After being cheated on by her boyfriend, are Olivia and Jackson still together? Olivia Frazer is the star of Channel 4s. They had a very long and successful relationship, but when Olivia admitted to being “embarrassed” after being cheated on by her boyfriend, Jackson Lonie.Are Olivia and Jackson still together

Jackson was highly intoxicated when he was caught kissing another woman in a Melbourne bar. The audience did not want to believe that the couple they admired a lot was facing difficulties. This can explain the connection between Jackson and Olivia. When they look at each other during their on-screen performance, it seems that they must have a deep relationship between them.

Are Olivia and Jackson Still Together?

This couple has perfect chemistry, and they love each other very much. This couple is one of those who had a marriage at first sight. They both seem like they are made for each other. 

After seeing her new outspoken side of her, viewers turned against Olivia. She started saying stark, which is very different from the sweetheart we were initially introduced to. And because of this hard shift, Jackson also got confused, resulting in heavy strain on their relationship. 

Taking about the other couples, at least they try to save their relationship but, in the case of Olivia and Jackson it seems that they don’t want to continue any of this.

How Were They Before?

Are Olivia and Jackson still together? Let’s know how were they before! In April, they both were planning to start a family. They both were together and living a delighted and joyful life. 

According to Olivia, their relationship has become even stronger since they wrapped the show. Being off the camera, they have their space and feel lots of peace. 

They both decided to live together. They have also planned to make their family. Olivia said that Jackson is the best man I have met in her whole life, I trust him blindly, and I know, whatever happens, he will never leave me alone. 

Why They Got Separated?

Well, to know are Olivia and Jackson still together? Let’s see what happened! This beautiful couple faced many ups and downs in their relationship. Ever since Olivia saw the footage in which Jackson is kissing another girl in the club. This created a considerable downfall in their relationship. 

Later found the women who were involved in kissing Jackson. Her name was Hannah Hughes. After the footage was uploaded online and Olivia had seen it. She was speechless. She thought, how could a person you trust blindly hurt you that much? 

Wrapping Up:

Are Olivia and Jackson still together? Well, you could expect yourself after knowing the truth! After that video incident, they live separately but are still together, and maybe shortly, they will come into a relationship.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

1. Are Olivia and Jackson still together in 2022?

Definitely! We can reveal that Olivia Fraser and Jackson Lonie from Married At First Sight Australia have remained together despite their distance. Check out Are Olivia and Jackson still together to know more!

2. Is Olivia on MAFS a psychopath?

Olivia’s stunning statement, “As far as empathy… I just don’t have it,” startled both the individuals present and the viewers at home. In addition to being “gaslighted,” one viewer claimed that a lack of empathy and regret is a hallmark of “psychopathy.” Another person said, “Olivia’s not even a villain you can love.” Check out Are Olivia and Jackson still together to know more!

3. Where is Olivia from MAFS now in 2022?

Olivia and Jackson are still together and enjoying life on the Central Coast, away from the cameras after their time on the experiment. Check out Are Olivia and Jackson still together to know more!


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