Planning a trip to New Orleans? But don’t know when to go. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. New Orleans is a very dynamic place to visit. If you are fond of distinctive things then New Orleans is the right for you. Moreover, if you are very fond of music and dance then this is the very right place for you. With all this in hand, you can also enjoy Creole Cruise and Unique Dialects. Further, its annual celebrations and festivals are a better extra addition to enjoy.┬áThis city shows you the vibrant culture of music, arts, and history. The historic heart of the city lies in the French quarter of the city. New Orleans is one of the best places to be visited especially if you are on a family vacation. But, what is the best time to go to New Orleans?

Best Time to Go to New Orleans

Whether you go in any season, you will always find yourself relaxed and complete in that environment. So, bringing you a detailed month-wise analysis of the whole year for the best time to go to New Orleans. So that you can save whichever adorable memoir you want to experience.

What is the Best Time To Go To New Orleans?

Taking about the best time to go to New Orleans, then there is no such specific time for visiting there. You can always visit there and in any season. All seasons are favorable to visit but yes to enhance your experience on your splendid vacation let’s look at some details about each season and choose the best time to go to New Orleans.

The Winter Season – December to February!

Winters is the best time to pay a visit to New Orleans, as there is less number of crowds in comparison to other seasons. A cooler atmosphere makes it more relaxed to visit during this season. Although hotel rates are cheap during this time still we will recommend you book your pre-bookings for your comfortable stay. The ancient oak trees of the City Park don which have hundreds and thousands of lights hanging on them marking the park to glow with festive flare. This season makes your memories about visiting here more dashing especially because of Christmas Eve as giant bonfires are lit from Baton Rouge to New Orleans along the Mississippi river to light the way for Papa Noel (our Santa Claus).

Also, before you come here during this season we are aware of the Allstate Sugar Bowl festival. As long as you avoid these events, you would be able to find good accommodations and enjoy less crowded New Orleans. So, according to me, winter is the best time to go to New Orleans.

Best time to go to New Orleans

The Summer Season – June to August!

According to many, this is the absolute worst time to go to New Orleans because of the very extreme heat and humidity. To make it more simple for you, summers in New Orleans are just miserable. June to August are the rainiest months of the whole year. This clearly means that you are clearly going to deal with very high humidity perfectly paired with high heat. Because of the high amount of rain and heat hotel rates will be very low. If you understandably obey us then we would recommend you visit New Orleans in another 9 months. As these 3 months are not clearly the best time to go to New Orleans.

The Fall Season – September to November!

Fall is the best time to go to New Orlean. During this time you are going to find lower crowds and a light event calendar making it a better chance for the best accommodation deals. While still fall may not be a good bet for you as this time is hurricane season but still October & November months are good to go. We would suggest you check on the weather first before booking your precious tickets. With all this, you will fall in love with the late fall season of New Orleans which starts in mid-October and extends to November. There are many big events during this season.

The Spring Season – March to May!

Spring is the best time to go to New Orleans. This is the best weather paired with plenty of events and festivals. These are the most recommended months to go to New Orleans as these are ideal sightseeing weather. New Orleans is a walk down. Whether that be strolling from art gallery to art gallery, wandering the French Quarter, bar hopping or restaurant sampling, or even boutique shopping along Magazine streets. So overall, this is one of the best time to go to New Orleans.

Best time to go to New Orleans

New Orleans Seasons (Best Time to Go to New Orleans) –


This is a great month to visit the Big Easy, just after the holidays and before the onslaught of Mardi Gras tourists. Some of the best things to do in New Orleans in January surround the beginning of Carnival season. Street parades and carnival masquerade balls begin, and king cakes show up at local bakeries. There is a King Cake Festival every January that features unique varieties of this favorite delicacy. The Allstate Sugar Bowl at Superdome is another popular January event.


February in New Orleans is all about Mardi Gras. To enjoy it to the fullest better to join the locals in the revelry to enjoy parades and events throughout the city. If you are looking for some of the best things to do in New Orleans in February outside of the celebrations, there are plenty of options. You can learn about the cultural side of the city and see costumes and exhibits at the Backstreet Cultural Museum, or soak in the culture as you stroll along the less-touristy Frenchman Street.


During March New Orleans begins to bloom. So it is a great month to get outdoors to walk the local neighborhoods and visit some of the historic mansions like Longue Vue House and Gardens. Another way to enjoy the Big Easy in the spring is to take a guided Kayak trip along Bayou St.John, where you can see local wildlife and the historic Magnolia Bridge.


