Are you confused about which one to choose, Covaxin or Covishield? While many of us still doubt the difference between Covaxin and Covishield, we often think about which is better for us! Both of these vaccines are homegrown, produced, and originated in India. However, Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield exist in their composition, preparation, method, and manufacturing industries. While the Government of India initially didn’t give many choices, now these vaccines are openly available in the market, the doubt about which one is better or the Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield should be pretty encouraged.

Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield

So let’s check out everything about on the Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield article. The third wave of COVID-19 began in India’s first week of April. Then, the vaccine was available only to persons aged 18 or above. After government guidelines and further processing reports, both vaccines are safe and effective. But let us know the primary difference between Covaxin and Covishield.

(Comparison) Covaxin Vs Covishield: Which One is Best?

India, on the whole, used 4 vaccines for its vaccination drive against Covid-19, namely – Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V, and Corbevax. Of these, Covishield accounted for more than 80%. Initially, the government made it compulsory and didn’t give much choice, but now these vaccines are launched officially, and people are free to choose any among them. Now let’s get to know more about the Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield guide.


It is developed by Bharat Biotech International Ltd in partnership with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV).

Difference between covaxin and covishield

Previously, Covaxin was trying to contact WHO for international travel approval so that they could supply their vaccine all over the world. Finally, on November 3rd, 2021, they got support from the WHO.

When the Delta Varient arrived, it was found that this varient was much more dangerous than the other variants of COVID-19. So then, the manufacturing unit behind Covaxin upgraded the vaccine to be effective against the third dose of COVID-19.

The third dose of Covaxin was prepared six months after the second dose. When the booster dose of Covaxin came down to the market, it was found that around 90% of the recipients of the booster dose positively responded against the COVID-19 Delta varient.

The dosing period of Covaxin is around 4-6 weeks after the first dose of the vaccine.


The leading developers of Covishield are Oxford-AstraZeneca, and the manufacturers are the Serum Institute of India (SII), Pune.

When the Delta varient arrived, it was found that the old aged people could not hold the harmful effects of the Delta varient. It was found that their body and their immune system were not that strong.

Talking about the preparation of the Covishield vaccine, it was repaired using the viral vector platform, which is considered a different technology than the other vaccines.

Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield

The doses of both vaccines (Covaxin and Covishield) are the same. Both of them are injected at 0.5ml in the upper arm region. The dosing period of Covishield is around 12-16 weeks after the first dose.

Covishield is the first vaccine among both vaccines that gained permission for restricted use in an emergency. And this vaccine can potentially prevent COVID-19 infection among people aged 18 years or above.

Covaxin Vs Covishield – Which One is Better?

After seeing all the Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield details about both vaccines, I thought both vaccines were equally efficient. However, the difference between Covaxin and Covishield at a glance are:

Method of Preparation Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine which means it is made from killed coronaviruses – making it safe to be injected into the body. It is made from chimpanzees’ weakened version of the common cold flu virus (adenovirus). It uses double-standard DNA.
Efficacy 78%, as told by Bharat Biotech. 70 – 90%
Dosage 2 (0.5ml) doses were given 28 days apart. 2 doses (0.5ml) given min 28 days apart and max 56 days apart.

Regarding the storage guidelines, the vaccines are stored between the temperature of 2-8º Centigrade. According to some reports, it was found that the Covishield vaccine is around 90% effective. On the other hand, Covaxin is only 81% effective.

Talking about the side effects, both vaccines have no serious side effects, except you may experience body pain and fever. So overall, there is not much difference between Covaxin and Covishield regarding side effects. But all of these are signs that the vaccine is working properly. And none of these side effects does not persist in your body for too long. They generally go within one or two days.


The difference between Covaxin and Covishield does not tell us which is better. Both of them are equally efficient and are now used against Covid-19 openly. However, the composition, method of preparation, and manufacturing units are different for these vaccines. So this is all about the Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield now.

Hope you like this Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield article guide from here. Though Covishield was a popular choice since it proved its efficiency much earlier, as of now, Covaxin is parallelly used for treating Covid along with other vaccines like Sputnik V and Corbevax. If you enjoy checking or reading the Difference Between Covaxin and Covishield then please do share with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Which Omicron-specific COVID-19 Vaccine was approved by the UK?

The Spikevax vaccine was deemed to meet all safety, quality, and efficacy requirements by the MHRA. The vaccination successfully protected against both strains throughout testing addition a. In addition, a study discovered that the bivalent vaccine effectively protected against the omicron sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5.

2. Is the Sinovac-CoronaVac COVID-19 Vaccination Safe to use while Nursing?

In breastfeeding mothers, vaccine effectiveness is comparable to that of other adults. Therefore, the COVID-19 vaccination Sinovac-CoronaVac is advised for use in nursing women and other adults the WHO. After vaccination, the WHO does not recommend stopping breastfeeding.

3. What is the Exact Timing of Waiting in Between Shots of the Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine?

The WHO suggests waiting 3–4 weeks between the first and second doses. Any doses need not be repeated if the doubled dose is given less than three weeks following the first. If the doubled dose is delayed for longer than 4 weeks, it should be administered as soon as feasible. The brief about the difference between Covaxin and Covishield must have cleared all your doubts and confusion.


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