CVS is an American retail corporation company situated in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This pharmacy is also known as the consumer value store founded by Karen S. Lynch. Retail chains in the U.S. provide a range of financial facilities, such as money transfers and money orders, which improves customer experience manifolds. So, if you are planning to visit nearby CVS, you might find yourself thinking – Does CVS Do Money Orders? and if yes, how Much is a Money Order at CVS? So let’s check out the whole Does CVS Do Money Orders article.

Does cvs do money orders

CVS is a famous American pharmacy specializing in health and beauty products. CVS also stands for “Consumer Value Store” and provides financial services such as money orders.

What is a Money Order?

A money order is a payment device that looks much more like a cheque, but it is not a personal cheque. Money Orders are used when you don’t want to pay someone through cash or a personal cheque. When purchasing a Money Order, you can decide who you want to pay. There is no expiry date for a Money Order.

Does CVS Do Money Orders In 2023?

YES, CVS Does Money Orders through MoneyGram.

However, CVS does not advertise or list information on its website. You can buy a Money Order for $1.25 each with a limit of $500 per Money Order. These can be purchased at any CVS checkout desk with a valid government-issued ID. As it advertises, its pharmacy is committed to providing safe, simple, affordable solutions. So let’s check out more about on Does CVS Do Money Orders guide now.

Although, purchasing the money order with a credit card is not listed on the CVS website.

How Does a Money Order Work?

The first step to purchasing a Money Order is to hand over the cash. It would be best if you made you have the correct amount of cash for buying a Money Order. After that, give that money to the cashier of CVS, who will process your transaction and give you the receipt of that payment.

It is important to note that CVS does not accept other payment methods such as debit/credit cards, net banking, etc.

Does cvs do money orders

Advantages & Disadvantages of Money Order:


  • Safe: The money order is a much safer option than cash because they have your name on it. And because of this, whenever you lose your money, it will be much easier to track it than cash.
  • No private information: Money order never demands your data apart from the details you need during a regular purchase. So, the time in which a money order is stolen. And whoever stole your money order, it will be impossible for him to track down or access your bank account. Likewise, they can not track down who purchased the money order.
  • International usage: When you travel outside our country and send money to your home, a money order will benefit you. You can now send your money to your home very quickly.
  • No expiry: There is no expiry date for a money order; you can buy it whenever you need it.
  • No need for a bank account: With the help of a money order, you can send money without a bank account; this is one of the cheapest ways.


  • Check upfront: While purchasing a money order, you will need to hand over cash or write a check for the amount you would like to put on your money order. In money order, you can’t pay in instalments by agreeing.
  • Lost the product during the shipping: The money order is sent through the mail, so the chances of losing it are very high during this shipping process.
  • The cost incurred: Money order is more expensive than cash, which is one of the significant disadvantages of money orders. In addition, the amount of money you need to pay will vary in the places where you buy a money order.
  • The maximum limit is low: The maximum limit or the amount you can send through a money order is meagre.

Final Words

So, Does CVS Do Money Orders? Yes, through MoneyGram, CVS provides the facility for Money orders at almost every location in 2023. The next burning question that is often debated is: Can I get Money Orders at any CVS store? Does CVS Do Money Orders answer is yes; there are nearly 10,000 stores around the country, so you would easily find them near your location.

I hope you like this Does CVS Do Money Orders article guide. Most CVS work round the clock, so you can quickly get the money order anytime. Also, CVS can’t cash your money order, but other places like banks and credit unions can be helpful here. So this is all about this Does CVS Do Money Orders guide.


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