The month of April is when New Orleans festivals start kicking into high gear, like the popular Jazz & Heritage festivals, which continue into May and bring in known jazz musicians and tourists from around the country. You can spend time outdoors with downtown concerts at Lafayette Square featuring musical acts that change weekly from March through May. Visit the City park Botanical Garden and enjoy the annual garden show or take a bike trip along some of the more than 100 miles of bike trails around New Orleans.


May is a great month to explore New Orleans on foot since the weather is nice and summer tourists have not arrived. Take a walking tour of the stunning Garden District, which features some of the most beautiful homes in the city. Walk around the French Quarter to see the St. Louis Cathedral and The Cabildo, which are two important pieces of historical architecture in New Orleans.


Sightseeing tours are among the best things to do in New Orleans in June and there are so many to choose from. The plantation tours can take you to some of the most impressive and preserved properties in the area where you can learn about the lives of slaves and plantation owners. Some of the top ones to see are the Whitney Plantation, Oak Alley Plantation, and the Houmas House Plantation. There are great food tours in New Orleans and various cemetery walking tours in the city.


One of the best things to do in July in New Orleans is taking a swamp tour, where you can see the local wildlife and learn more about the natural history of the city. July is one of the months when you can take a night swamp tour. To cool off from the stifling summer heat, take a River Boat Cruise on the Mississippi River or plan a Sunday brunch or jazz dinner cruise on board the Steamboat Natchez, an original 1975 stern-wheeler steamboat.


Some of the best things to do in August include visiting the centers that make up the Audubon Nature Institute. The four centers include the Insectarium and Audubon Butterfly Garden, the Audubon Aquarium, the Audubon Zoo, and Louisiana Nature Center.

August is also museum month in New Orleans, so it is a good time to visit some of the notable museums in the city, like the National World War II Museum, the New Orleans Jazz Museum, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. While you are visiting in August, you may also want to visit the Hurricane Katrina Memorial honoring the victims of the 2005 natural disaster.


If you are a food-lover then, September is a great month to visit. There are a number of food festivals in September, making them some of the top things to do. Try local cuisine, from baked goods and boudin to gumbo. You can also take a food tour of the French Quarter.


As the temperatures begin to cool, some of the best things to do in New Orleans in October include enjoying the neighborhood scenes and local culture. Take a stroll along Royal Street to shop at the small galleries and boutiques. Another fun fall excursion is to ride the New Orleans Streetcar up St. Charles Street and enjoy the people-watching and local scenery. It is the oldest streetcar line in the country. To commemorate Halloween, October is a great month to take a local ghost tour or cemetery tour.


As the winter draws near, November is the month to savor the local gumbo that will be offended in many restaurants. You can enjoy the comfortable temperatures and fewer tourists. In addition, you can visit some of the lesser-known and unique museums like the Pharmacy Museum, Backstreet Cultural Museum, and Mardi Gras World. Here you can get a close-up view of the extravagant parade floats that are used during the annual festivities.


Some of the best things to do in December in New Orleans is to involve in the festive feel of the holidays, as the city is decked out with decorations. Visit The Roosevelt New Orleans historic hotel for one of the most stunning light displays. With more than 50 Christmas trees and thousands of lights decorating the property, it makes for a nice evening out to get into the holiday spirit.

Lightings New orleans

Departing Thoughts:

New Orleans is one of the places in which you can experience the real meaning of peace. The place is very close to nature and culture. Where you could quickly be away and spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones. The best time to go to New Orleans is either the Winter season (December to February) or the Spring season (March to May). During this time get to see the natural beauty of everything that the place has to offer. To help you more in choosing the best time to go to New Orleans let’s quickly look at some trending FAQs –

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. What time of the year is it cheapest to go to New Orleans?

If you can comfortably bear the summer heat (June to August) then that’s the cheapest time to go to New Orleans. Both the hotels and air-flights experience a huge drop in rates. Still confused about choosing the best time to go to New Orleans go and check out the above!

2. How many days would you need in New Orleans?

We suggest staying in New Orleans for at least 3 days. This amount of time is sufficient to explore the city’s best sights. Personally, I suggest you spend your weekends there as during this time you will have a never-before experience. Moreover, spending at least 4-5 full days is enough to visit all the prominent areas. Looking for the best time to go to New Orleans, go and check yourself out above!

3. What are the hurricane months in New Orleans?

The Hurricane season in New Orleans runs from early June and extends to late November each year. There are peak hurricane activities during late August and early September. I will depart by just saying choose your best time to go to New Orleans. Further, quickly do it if you wanna have the best vacation of your life.


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