We all wish to see the pyramids once in our life and are always curious about what is in there. If yes, then you might have wondered can you go inside the pyramid? To find the answer to this Can You Go Inside The Pyramids question of yours here we bring detailed information to solve your doubt. So let’s check out everything about the Can you go inside the Pyramids article.


Pyramids are one of the ancient Egyptian structures of the world. The technique used for making these fabulous structures is still unknown. Many scientists even after researching thoroughly are still unknown of the fact that how these Pyramids are made.

(Revealed) Can You Go Inside The Pyramids of Egypt?

Can you go inside the Pyramids of Egypt?

Yes, you can go inside the Pyramid of Egypt. But only the Pyramids of Giza & Pyramids of Khufu allow the tourists to go inside the Pyramids. There are 118 discovered Pyramids in Egypt. As a matter of fact, is that you need to buy separate tickets for visiting each Pyramid from the inside. Moreover, it is mandatory to pay 240 Egyptian pounds or $9.71 for each person to visit the Pyramids from inside. Now let’s learn more about this Can you go inside the Pyramids guide?

Before getting inside of Pyramid, you must remember that the Pyramids were homes for the ancestors and loved ones of the Egyptian people. That is we are not supposed to stay in the Pyramids for too long or disrespect the ancestors.

How can you reach the Pyramids?

The way to the Pyramids of Egypt is not that hard, except there are some points you need to consider.

If you are travelling by bus, then you must remember that buses are not allowed to go near the Pyramids. You need to walk to the Pyramids. However, the walk is also not too long. It takes only 8-10 minutes to reach the Pyramids.

And if you are not very fond of walking or want to enjoy an exciting but bumpy ride then you can also take a camel ride to the Pyramids. What’s more surprising is that they only just charge a few bucks for this ride.

Facts about Pyramids

Talking about the Pyramid of Giza and the Great Pyramid of Khufu, these Pyramids were made almost 5000 years ago. Around 2570 BC.

The Giza Plateau is where the Giza Pyramids are situated. Therefore, this is also known as the Necropolis of Giza.

Before the invention of the Lincoln Cathedral, the Great Pyramid stood as the tallest structure in the world for 3800 years.

Tips to follow while Visiting the Pyramids

If you are planning to visit the Pyramids, here are some of the special tips that might prove to be beneficial for your journey.

  1. December is the best month to explore the Pyramids of Egypt. At this time, the temperature is completely under control, and most of the tourists also prefer to go there in December.
  2. If you want to avoid the rush or long waiting queues, the time between 9:30 am to 10:30 am is the best time for you to visit. If you are not on the tour group, you should be there after the bus leaves.
  3. The area around the Pyramids is sandy and rocky, so it is good for you to dress accordingly.
  4. It’s better there to always use your bargaining skills because you will need to argue with the camel riders for a fair travelling charge.

Final Words

After reading this detailed information about whether can you go inside the Pyramids, I hope that you will start planning your trips and will be soundly ready to explore the great Pyramids. But before going there also keep in mind the tips I have given you in the Can You Go Inside The Pyramids article. So this is all about the Can you go inside the Pyramids article guide.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Why is it illegal to Climb Pyramids?

Because the pyramids are among the few remaining wonders of the ancient world, the Egyptian government has made it illegal to climb them.

2. Can you Climb inside the Pyramids in Egypt?

Can you go inside the Pyramids

All three of the Giza pyramids’ interiors are accessible to tourists. However, each one necessitates the purchase of a separate ticket. Although it used to be legal, tourists cannot now freely climb the pyramids.

3. Has a Mummy been found in a Pyramid?

The roughly 2,500-year-old mummies were buried near the White Pyramid at Dahshur, built by a pharaoh who reigned 3,800 years ago. Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities revealed today that eight mummies were found during excavations close to a pyramid in Dahshur.


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