Boris Johnson recently resigned from the post of U.K. Prime Minister, and through this step, all the attention has come down to his salary and Boris Johnson Net Worth after leaving. So, get to know about Boris Johnson Net Worth & Salary.

Boris Johnson Net Worth

Boris Johnson is a British political leader and has served as a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He also served as a leader of the Conservative Party from 2019 to 2022. So let’s learn about Boris Johnson Net Worth now! So let’s check out everything about this Boris Johnson Net Worth guide.

(Revealed) Boris Johnson Net Worth: Life, Total Income & Salary

$89 Million (£67 Million UK Pounds).

Boris Johnson Net Worth

As mentioned above, Boris Johnson served as the Prime Minister of the U.K. After that, Liz Truss took his place as the new PM. When he was the PM, he earned a $371,000 salary annually.

Boris Johnson Net Worth $89 Million
Salary as PM $371,000
Assets $39 Million
Liabilities & Loans $5 Million
Investments $22 Million

Boris Johnson: Early Life

Now that we know Boris Johnson Net Worth, let’s dive into his roots which bought him to this point in life. Boris Johnson was born in the United Kingdom on June 19, 1964. He was elected as the Conservative Party’s leader and became prime minister in 2019 following Theresa May’s resignation.

Boris Johnson Net Worth

Before shifting to the US, Johnson’s parents got married in 1963. Then, for Charlotte to attend the University of Oxford, they moved back to their native England in September 1964. During this time, Charlotte resided with her son in Summertown, an Oxford suburb, and in 1965 gave birth to a daughter named Rachel. The family moved to Crouch End in north London in July 1965, and they later went to Washington, D.C., where the World Bank had hired Stanley in February 1966. After accepting the population control policy panel, Stanley shifted the family to Connecticut in June. And Leo was the third child, born in September 1967.

Boris Johnson: The Mayor of London

In July 2007, Johnson announced that he would be the Conservative Party’s candidate for mayor of London in the next election. After earning 79% of the vote in an open primary encompassing all of London, he was chosen in September.

Reduced juvenile crime, safer public transit, and the replacement of articulated buses with an updated AEC Routemaster were the critical objectives of Johnson’s mayoral campaign. Concentrating on the conservative-leaning suburbs of outer London played on the perception that the Labour Mayoralty had forsaken them in favour of inner London.

Boris Johnson: Public Image

According to Johnson, “using humour is a tool you may use to sugar the pill and make vital arguments.” Regarding this, he has been reported to employ humour frequently, occasionally with overtly political intentions.

He is reported to want to be loved genuinely. However, he has also been characterized as being intensely self-centred, frequently nasty, or irresponsible in his private conduct, especially by people who have known him personally.

Johnson is seen as a contentious and polarizing personality in British politics. His admirers have lauded him for being funny, clever, and entertaining. Throughout his career, Johnson has been charged with lying, making false or deceptive comments, and being racist and bigoted; Donald Trump has been compared to Johnson. He is seen as a person with widespread appeal outside the typical Conservative constituency.

Boris Johnson: Personal Life

When it came to his private life, Johnson, according to Purnell, was a “very elusive figure” who maintained his distance from others and had few, if any, close friends. Johnson’s forename, Alexander, is typically shortened to Al among friends and family than his middle name, Boris.

Johnson admitted to smoking marijuana before attending university in 2007. Additionally, he acknowledged using cocaine. Johnson engages in cycling, tennis, and pilates. He used to run frequently but had to stop due to knee issues. Throughout his career, Johnson’s weight has changed; he was categorized as obese in 2018 and overweight in 2020. Johnson has acknowledged trying to shed weight.

Final Words:

So this is all about the Boris Johnson Net Worth article. On July 7, 2022, Johnson announced that he was resigning as the leader of the Conservative Party, but it was hoped that he would serve as Prime Minister until the autumn of 2022. Hope you like this Boris Johnson Net Worth guide from here now.

After leaving as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson Net Worth is in the millions, making him a millionaire. If you enjoy reading and checking Boris Johnson Net Worth then please do share it with others as well also.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. How Wealthy is the Johnson family?

A $37 billion fortune is thought to belong to the Johnson family, one of the wealthiest people in America. The family’s modest flooring business grew and diversified into several household cleaning goods, financial services, and outdoor leisure equipment.

2. How Long Can You be British Prime Minister?

A person may serve as prime minister for an unlimited period. However, a prime minister only steps down from the position if their party votes to pick a new leader, if they lose the election for the majority party, or if they voluntarily step down.

3. Who Was the Shortest-Serving Prime Minister?

As a result, George Canning served as prime minister for the shortest time, serving from April 12, 1827, until his death on August 8, 1827, a span of 119 days. Refer to Boris Johnson Net Worth to know his salary after resigning as the PM of the U.K.


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