Cycle Under 10000

If you have prior comfort in the bicycle, this Gear Cycle Under 10000 is for you. This bike is the most comfortable bicycle on this list. This bike has everything needed for a comfortable machine, like its dual suspension.


  • Gears with 6 and 18 speeds.
  • Available in multiple colour options.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (10). Hercules Roadeo A275

Hercules Roadeo A275

This bike is one of the best-looking bicycles on the budget. With the different types of colours, this bike is also available in various types of variants.


  • The frame is well constructed. It utilizes an alloy of aluminium.
  • While the back wheel has standard wired brakes, the front wheel has a disc brake.
  • The tires measure 27.5 inches (Larger than regular 26 Inch tires).
  • This bicycle has Shimano derailleurs and a 21-speed gearing system (Thumb shifters).

Atlas Voltage

Atlas Voltage

If you have budget issues, then we suggest you this bicycle. The only drawback of this bicycle is this it has only front shock absorbers.


  • The frame is constructed from mild steel.
  • It has a steel carrier and plastic mudguards attached.
  • Utilizes disc brakes on the front wheel and wire brakes on the back wheels.
  • Non-Geared (Single Gear Cycle) (Single Gear Cycle)
  • 26-inch tires are used. The wheel’s rim is made of double-walled metal.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (12). Kross K-40

Kross K-40

Kross is a very new brand in India, but the quality of bicycles this brand comes with is exceptional. This bicycle has 21 gears with front and back suspensions.


  • The shifters employed, though, are Revo shifters. Unfortunately, these shifters are less effective and user-friendly than thumb shifters.
  • Wire brakes are used on both the front and rear tires.
  • For added comfort, it has both front and rear suspension.
  • Lightweight steel makes up the frame.
  • It is outfitted with 21 gears.

Gear Cycle Under 10000 (13). Kross Spider 24 Multispeed

Kross Spider 24 Multispeed

If you are looking for a bicycle for a pre-teened kid, this one is the best. Having a meagre price although with many great features. This bike offers you 7 gears.


  • This cycle is entirely built with a steel frame, which is very durable.
  • Kids between the ages of 10 and 16 can easily ride this bicycle.

Final Words:

If you have come this far, you must have already chosen one from Gear Cycle Under 10000. It is essential first to define the purpose of buying a bicycle. For example, if you are planning to buy some physical therapy, it is better to go with a less rigorous cycle. While on the other hand, if you are looking for a professional process, you need to look for a bike that offers speed, etc.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Can we Fit Gear in the Normal Cycle?

It is indeed feasible. The back wheel had to be removed and put back together using the new hub.

2. Is the Gear Cycle faster than Normal?

Geared bicycles enable you to adjust the gearing for various terrains, improving every ride’s comfort. Moreover, compared to non-geared ones, these will allow you to accelerate more quickly.

3. What is the 21-Speed Bike?

Three front gears and seven rear gears make up a 21-speed bicycle. As a result, you may comfortably ride at various speeds across various terrains on a multispeed bike.


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