One of the auspicious days of the year, also known as Vesak Day, Buddha Purnima, is when the Lord Buddha was born. No doubt, it’s a day of celebration, thinking about the purpose of birth and thinking about the path to moksha. While he is known for his teachings, here are some Buddha Purnima Quotes to motivate and ease your Mind.

Buddha Purnima Quotes

History of Gautam Buddha –

This day is celebrated as the birth of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. An enlightened being who left his luxurious life and all the wealth for the better of the world. Gautam Buddha was a great soul who would always inspire humankind.

Why is Buddha Purnima Celebrated?

This day is celebrated on a full moon day, and the date of this celebration varies every year. According to the believers, this day brings happiness and a sense of clarity to your life. This day is also essential to show our faith and devotion to the supreme lord.

Top 22 Best Buddha Purnima Quotes For You

Buddha Purnima Quotes 1: Helping Others

Buddha Purnima Quotes

In this quote, Buddha emphasizes; that if you help someone with a problem, you are also helping yourself. So in who you are helping anyone, you are helping yourself too.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 2: Hearing

Buddha Purnima QuotesBuddha emphasizes the importance of listening. Listening is more important than speaking. However, speaking is not the solution every time. Sometimes, you must stay quiet to understand the things happening around you.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 3: Wealth

Buddha Purnima Quotes

Lord Buddha tells the meaning of real wealth in this quote. The importance of minimalism and satisfaction with less.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 4: Willpower

Buddha Purnima Quotes

In this quote, Buddha says that no one will come and face our problems, not now or in the future. So we have to find our way ourselves.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 5: The Fullmoon

Buddha Purnima Quotes

This quote explains the importance of the full moon on Buddha Purnima. According to some believers, on this full moon day, the moon enlightens your life and removes darkness and hatred.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 6: An Idea

Buddha Purnima Quotes

In this quote, he signifies the importance of an Idea that has been put into action and the idea that only exists in the Mind. It is essential to put the ideas into action. If you don’t do so, that idea is nothing more than a thought.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 7: Happiness

Buddha Purnima Quotes

In this quote, Gautam Buddha wants to say that you should always share your happiness with others because no matter what, happiness never decreases when shared.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 8: The Present Moment

Buddha Purnima Quotes

Lord Buddha tells us the importance of being in the present moment. He says you should not be lost in the past and not overthink the future. Always try to be in the present moment, and this will help you to stay happy.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 9: Inner Peace

Buddha Purnima Quotes

Lord Buddha emphasizes the importance of inner peace. He is saying no matter how you are from the outside, you must keep your inner self calm and peaceful.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 10: Peace

Buddha Purnima Quotes

The peace you are searching for is within you, do not search for it. All you need to do is realize yourself.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 11: CompassionBuddha Purnima Quotes

Lord Buddha says that you should always follow the path of Compassion. By doing this, you are becoming closer to the Almighty.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 12: Thoughts

Buddha Purnima Quotes

In this quote, Lord Budhha is telling us the importance of thoughts. He is saying that our thoughts are the basis of our personalities. Our whole life depends on our thoughts.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 13: Happiness


In this quote, Lord Buddha wants to say that the person who never realizes the value of what he has now. Therefore, that type of person cannot experience happiness in his life.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 14: Life


In this quote, Lord Buddha tells us how to live. According to him, all the events in your life, good or bad, happen only because of you.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 15: Mind


According to this quote, he wants to say that your Mind has all the capabilities you need to archive your goal. Whatever you think you become.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 16: Fear


The one who lived his whole life wisely and smartly, this type of person is not afraid of even death.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 17: Knowledge


In this article, Gautam Buddha wants to say that knowledge is everywhere. So all you need to do is focus on how to take that knowledge.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 18: Life


In this article, Buddha wants to say that the whole life of living beings depends on these four words Love, Honesty, Truth, and Respect.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 19: Belief


No matter what, do not believe anything too quickly. Whether you have read it somewhere or anything, until your common sense tells you something, experience is what matters in the end.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 20: “How the Mind Works?”

How the Mind Works

According to Gautam Buddha, everything depends upon you. Whatever you think you become, whatever you feel you attract, and whatever you imagine you create.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 21: Power of The Thoughts

Power of The Thoughts

The thoughts of humans are his biggest enemies, and even your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your thoughts did.

Buddha Purnima Quotes 22: Be Non-Egoistic

Be Non-Egoistic

Buddha here emphasizes being non-egoistic, not having the sense of mine! Share and Care are what will sail you through life.

Final Thoughts:

It’s no doubt that Budhha’s quotes could never end. Being enlightened, he has spoken, told, and made us understand each aspect of life. Well, for now, these are Buddha Purnima Quotes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What is Buddha Purnima, and Why is it Celebrated?

The holiday of Buddha Purnima commemorates the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama.

2. Who do Buddhists Believe?

Buddhists hold that enlightenment, or nirvana, can be attained by meditation, hard work, both spiritual and physical, and good conduct.

3. Do Buddhists Celebrate Birthdays?

For Buddhists worldwide, the Buddha’s birthday is an occasion for significant celebration.


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